Solange Covers Groove Theory

This is almost as good as the original. At the Ace Hotel in New York last weekend, Solo gave a rendition of Groove Theory’s hit “Tell Me”. Can’t tell me that wasn’t on point.

Necole B.

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  • Youthman

    not even close.

  • Not bad. Not bad at all. I approve!


    Amel Larrieux from Grove Theory can sing for real! Solange sounds like a dead at cat! Solange sounds terrible…LOL!!!!

  • MithritadesHD

    Not even close…Damn,words fail me currently

  • B.Dot

    com’oooon, that was pretty good!

  • corey

    lol @ her back up singer singing the leads on the hook.

  • french-press


  • Bionic Pocahontas

    NOOOOOOOOOO. This is my JAM! Don’t be coverin’ this – nobody. lol

  • clos1881

    It seems to me that she goes way out of her way to be different from Beyonce classic Jan Brady syndrome lol

  • clos1881

    Her and her band look like the just came from a time machine from woodstock.

  • Asdaf Sadaf

    It’s good to see Beyonce’s sister doing something F list “celebs” do. BTW – Anybody know Beyonce’s sisters first name cause I only know her as Beyonce’s sister and the only reason anybody knows who she is is because of Bey.