On The Set: Kurupt x DJ Quik: “Do You Know” x “9 Times Out of 10”

quik and kurupt 1-rapradar.com
quik and kurupt-rapradar.com
quik and kurupt2-rapradar.com

Here are some images from tha Kingpin and Quik’s upcoming video for “Do You Know”. Their collaberative album, BlaKQout drops June 9th. After the jump, check out flicks of Kurupt in the booth for “9 Times Out Of 10”







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  • big boi

    Kurupt is married 2 jovan aka gail gotti who has been around if u know what I mean…she’s a los angeles local rapper who got her start from sleeping with industry men u might as well call her Superheads competiton except she ain’t smart enough 2 write a book!