Jay-Z Has Major Coins

Technically yes, and no. Here’s 11-year-old footage of Shawn promoting Streets Is Watching and his female trio, Major Coins. Remember them? Probably not. Once Amil went solo, the ladies disabanded. Four years ago, she told MTV she was relaunching the group. But by then, Whitehead was a day late and a dollar short.

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  • that dude was mad little lol i thought it was pain in da ass at first

  • wow

    my how times have changed lol
    hov got that hunger
    trying to get as much camera time as possible lol

  • Lmfao! This footage is sooo CLASSIC!!!!
    Jay looks like a scrawny kid. You came a long way young man!!!
    Much Respect to Hov!!!!

    Did you hear this Rappers mixtape dedicated to Jay-Z’s solo album catalog?

    The Discography Of Jay-Z by Nel Motzy Esq. Hosted By D.J. Labeanzie

  • iCandy

    wow Jay-Z used to have a personality… SMH at him 35+

    Jay loves girls though.. you can see that.. we love him too.. my inner white girl wants to scream “he’s so hot!” but I’ll save that for the tour *side-eye*

    and yes we remember Major Coinz… Amil. All Money Is Legal.. I had the *tape* yes.. the *tape*.. lol the tapes were cheaper..

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  • Jay was drunk as fuck in this interview. LMAO!