Asher Roth Addresses Gay Rumor

This weekend, rumors swirled that Asher Roth was a homosexual. Clearing the air, Ash released this statement:

I hate to disappoint and take away the entertainment of it all but I am straight, not gay.  It’s disheartening to know such “news” on someone’s personal life can be portrayed as fact with no viable source.  This, to me, is an opportunity to expose our vulnerability to lies and manipulation through unprofessional and irresponsible news outlets, in which people consider TRUTH.  Further, someone’s sexual orientation should NEVER be big news, as it delivers a troubling message to children that they can’t be themselves without fear of judgment.  Race, creed, and sexual persuasion should not just be tolerated but understood and accepted.  It’s extremely disappointing that this topic would be used with the intention of being hurtful. We are near 2010….2010!! Yet race, sex and religion still play a major role in a hate driven society.  For the love of the future and humanity….let’s wake up.

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  • cook

    can’t stand the man’s music, but this is a statement I am behind 100%

  • now i ask you, considering the fact that his music is not bad, but not great, dont you wish all our artists and role models spoke with such eloquence?

  • Belize

    *dead @ the pic*

  • As I said when the rumor first started, its amazing what a blog/site will do for views/attention… Sad really..

  • pepe le pew

    first of all his girl in the pic looks like she’s paid to be there… and he looks like a dude who hangs out in Chelsea (that’s Gayville, NYC for those that don’t know).

  • why is he so bummy all the time and his music is not very good give him credit but the industry is using him cuz he sounds slim shayish…. be yourself man..

  • pepe le pew/static…what does that have to do with anything? you’re exactly the kind of people that he mentions in his statement. smh

  • yardie_ute

    (exhales,) It’s damn god to hear. A gay rapper would be the last straw for rap and HipHop.
    Boom Bye Bye in a Batty Bwoi Head
    We nah promote nuh batty bwoy di whole a dem fi………

  • yardie_ute

    (exhales,) It’s damn good to hear. A gay rapper would be the last straw for rap and HipHop.
    Boom Bye Bye in a Batty Bwoi Head
    We nah promote nuh batty bwoy di whole a dem fi………


  • JaYSoN

    Thats some real shit he said right there gotta respect that..why should any persons sexual orientation be something to talk about? unless you not sure about your own..would you like it that was you in his shoes i wouldn’t think you would..i don’t really feel his music but it aint bad i’ve heard worse..but its a shame that people today actually take part in making another people feel low…

  • how can people hate on asher’s music? listen to the greenhouse effect, shits mad, lyrics, flow, varies his subjects? what more do you want from the him?

  • pepe le pew

    @ laipaixx… why should it matter? because homosexuality is wrong. and not on some religious stuff… it’s not natural. to engage in that behaviour is not natural no matter how much you feel you want to do it. same sex attraction is wrong. but should the people that engage in it be treated bad? NO! I look at homosexuals like anyone else with a mental condition… they should seek treatment not be persecuted for it.

  • I knew he werent gay, but as I said it shouldn’t mattter, what the big deal if he was anyway? Get over it. Jheez.

  • :)

    I don’t see why it’s such a big deal (his sexuality), I mean really? Homosexuality is wrong? Wow. No, it is not. I don’t tell you who you have to love. You don’t tell them who to love. bleh, I back Asher’s statement 100 percent.

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  • BobbyK

    Ignorance is a mental condition… asher’s statement is 1000000 percent right… grow up and move on clearly your hatred, ignorance, or disgustingness is doing nothing for your position. If you dont agree with it then dont partake but truth be told most of the peeps screaming all these hurtful and stupid quotes are joining in on the lifestyle… so shout out to pepe le pew and yardie_iute for going in lol

  • June

    ^ Not against or for it, but do research. Its a fact that homosexuality occurs in nature.. in many different species. For many people, same-sex attraction is natural. Maybe by “natural” you mean socially acceptable? When I think natural, I think occurs in nature. It comes down to a lifestyle choice to suppress your feelings and attractions or to be open about them.

    Asher speaks truth.

  • ms_daydreamer

    He spoke the truth… Right on Asher!

  • June

    (was at PePe)

  • lol, son. you wont get far with that. It might be wrong to you, and by all means, thats cool. i’m not trying to impose open-mindedness on you. But when you go out and criticize, point fingers (gayville comment) at others and try to force your beliefs on them, then THATS when it becomes an issue.

    if you dont like them, then let it rock, how does it affect your day to day living?

    and how can you go on to say that its not natural, wheres your extensive educational background in psychology to say that its a mental illness?

  • my last comment was for le pew by the way

  • Dried Figs

    To the communist, Pepe Le Pew… Child, shut your fucking mouth and leave your beliefs to yourself because when you take away the rights of others, you take away your own. Homosexuality, whether or not it is a biological defect or a fetish or WHATEVER THE FUCK IT IS………… it IS and probably WILL BE for a long time. And whatever is, must be respected by everyone, unless it is physically harmful to others. If you want to be gay, go for it. If you want to worship Lucifer, go for it. If you want to believe anything, do it. Just don’t hurt anyone and respect the beliefs of everyone.

    You ignorant sheeple of a human. You disgust me.

  • @pepe le pew you are wrong about homosexuality being “not natural”and since when did man become the arbiter of what is natural and what isn’t? Doesn’t the world contain millions of things we don’t know ? Please step your knowledge of the subject up before you start espousing ideas that aren’t true, homosexuality is a minority behavior but one found across race, origin and even species. Check the list here,

  • pepelepewsadick

    It’s funny you say it’s not natural as you sit on a computer made of wires and plastic. Maybe what’s wrong is judging someone who prefers something different then you. Maybe the one with the “mental condition” is the one who is hung up on others choices rather then living there own life.

  • pepe le pew

    @june… sex between two people of the same sex is wrong and NOT natural. it may occur occasionally in other species but it’s not the norm. as human we instincively are attracted to the opposite for the NATURAL need to procreate… not to just bust a nut. same sexes can procreate. when you’re attracted to the same sex there is something wrong with your “wiring” it’s that simple. it has nothing to do with hate. i don’t give a shit about what people do but the facts are the facts. that’s all i’m saying…

  • john

    i honestly don’t think it matters whether or not he’s gay. its his choice, completely, and i give him mad respect for standing up for himself.

  • see, june knows what he/she is talking about…many animals have been known to mate with the same sex.

    i’m just saying, before people go out and say something about race, gender, and sexual preference, ya’ll should really read a book or two.

  • Asher is what?

    I stay posted on the internet. Like all of those rap site, gossip blogs, twitter, myspace, facebook and all them social networking sites. But I NEVER heard the rumor about Asher being gay. Nigga wtf. Did he see a YouTube comment and decided to address the issue?

  • face the facts? WHAT FACTS? you havent presented anything but opinions thus far lepew!

  • r kels

    @pepe le pew There is nothing wrong with being homosexual. It’s not a choice, people are born that way. Just because it may not be “normal”, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. People need to get with it; seriously, it’s almost 2010. There are many more open homosexuals around now, and although right now it may not be “normal”, soon it will be completely normal and everyone should just start getting used to it now. Stop the hate. (not saying that you do anything to hate against them, but just saying in general.)

    On another note, the media is getting way out of hand. People need to be smart about where they get their information and what they believe. It is very sad to see how shallow these bloggers are. You’re willing to slander a man’s name just so you get a few more views on your site? Really? Become a good writer who conveys the facts and then maybe you’ll get some views. Stop riding on the coattails of famous people

    I’m not the biggest fan of Asher Roth’s music, but I think that he is one of the better people in Hollywood,and seems to be a genuinely nice person. If you’re going to pick anyone to trash in the media, why him?

  • MK

    Are people THIS bored- To try to falsely exploit someone’s sexual orientation? You should realize that he’s certainly not gay, but, he’s not about to go all “let me get up in that shit and tear it up, pussy vagina pussy, sit on my face’. He’s clearly not into exploiting women, but then again if he WAS gay he’s still making good music and is well respected so GTFO. Unjust bigotry and intolerance is ready to be left in the past. Bring on 2010 with more mutual respect people.

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  • r kels

    @MK I dig it.

  • speede1

    At least the false reports hopefully said “reveals he’s gay” and NOT “ADMITS he’s gay” even if it’s false I loved the naked cover of him that said he was…HOT

  • LadyLauriiiii

    he’s completely right. we’re going into the year 2010 and after everything there is still discrimination. who are we to judge anybody? what makes someone so much better to say if his music sucks, or he dresses like a bum, or he’s gay? so what! worry about being your own damn self and let everyone else be what they want to be. at least they have the guts to be themselves and they dont go around judging the world like insecure people do. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

  • justsayin…

    that girl in the picture is hannah bronfman, daughter of edgar bronfman, ceo of seagrams, warner music group, one of the richest men in the country. her brother is MIA’s baby daddy/fiancee. asher roth, doin it biggggggggg get that cheddar

  • yardie_ute

    It’s sad he may be a drug dealer but Bun a bombo bloodclaat batty bwoy and gyal
    if our fucking ancestors of the same sex used to fuck each other, our specie would have died. the human race would have been extinct. So thank God for our heterosexual ancestors who made it possible for us to be here.

    World is in trouble
    Anytime Buju Banton come
    Batty bwoy get up an run
    At gunshot me head back
    Hear I tell him now crew

    (Its like) Boom bye bye
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    Dem haffi dead
    Boom bye bye
    Inna batty bwoy head
    Rude bwoy no promote no nasty man
    Dem haffi dead

    (Two man) Hitch up on an rub up on
    An lay down inna bed
    Hug up on another
    Anna feel up leg
    Send fi di matic an
    Di Uzi instead
    Shoot dem no come if we shot dem–
    Don’t want Jackie
    Give dem Paul instead
    Dem don’t want di sweetness
    Between di leg
    Gal bend down backway
    An accept di peg
    An if it really hot
    You know she still naw gon fled
    A some man
    Still don’t want di
    Panty raid
    Pure batty business dem love

    (Me say) Boom bye bye
    Inna batty bwoy head
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    Dem haffi dead
    Boom bye bye
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    (Woman is di) Greatest thing
    God ever put pon di land
    Buju lovin dem from head
    Down to foot bottom
    But some man a turn around
    Where dem get that from
    Peter is not for Janet
    Peter is for John
    Suzette is not for Paul
    Suzette is for Ann
    Where the bobocloth
    Dem get dat from
    Here come the DJ
    Name Buju Banton
    (Come fi) ((Straighten yuh talk?))

    (Boom boom boom) Boom bye bye
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    Rude bwoy no promote the nasty man
    Dem haffi dead
    Boom bye bye
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    (Caw me say) Dis is not an bargain (Me say)
    Dis is not a deal
    Guy come near we
    Then his skin must peel
    Burn him up bad like an old tire wheel
    gwaan buju banton yuh tough

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    (Hear what now!)

    (Two man) A hug up on an kiss up on
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    Between Patsy leg
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    But dis is Buju Banton
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    Here come di DJ name Buju Banton (Come fi)
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    All a di New York crew
    Dem no promote Batty man
    Jump an dance
    Unno push up unno hand
    All di Brooklyn girl
    Dem no promote batty man
    Jump an bogle
    Anna wine yuh bottom
    Canadian gals dem no like batty man
    If yuh are not one
    Yuh haffi push up

    (Me say) Boom bye bye
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    Dem haffi dead

  • Tysonz

    I dont think ASHER knew what they mean when they said Hes GAY AS HELL,
    it dont mean u diggin in a another niggas booty, it just mean that you Gay
    Gay as in Faggot, and Faggot as in um, Asher Roth…

  • kidem

    pepe and fake ass rude boy wannabe: countless animals, in NATURE, engage in acts of homosexuality.

    homosexuality is a perfectly natural thing…get over it, and stop worrying about other people’s bedroom behavior.

    awesome, you’re not gay, spec-fucking-tacular.

  • RSByford

    My Mum told me shes’s 100%!! sure that Asher is not gay! . . . after reading this statement im proud to call Asher Roth and idol.

  • jenn

    ok im just gonna say tht asher is fuckin AMAZING!!!!!! yea…. i just felt like sayin tht lol nd ik all of his songs nd u can tell tht hes definately straight lmao but anyways it rlly shouldnt matter oh nd damnn he sure knows how to make a statement i mean seriously lol he smokin hot thts all i hv to say hahaha

  • Hes exactly right! even if he was a homosexual it doesnt matter. Leave people alone

  • I’m also not a big fan of his music, but I co-sign his respond.

  • drdizzle

    yardie fake ass ute…sad bitch ass….be a man and grow up….bwoooy

  • Way too many ignoant people in this thread. Pepe le pew might be one of the dumbest people to ever comment on a thread. Wiring?!? honestly? theres no such thing as a right way to act or be. its all about preference. Maybe youll understand a simple concept if I break it down for you, heres an example. You may like black licorice but majority of the people might not. does that mean youre messed up and need help because you like it but MOST other people dont. everyone has different desires and different paths in life. I’m a big fan of Asher as an artist and as a person regardless of his preference. At the end of the day its really about the type of person you and what youve done with your life, not what you prefer. It’s sad to see some of the reactions of some of the people when they heard these rumors. To be honest, if anyones wiring is off its yours (in general), for the simple fact that you cant accept good people for who they are. rather you wont accept them because they are different. You are why we can’t make this world a better place. Ignorance. I disagree and I think its horrible that you speak like that, but me, im a human being im not judging you or hating on you as a person. Just saying that youre attitude is disgusting. Anyway, go Asher. Let the haters do their thing and ignore it because at the end of the day youre reaching people through your words and making a difference in someones life while these people cant accept that they have failed to do so.

  • yardie_ute

    @ kidem, Go fuck your fucking self with a fucking knife in your ass. There is nothing fucking natural about Homosexuality in human beings
    We are an intelligent specie which throughout history have built complex civilizations. You wanna that science talk fine. Human beings as a specie decided that in order for us to survive, men would have to fuck woman, and families would have to include, 1 the provider and protector(the man) and 2 the care giver and nurturer (the woman). Why the fuck couple million years later you wanna change something which our specie has perfected (heterosexual fucking and procreating, fucking and creating family units) it and it is not a matter of evolution for survival.

  • yardie_ute

    Go fuck your fucking self with a fucking knife in your ass.

  • black thoughts

    of course ash is gay. all the white boys are gay nowadays. they got no other choice. we fuckin all their white girls. ahahahahaha. those poor little faggots.

  • Co-sign yardie_ute

    Although I don’t hate gays, I still co-sign yardie. We’ve perfected everything so far and if we let ourselves become attracted to each other then society as a whole will collapse. If your gay, fine. Don’t expect yourself to be like me to which my ancestors have built civilization through civilization. Men and women TOGETHER produced the greatest minds ever. How the hell are gays going to contribute to society? By dieing and leaving nothing behind? Go ahead, adopt all the orphans you want. It doesn’t fucking matter. If your a genius and you have a child then your genes will be passed on to him/her. Which will then produce more greater minds. I’m not intolerant of them. I’m intolerant of the fact that the religious gays think that they will be forgiven.

  • MK

    yardie_ute was that your best attempt at being literate? What are you going to do if you have a son or daughter that’s homosexual? Love them unconditionally, or throw them away? YOU make the choice to hate, life’s too short for that. The world’s a big place, my dude, there’s no way everyone’s going to meet your whack expectations.

  • he sucks in my records wont be around long and a one hit wonder on vh1 in 10 years..

  • black thoughts

    ya boy feminems a faggot too

  • yardie_ute

    @MK you r a dumbass, Literate means the ability to read and write. I think everybody on this site is at least that.
    I will not accept the lifestyle of my child if God Forbid he or she is a homosexual. I will not attend any gay marriages. You make that choice you are on your fucking own cos you not bringing no dude come to my house or a lady introducing them as your lover and kissing and hugging them. Hell no.

  • gohard or gohome

    @ black thoughts

    nice attempt tryna be funny but i’m pretty sure theres plenty of gay black men if you disagree ask them dudes up state who they fucking and we all know the majority of them are black (no disrespect its fact) oh and im pretty sure ive fucked more black chicks then white chicks anyways…but we all know them latina chicks are the best

  • drdizzle

    @fake ass yardie-u got a bit of a thing for sticking things in ur ass eh?tells alot about u!!!idiot….just like all the other mindless fools on here….fools

  • yardie_ute

    Ok people lets not make this a racial issue.

  • yardie_ute

    No drdizzle, you got a a thing about sticking things in your fucking ass. so instead of telling you to stick a dildo in there which you prob will like, I’m telling you to stick a knife up there.. so you’ll tear your asshole apart.

  • the comment section started off positive and then went downhill lol. If anything this kept Roth’s name in the game because nobody was talking about him for a minute.

  • drdizzle

    yardie-you my man are a complete and utter idiot.grow the fuck up because you’re just embarrasing yourself.go out into the real world and voice the rediculous opinions you’re spouting on here and see how long you and george w. should get a place together……..dumb and dumber

  • yardie_ute

    I am Jamaican, and I shout that any bomboclaat place in Jamaica I want. Say what you want drizzle but we dnt tolerate that gay shit out here. Heard what the Prime Minister said, not in my fucking cabinet.
    You gay out here you better keep that shit to yourself. Dnt get it twisted, We dont walk about with shotguns hunting and killing gays, but bettter believe if a dude is out in public kissing another dude he will get fucked up, same thing for women

  • Dylan

    This is all bullshit. From what I read, Yardie_ute you are a peice of shit. I’m beginning to think you’re illiterate, too. The best sentence you can complete is about an asshole.

    Asher Roth IS talented, he’s only here for a good time and he’s got a passion for music, the LEAST you people can do is respect that. All the people that hate; hop off his dick, and go back to doing your homework so you can try to pass high school.

  • Who cares?

    But I’ll tell you who does care. Asher’s publicist, who is the same publicist who leaked the untrue/true rumor that Lady GaGa is a hermaphrodite. Yesterday Asher Roth was third most googled name on the internet, and that was due to “bad” publicity, do you think that was a mistake?

    The one interesting thing that this whole Asher Roth thing is that is kind of sad that if he didn’t address the rumors, he might of seen a drop in record sales. I mean hip hop is really limited to the subject matter in their content, (that is if they really want to sell records). Rappers are talking about the same thing over and over again. Using women, all the vocals have to be in auto-tune and they have to talk about popping bottles and flossing their bling bling.


    Try something different, listen to Wilco’s “Jesus etc.,” or MGMT’s “Electric Feel”, hip hop just got more boring.


    this whole thing is crazy dumb

  • yardie_ute

    Dylan, illiterate means the inability to read and write.You all are dunces if you keep using the word inappropriately.
    Homosexuality is wrong on all levels.
    If it’s a moral issue it immoral, if it is a scientific issue, this only proves that there is an anomaly which is plaguing the gene pool of the human race, which needs to be eradicated as soon a possible before it causes irreparable damage to our civilization.
    Can you guys imagine a society where men fuck men and women fuck women at will? Where this is the norm?
    Must be confusing for a male teenager growing up attracted to women and his uncle is fucking his male basketball coach.
    People let’s get it together. If it’s a matter of respecting a person’s sexual preferences, what if that person prefers to fuck animals? (bestiality) What? Mating across species doesn’t happen naturally in the wild? Society through a system of trial and failure, evolution and adaptation has to come to agreement on certain norms and values to ensure the survival of our specie. Heterosexual relations is one. Homosexuality is a deviant behavior which only serves the purpose to destroy our specie. This is counter-evolution, regressive behavior.

  • It’s sad that people of today are still on the BS.. Say if you was gay,is that suppose to stop your rappin’ skills? For real you don’t have to prove shit my brother… Just keep making music from the heart..haters are haters & always will be here…your people close to you know you aren’t gay…. This is something to throw a monkey wrench in your game… The album is good..!! Nuff said!!!!!

  • I have to agree with yardie… Let’s use our good common sense,a man on another man.. Does it sound right? I think not.. Can you create life that way? I think not! In your so call good book, god was killing gays… Destroy cities.. Said it was sin and those that commit will be put to death!!! It’s there look it’s a lot of wicked shit going on in this world… You just have to look and learn..cause you ain’t going to learn this in any school, but they want to let gays marry… But then they say “in god we trust” ? What god do they mean? Dig deep into your books.. Or just use good common sense..

  • alm


    You give Jamaica a bad name. I’m ashamed to be from the same country as you. I really respect Asher Roth for saying what he did.

  • JC

    Asher Roths Music: Trash
    Ashers Statement: The Truth

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  • SB

    He started this rumor to make people give a fuck about him.

  • Eazy187

    Although his music isn’t what I’m all about. I will say that he is a well spoken individual.

  • Its funny

    i agree with all up in spice.
    a whole bunch of ppl with nothing better to do but argue on a rap blog.
    go do something productive. registar to vote,
    THEN read about the healthcare bill. quit defining what literate/ illiterate means.
    go buy a fucking album or something.
    if u dont like asher dont even read the shit.
    keep the gay support in the courts and the gay bashing in the streets.

    this is hip hop. not a fuckin rally for immoral values or some shit.

    Asher is right though.
    and yardie do u want a fuckin cookie or somethin? ur jamaican
    good for you.

    haha. Inernet thugs.
    my niggas get up and read a book.

    ignorant motherfuckers

  • Its funny

    and moses smiley,

  • SOD

    shut the fuck up bitch asss nigga ^^^^

  • Well

    Tro Severe u have a point.
    but the good book also makes it clear that no sin is any worse or any better, feel me?

    Homosexuality is No worse or no better than Adultry or stealing
    in the sense of a sin.
    in OUR society and those around the world it is.
    but a sin is a sin.
    thats why their is one definition.

  • Well


  • rahavan
  • Drucifer

    I’m not a fan, but he’s got some good points

  • mac DIESEL



  • Corsico

    Asher’s statement is on point regarding this particular topic.

    I don’t know what he said about Obama but Obama didn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize either…

  • TheGrit

    none of yall know good music, you all probably just listen to the beats and hooks and not the real lyrical content of his music. yall just pissed off hes got a fine black bitch and yall aint got shit so you call the dude gay. heres some advice: listen to his music again (the lyrics), stop hatin cause hes white, and go fuck yourself

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  • this dude is wack…gay or not

  • Bobby Light

    The rumor was started because there is at least ONE gay in Asher Roth’s camp, but it ain’t him. For any of you who are friends with him on Facebook, or any of the so called “Roth Boys”, it’s pretty easy to figure out which one it is. One of them in fact ran all the way back to LA once these rumors started.

    Give props to the Kid for standing up for his friend(s), and for making a statement like this. but he may need to keep his boys from spreading these stories to protect themselves.

  • taylorsiluwe

    Props to Asher (who I’d never heard of ’til today) for talking about the incessant need for a gay rumor to actually mean anything. No one should care. Gay people exist. Straight people exist. Move on. Don’t really know him, but I already like him.

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    ASHER ROTH IS INCREDIBLE. and yall are just to bored with your own homosexual lives you have to make up stupid shit about other people. go screw yourselves.

    leave ash for me:)

  • jamierg89


    I’d like to address your issue about homosexuality being a devolving feature of human adaptation…
    1st of all, humans have only been around for 200,000 years (compared to the 4-5 billion year old earth) and at the rate our population is increasing we are on a quick path to destroying ourselves along with the rest of the planet’s resources. All oversized populations have been known to fail in the past, we are no different. If you are worried about less reproduction due to homosexuality (which has been apart of human populations since the beginning), it can only be a positive feature. Humans also have a 95% survival rate today, so if 10-20% of our population is not reproducing, don’t worry, we will be here (gay or straight) until the very ugly end.

    So please, don’t try to back your anti-gay beliefs with facts, because there are none, you simply fear what is different than you (xenophobia) which unfortunately is a normal human characteristic, infecting our species with many different conflicts worldwide.

  • tang

    This statement of his was showing how we are haters, and focus on stupid shit. I’m pretty sure all of you hatin for no fucking reason at all but to make yourself feel better are just reinforcing this. Be proud.

    Asher’s got killer rhymes, he’s in the beginning. Nobody is the shit in the beginning. Everyone starts somewhere. People, chill. Stop dissing everyone, especially not Asher, theres much worse artists out there to jump all over.

  • mac DIESEL



    DON’T HATE ON MY OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HomoSexuality Is A Sin And if U Die Gay , Youll Go To Hell And Be Raped repeatedly By The Opposite Sex ( Gay peoples worst nightmare ) We should tell all gay people somthing to get’em all in one spot , like , ” If All Homosexuals Appear At The Beach For A Cruise We Will Approve Gay Marrige In The U.S.A.” Then Load em On Boats , send em out to sea , then blow them bitches up.


  • my rims look like coka cole . lol .
    check this out. .>

  • Sally

    Grow the fuck up people. This is the 21st century. Asher Roth is not gay, and if he was, we shouldn’t care either way. I thought the statement was good, and to all of you people who ridiculously commented on here, you deserve a life of unhappiness and self conciousness.

  • Preach on Sally – threads like this brings all the morons out. Live and let live. Period. And to those who throw the bible at homosexuals, don’t go to Red Lobster (cause sea-food is abomination too – read a book before you throw it!!)

  • B.Dot

    Old testament tho. That’s before Jesus came. Check out Mark 7:19

  • mac DIESEL



  • double

    drizzle is right Jamaicans hate gays…well most Jamaicans…i’ve heard about this for a while…it’s pretty sad that a country is so ignorant…but it makes me feel alright about saying that Jamaicans are uneducated…well, you know, most of them.

  • Like I said before you have to use good common sense and think…it ain’t about throwing the bible into this.. I was showing y’all something that’s in the y’all say Jesus forgives for your sins, but if you know your committing a sin your not forgiving… That’s common sense… Now say Tom , dick or Harry might love Tro.. Ok cool… But that don’t mean “Oh I want to sleep with him” that is lust!!! Also someone said that was god in the old testment…remember God is god..his word is law!! No one comes before him..and if you then Disagree… Then your saying God made a mistake…I think not…see people use that Jesus forgives as a excuse, but what is..?this is it …if you know you have sin and ask for forgiveness… Yes help is there… But if your doing the same acts…then no your not going to be forgive!!!! It says god hates gays period.. He didn’t create man to do that… That’s why he made woman… It’s common sense people wake up… You can make up all the excuse you want… It is what it is….but back to Asher Roth keep the music going…why hate on the man… He’s doing something postive… When he could out robbin’ or killin’ someone… True story….

  • @ Tro Severe — quick question, which scripture says “God Hates Gays”? That line sounds very much Westboro Baptist Church with Fred Phelps and his clan of inbred freaks. Must be nice to have a mind that keeps such good and classy company …..

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  •’s in all the bibles…old testment… He said if a man lays with another man they shall be put to death… The story of Lot… Were the two cities were filled with gay men.. God sent two angels to destroy it… You can call it how you want that’s your choice….it’s no hate, but it is what it is… I don’t need a bible to know that shit is wrong… It’s common sense…if god gave you a penis to recreate life… You mean to tell me it’s cool to sex another man ass… But I love him… Ok you love that man but now you want to make love to him? That’s lust…. Come on people This don’t have nothing to do with hate on my part… I’m just puttin the truth out there… If your gay that’s your business… I was just speaking on what yardie was trying to break down… But some one will say it’s ok… There’s nothing wrong with it… But yet gays are shame to come out… Why? Are they scared… Why fear? Are you doing something wrong!!!!?? then ask yourself about this sex change bullshit… If you was born with a penis why would you have it remove… So it can be easier for your partner? There goes that lust again…so yeah Taylor think about that… Before you jump out there…it really don’t have to do with a book… It’s common sense…and the reason I put it out there that it’s in the bible…one cause it is… Two everybody quick to say in god we trust….but yet still do wicked stuff..I’m done with this bullshit…nuff said

  • @ Tro Severe —

    So your answer is “No”, cuz nowhere in the Bible does it say “God Hates Gays”. It does however say something about man laying with mankind is abomination, which has somehow been (wrongly or rightly) construed to be anti-gay sex. I’m not gonna argue about God on a message board, or point out the Bible condoned slavery, patricide, or that the same book of Leviticus says seafood is also abomination, as is having sex with a woman on her period and a long list of other things modern man realizes is just silly. If you wanna live your life by a book written by MEN who wiped themselves with their left hand, be my guest. But learn it – know the context in which it was written (and not just parrot what some high-school grad pastor said) -before you use it to try to oppress anyone. Nuff said.

  • One, I’m not going by no book…if you had read the the first thing I post… I was just sayin how America say in god we trust… But yet does everything the other way…as far as a person being gay they know that shit ain’t right.. And it doesn’t take much to realize it’s wrong…and you already answer the question your self if it’s and abomination and he said they must be put to death… Common sense tells you he hate this…and you say man find this silly.. Sleeping with a woman on her period is outright nasty.. She is bleeding out waste…as far as seafood yes lobster crabs shrimps are the pork of the sea… Eating anything…and yes I know the bible were writing by men and tamper with…that’s why man was giving the gift of good common sense.. You know right from wrong.. So you answer this: you think a man laying with another man is cool.. Having sex in a place were waste exits? I don’t think so…

  • @Taylor, your not making no sense. Are you gay? The man put all the reasons out there and you keep on about seafood and other nonsense. The shit just isn’t right! What more do you want. Tro I think he is gay.

  • @ Ed … no, its you who make no sense. The man (Tro) gave two reasons why it’s “just wrong” – common sense and the bible. Well, the bible says a lot of things NO ONE listens to anymore – like the prohibition of seafood, mixing cotton and wool in one garment, etc etc ad nauseum. As for “common sense”, I’m in no position to argue who has or doesn’t have common sense, when there a clear law that dilineates the concept, get back to me.

    Until then, tax paying Americans all deserve the same rights. Period. End of story. If that simple concept goes over your head, then I’m wasting my time.

  • lady1526

    But this guy is gay. Am I missing something but didn’t this guy come out the closet on the E! network?

  • frank jonsa

    I have proof that he is gay

  • Nicole

    Wake up people the Bible is not meant to be taken literally.
    It also says to stone those to death who plant different crops side by side, to burn anyone who wears garments made from different threads, to sell your daughters, to put to death anyone who works on the Sabbath, which for most Christians is every Sunday, and so on and so forth. So what makes all of those things void and homosexuality to be taken literally?

  • Amen Nicole – you’re a voice a reason wafting over a sea of stupid.

  • theincorporealhangnail

    Who could care if he’s gay? How about his music being just awful? Maybe he should address that.

  • Idiots

    Ok so besides the fact that people are arguing about someones sexuality (someone that NONE of us know personally) the bible doesnt really have anything to do with the topic in my opinion…you guys speak of religion and try to say what one person does or doesnt do is wrong? like wtf? who the fuck are you to judge ANYONE for ANYTHING they choose to do, its none of your business, and these people who are saying that god hates gays? wtf is up with that? god doesnt hate anyone and it shames me to see that people who call themselves “true followers” are actually trying to SPEAK for GOD (who is nothing but a source of faith and love). the entire concept of religion is to spark faith and hope in an individual, not to try to demean ones actions. like fuck people…. ever hear this one? “god grant me the serenity to ACCEPT the things I CANNOT CHANGE, the courage to change the things i can, and the wisdom to KNOW the difference.” and I very much ejoyed reading your post Nicole ;]

  • Brett

    “We are near 2010….2010!! Yet race, sex and religion still play a major role in a hate driven society. For the love of the future and humanity….let’s wake up.”

    and yet you’re all here here arguing and hating each other over race and sex. why do you all insist on posting and matter-of-factly discussing your beliefs on here? you’re all so positive that YOUR beliefs are right, and everyone elses are wrong. just give it up already. keep your religious beliefs to yourself if it’s just going to tear someone elses down.

  • Brett

    *religion and sex


  • Mac

    this gay guy is the sheet yo!


    just come out the closet faggot oh my bad u allready did last year but u pussed out, FAGGOT

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  • rothidol

    Never knew these rumours existed until now. There are plenty of current hip hop artists who are on the downlow. Though i don’t think he’s one of them.