• studiothug 2010

    drama gettin ousted from all the good mixtapes. trap or die 2 & the r.e.d. room!

  • So Icy Boi!

    Jeez was mad at Drama because he makin everybody mixtape and Jeezy wanted Drama to stop what he doin for him

  • The Other P

    Drama charges like 2 stacks for a pre-recorded drop that he’ll email you. Nigga believes his own hype from years ago. If dude is this great DJ of “Quality Street Music” why hasn’t Willie Da Kid blown up?

    His credibility was down the drain when he talked all that “I play what the streets want to hear” in an interview w/ Hiphopdx and implied he wasn’t w/ the Soulja Boys and that sort of wack shit and turned around and did Gangsta Grillz w/ Bow Wow.

    *Disclaimer- I still bump “Trap or Die” & “Streets is Watching” on a weekly basis.

  • chitlin coon

    @ the other p…im in atl… and willie hasnt blown up because he isnt marketable and no one in atl likes his music. so its like stat quo…yea ur nice and u rep atl and you run with an atl squad..but we never here you in central station..shit..we never fuckin even here you in velvet room…plus all his beats just plain suck. so other cities are like wanting to give him a chance cuz he fuks with dram…but at the end of the day when they call their friends in atl …or they come here to visit, they realize that dude has NO PRESENCE in the atl and sadly they arent lookin for him anymore…ULTIMATELY..DUDES PRODUCTION IS WEEK..AND HE DONT BE IN THE HOOD LIKE THAT IN ATL…AND HE DOESNT COLLAB WITH NO ONE HOT..WHICH IS WIRED TO ME BECAUSE HE IS DRAMS GUY…BUT OH WELL

    oh and the south still running this sites post!

  • chitlin coon


  • chitlin coon

    on a diff note tho..the reason i loved the tape is for the content…I have it in the changer now..what i didnt like were all of the sample beats…and the fact that he didnt murk other niggas tracks like hes known for doin..but the content was superb…add drama…add shawty red and drumma on more tracks and slick p and we can have a really trap or die 2…

  • @ chitlin coon

    Willie is from Grand Rapids,MI………..And you didnt like the sampled beats on ToD2???? Those are probably Jeezy’s best tracks when he raps over samples. Specially when he hooks up with Cannon. “illin” and “time” are crazy

  • chitlin coon

    …well i do like his sample production track from time to time..but i am in atl…i remember when he was with bmf and 4th ward crips and would shut down buckhead(whitepeople part of atl) the tracks were all shawty red or drummer.. don cannon was the only one giving him sample tracks….I got 3 12s and miss that real trap music!! these tracks on tod3 are good album tracks to me…but i need that straight atl when it comes to jeezy and the trap or die brand..i still like it tho..i think he has the highest rating ever on live mixtapes..

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  • Yeah the tape is crazy, any way you look at it. It’s def more than what I expected especially being a mixtape. To be perfectly honest, like stated before, Dram isn’t “it” as far a mixtapes anymore.. I’ve found myself DLn gangsta grillz minus Dram on it due to his excessive hollering & interruptions of the content.

  • Brocho Cinco

    Has Trap or Die 2 yet came out without the DJ??

  • I think Drama got a point, when he said “at the end of 2010 when everyone talks about Trap Or Die 2 their going to mention me…” because at the end of the year people will mention him….not being on the tape. Trap or Die 2 in my opinion was a f*king good mixtape. I consider it a classic because Jeezy switched up from the first Trap or Die where it was mostly freestyles and cuts from TM101, to straight up spitting that most needed street sh*t/trap talk over original beats.

    Why do another tape freestylin over other ppls beats when you can amp us by giving us actual and original good music…right?

    Jeezy and Don Cannon always have good chemistry and Trap Or Die 2 proves that.

  • clos1881

    To me the dj of a mixtape really doesn’t matter. If I had the option I would rather get mixtapes without the dj anyway, I hate all that yelling and talking in the middle of the verse that shit fucks the songs up.

  • hope4HipHop

    Drama must think the mixtape world needs him to talk all over the fuck’n tape to make it a classic TRAP OR DIE 2 is the best mixtape out this year nobody needs your croonies or your voice all over good music fam #1YaSelf Shout Out To CANNON



  • Haterama

    Jeezy pwned ToD2, hopeully some of that energy will transfer to TM103…DJ Drama – bah, and I’m getting pretty fed up with The The The Cannon Cannon as well after hearing ToD2 so many times. Point is…release the NO DJ already, come on son!

  • Shit is hot

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