• Yasss this is from DIL era.. she sound mad young on this track.. glad it didnt make the album but its a dope track none the less..


  • Will

    Beyonce:Imma Whisper in Ya ear to make that photog get a picture of us that might get the cover


    Beyonce: I Am Sasha Fierce only at 2 million Im trying to get Paid

    (Beyonce Stares directly at the guy Taking the picture)

    if they were trying to hide they relationship they did a terrible fuccing job LOL

    this pictures is jokes man

  • Will

    whats so funny about it is jay is so witty with his rhymes metaphors symbolism and double entres it takes this nigga to actually kiss beyonce to make us believe

    that nigga Jay is like a Magician Jays the type of guy when his hair turns grey he would say something like im actually balding and its just a reflection of all my albums at the top cuz they all platinum

    and in the beginning you would be like WTF is this old Ass Nigga Talking about then you listen to yourself say it like 3 times and you be like OOOOHHHH Ok LOL

  • t-dub

    jay-z u lucky basterd

  • Masterafa

    B will swallow Jcamel n spit m out & take 1/2 his shit she already said she dont want a baby with Mr.40plus n shes ready to turn the fukn lights on when shes fukin!!!

  • Masterafa

    Hers the proof Fukrs shes ready to say off with the Camels head aka JAZ O do your research http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTWSLnN58NQ


    Masterbata (a.k.a. Masterafa) is a lame, only no pussy gettin faggot niggas is youtubing what beyonce say for proof she aint want kids with Hov. Homeboy get a life, you extra lame bruh.

  • Masterafa

    Blueprint so far up j camels ass he can’t see the light he probably as ugly as that lame ass wishing he can fuk wit a B that wood be on his dik

  • Raj

    White kid in the back looks like he’s in outer space. Ritalin is a helluva drug.

  • shes a slutttt

    @Masterafa I agree. she doesnt want his babies. And baby your the only one. <——– The pictures of her and the broken hearted girl dude (mediatakeout posted) showed that hova definitely not the only one.

    weirdo assss couplee.

  • Dani

    i dont like the song.. the instrumentals are too elaborate and loud and distract me from bey’s vocals.

  • Lay

    Oh there are some real haters on here about Jay and B’s relationship. As someone else said… Please get some pussy and call it a night.
    I like the instrumental btw.

  • 3rdRail

    Most of her unreleased joints are trash, but this one definitely should have made an album. Hot song!!

  • jay

    lotta screwface niggas up in here

  • Karen

    Clip http://www.muzaok.pl/index.php?str=lf&no=240995 good song beyonce is the best 🙂

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  • Nk

    Bk is d bestas no matter wat yall thnk. D gals got true dignified talent. Nw roger dat peepzo

  • Nk

    Bee is far most becoming a house-hold name. D lady got stain power. No wonder Lady Gaga approached hour 2 gt featured on her Telephone track. Dan again it proves dat her & Alicia Keys r true sistaz ‘Put it in d song Love’ song. Eish nyc collabos ladies. B! U roc dem bestas baybe Bee

  • Who produced the instrumental?