Lil Wayne & Nivea Welcome A Baby Boy

For those keeping score, this is Dwayne’s fourth seed.

Sidebar: Miss Info has a definitive guide of dude’s procreation.

Sidebar 2: Three baby mamas on one page.

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  • mikey

    lil waynes lil weaner is busy

  • control.alt.delete

    fourth this year, right?

  • b-girl

    No comment. SMH

  • kingill89

    WOW HIS baby name is Neal Carter well its a boy but still neal carter everytime i hear it i think of that fat ass lady from hanging with mr,cooper

  • Every Day

    NEal Carter Thats Homo Who would name they son neal

  • Rihanna

    Lil Wayne and his baby mama look just as ugly as I do with my silly haircuts. Maybe my uglyness is why Chris smacked me up.

  • didn’t he have his own brand of condoms? clearly they are faulty as fuck.

  • cat

    ^ @rihannna…Unecessary. I used to beat ya mom like that..not funny anymore, huh?

  • cat

    Somebody tell that nigga wayne condoms do have expiration dates.. And I ain’t know the Joker was black…and female.

  • Interscope Employee

    SMH @ him making bitches pushing his kids all year long!! JUST STOP ALREADY

  • trojan man

    Lil Wayne aka RAWDOG… Congrats my nigga

  • Big Mike

    hahaha next to get pregnant is the robot girl Nicki Minaj

  • Toya

    God, what is wrong with these women? I don’t understand how Weezer managed to get so much action looking the way he does. It makes no sense.

  • Jimmy Iovine

    ^ It makes no sense you look like that either.. Girls named Toya are usually ugly…explain?

  • kingill89

    why is lauren congradulating Nivea I mean they was both fuccing wayne at the same time so somebody stole wayne from the other Man Lauren London look so different in my eyes she went from wife her up to just knocc her up if wayne can fucc that with no committment that bitch aint worth the time

  • pinky p

    Lauren london turned to some dirty ass ghetto bird. I lost all the respect in the world for that girl. Can’t belive she went that route. So disappointing.

  • Interscope Employee

    Word is T.I hit it first (Lauren London). Sloppy seconds she’s your baby mom now lol

  • WISE 1

    Wayne gon molest and rape him like his he is being done by his daddy birdman

  • Pt Onassis

    Why does Nivea look like Hatchet Face from Cry BABY, LMFAO

  • Bucky Love



  • Bucky Love


  • annonoymous


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  • D-Lon

    Lauren London, Nivea… what the fuck is wrong with this dude… havent he heard bout Condoms???…

  • sexiami23

    Regardless of all congrats at least he ( they ) got the bread to take care of em

  • kemane harris

    People need to mind their own damn buisness who are you to pass judgement on anyone what’s most important is that these babies are healthy so what if lauren congragulated nive actually that was a proper gesture you people have a lot of maturing to do