Jay-Z’s Hottest MC Acceptance Speech



MTV, Thanx for this nod of appreciation. Although I don’t strive to be ‘hot’ for any particular year, I thank you for the acknowledgment. My whole goal is to be recognized as the best ever. I created the term ‘best rapper alive’ as a sign of respect to my fallen comrades (Biggie and Tupac). I believe I’ve allowed a significant grace period, and I believe I would not be respecting myself if being the absolute best was not my goal, and that’s why I continue to push myself until exhaustion … salute.

“Sidebar: Kanye moment if I may … Eminem?!?! I think you do the credibility of this list a disservice if you don’t thoroughly explain his omission. As of this second he has the highest selling rap album of the year and a scene stealing verse on the best ‘posse’ cut of the year . (*Hands mic back to Taylor Swift … and nobody was harmed, I apologize in advance.)”

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  • Smartest thing Jay has said in his life

    Mtv takes a L

  • …and thats why jay IS the Best rapper alive…..and when its all said and done, he should be the greatest EVER based on longevity and product….good $hit

  • Hov spoke honestly.

  • iCandy

    Nicely done.. class act. No Beyonce needed.

    Not really worried abotu Eminem or the MTV list.. because they got #1 right… I couldn’t care less about the “best” losers 2-10.


  • TS

    hov knows what he’s talking about. how did em not make the list? just doesn’t make sense

  • DrDreBeats

    Billy Bone just said the stupidest thing ever. Everyone jump on Jays dick because he said something that the whole world is saying? Fuck that everyone knows Em should be on this wack list but who really cares? MTV proved they know nothing just look at there top 5 its embarrassing

  • bk stand up

    so cute. hovy hov you so deserve to be number one. even if you not the number one for beyonce, for your fans you will always be.

  • Thafreakspot

    Eminem is overrated because he’s White. He sold 600,000 but the buzz wasn’t there & the verse on forever was good but c’mon son

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  • john macabee

    hov knows politics…

  • Interscope Employee

    Eminem is better than Jay in my book

  • murK

    u know what…i think it’s obvious now that MTV didn’t put eminem on the list just for the controversy. did u guys listen to the interview that green lantern did with shaheem from mtv? he was dodgin’ the question…jay is the hottest MC, but not putting Em is a crime MTV.

    And, Eminem murdered you on your own shit
    You a dick-riding faggot, you love the attention – Nas

  • Hov deserves tha top spot no doubt that NY concert was ridiculous and em aint performin like he used to…But Em shoulda been in the top 5… them westwood freestyles and mariah diss were shittin lyrically..But I know EM could give a fuck less about this list…Dope shit with that Jay z co sign…

  • koa29

    i dont think em really gives a shit about the list either, but knowing him, it’s just gunna make him work even harder in the lab to produce such a great product that will be Relapse 2.

  • MissGennyS

    No surprise…he’s just confirming what everyone else already knows. But good to hear.

  • Lold

    Jay-z deserved the top 1, but he’s right eminem should’ve been atleast on top 5

  • ASID

    lol..confirming what everyone knows????what is the guy confirming????that Em is the best rapper alive….You guys got your ass blasted when Eminem won the Best Rapper Ever Contest on Vibe

  • Dman

    like i said he should b there but i quote “in this industry im a cause of alot of envy so when im not put on this list this shit does not offend me”

  • kingill89

    em is better than Jay but you gotta respect the love from Hov Man shit If i was him and the position he would be in i wouldnt say nothing becuz at this point all Jay-Z fans think em is number 2 to Jay and he is the only acceptable competition in a debate of whos the best alive and for him 2 lose to em damn near 4 times with 2 of them being fans polls and also losing in that 1st week battle for him to say naw That aint rite you gotta applaud shawn for his respect for the Game my only question is why didnt he speak up on that year when Nas wasnt on the list and why he didnt speak up about them not having Kid Cudi on that list

    But yea to all them Jay Fans even Jay is a Stan I couldnt even imagine Jay having a Kanye moment and he just did and thru the internet at that

    …..So Yea Em>Jay

  • kingill89

    *also sidebar they said the reason he wasnt on there is becuz he left the scene after relapse came out

    to refute that claim how did he go into hiding when he performed at Both MTV awards at the VMAs and at The MTV Movie Awards like MTV did this to spark controversy and shit like this make the lil mama and Kanye Stunt look staged I was watching real world challenegs the other day man that shit is so scripted its funny they got people changing tones and everything

    MTV loses alot of credibilty this year if this is the case becuz them saying hes not relevent but him being at both of their award shows and winning all of their awards is very contradictory to what they are saying I mean he is the headliner for the Voodoo festival he performed at MTv VMAs and that MTV movie thing his return was so powerful that he bought bacc RapCity not just RapCity but RapCity with Big Tigger LOL Come on MTV give cuz a Number that shit could be 10 but give him a number

  • mikey

    Respect Jay
    Eminem is #1

  • Pierce

    While I agree with what I think you’re trying to say, I think what you said suggests – in part – that sales figures speak directly to Eminem’s skill. But I’m sure you’d agree if Em only sold one record he should still be in that list. I just think your wording throws your message off a bit.

    That is all.

  • Dry

    look at all these suckaaas get emotionnal!!!
    Damn get over it! You should look up the definition of “hot” before posting stupid comments.
    If Jay didn’t said what he said, these same cocksuckers would be here callin’ him a hater.
    And one question for jay haters, Why R U on this page in the first place??? Be relevant!

  • tedwai

    i just read their excuse for not putting em on its the lamest shit they have put andree 3000 on for less i remember they used to put him on for doing 2 or 3 verses in the entire year

  • G

    LOL @ em EVER being better than jay… this aint true on any planet…

  • sheekace

    Salute you Jay…you really is the best rapper alive !

  • irelandrepresents

    I think that way too many people are giving this topic too much hype! Who cares what the 10 people in the Hip-Hop Brain Trust thinks? Who are these, “10 passionate, informed and opinionated people”, that I should care what THEY think is the hottest MC’s in the game? GTFOH!!!

  • C’mon Son

    Rapradar loses credibility in this Eminem/Hottest discussion because Em(or at least his camp) has equity in the site…What happened to full disclosure/journalistic integrity? C’mon Son

  • C’mon Son


  • C’mon Son

    Whoever wrote that last C’mon Son comment (a fake) is a closet cocksucker (not the first commenter)

  • C’mon Son


    I’m only half those things!
    All the same poster, and I suck cocks out in the open.

  • C’mon Son

    Not same poster, thats some poser…and Yes, I am not afraid of shit! Especially bitches

  • C’mon Son


    Same person. And of course I’m not afraid of bitches.
    Duh. So no autophobia here.

  • Nas

    You dickriding faggot you love the attention, Sean Carter the Gay-Z you’ll get gunned up and clapped quick.. Remember, Eminem murdered you on your own shit.

  • ConsiderThis

    The rappers in the running to be the best ever are not trying to be the ‘hottest right now’ by being all in the spolight. Eminem, Nas, Rakim, Andre 3000, & others don’t care what the media says. MTV left Eminem off that list & he doesn’t even care. It’s only an issue because the big elephant in the room shows that Eminem is a better lyricist than Jay-Z while not even trying. None of the guys in the running to be the best ever are NOT even trying! Jay-Z is the only one seeking the accolades & attention.

  • MissGennyS

    @ASID…confirming what everyone knows – that Em should be on the list!

  • whoaaa

    for the jay vs eminem opinions…..

    one word


    out 1

  • LMAO at some cunt below, saying Em is overrated because he’s white.

    Shut the fuck up with that, everyone was done with that in 01 after MMLP dropped.

    Overrated my ass, you hear Em slaughter Redman? or anniliate mr #1 here on Renegade even though Jay had a chance to hear them verses! because Em’s were old (originally with Royce) and he still couldn’t top them!

    Name one rapper that comes close to the lyricism / flow of “Stay Wide Awake”.

    Whether he’s black or white – White America, Till I Collapse, The Way I Am, Renegade, Soldier, Square Dance, Get U Mad… On and on – His skin color doesn’t matter.

    He changes every album, he’s produced the best of his own shit (including “Lose Yourself”) and he slaughters any rapper who gets on a track with or challenges him.

    Eminem = GOAT.

  • Let me tell yall something! All these rap list are fake and fony popularity contest to who image is the best. You really going to tell me that Eminem is a better rapper than Ice Cube,Twista and Scarface. If you know true hip-hop you will know its about Delivery, Timing, Passion, Lyrical Content, and Swagger. If you have any sense you would know that Eminem(Elvis) fan base is probably majority white. That means that white people are the majority so he’s going to sell alot of records. To be truthful his not even average. His content is Korny and his passion will never be real because his not from the hood. My real hip=hop fans no what I’m talkin about. Don’t get me wrong there are white rappers with passion like Paul Wall so I’m not discriminating because he is white. So all of these who is the best rapper right now is in the eye of the beholder. To be honest with you I have bought a DMX album before I have bought a Jay Z album. I have respect for Jay he is very talented but don’t have the delivery and timing of a Ice Cube. 111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To tell you how messed up this popularity contest who the hottest rapper is. I have always been a hip-hop fan since I was a kid rappers delight T3 and I never have bought a Jay Z album and he has suppose to have beat out Elvis for 11 #1 record releases. Don’t get me wrong he has had some nice popular songs and put the hood up front. Can I say I can understand his lyrics like a 2Pac or Big no. Real recognize real I’m just saying. We need to let go of these popularity rapper ratings. Because they are legit rappers out there they can’t sale because the media has stifled they images in today’s young teen generation popularity contest. Have you ever notice 106 audience is about 15-20. I’m just saying we need to cover all rappers more equally.1111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REAL TALK

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