Big K.R.I.T. Speaks On Getting Booed

New York’s a tough fickle crowd. On Tuesday, K.R.I.T. was met with jeers and sneers during his performance at the Highline Ballroom. Where’s the hospitality? But K.R.I.T.’s unfazed. Before rocking S.O.B.’s last night, the rapper spoke out on his cold reception.

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  • smh. shit like that make you wish more people took the Pastor Troy approach to “new york fans”…if they dont like me, fugg’em, ill go where i’m wanted. Boo? really?

  • Midnite!

    to me this cat is nice.Im in N.Y.C.I would not have boo’d this up and coming artist like that.I listened to a few of his joints.I think he is good for Hip Hop!

  • i was at his show last night in nyc. that spot was rockin’.

  • NuNu

    Thats the stupidest shit ever to pay yo money to get in when you know who’s performing. if u don’t feel his music don’t show up nigga plain and simple. KRIT right for not letting that shit faze him cuz he got they paper in HIS pocket regardless. The more hate you get the heavier yo pockets feel….

  • Nathaniel

    payin’ dues.

    keep pushin. KRIT is dope. they’ll get it soon enough, prolly.

  • TC

    He shoulda cut the song after the 2nd verse but his speech @ the end was real talk.

  • Thank Me Hater

    Damn that’s fucked up….dude is actually kinda straight. He’s definitely not boo-worthy. What he needs to do is make a song about that shit….real talk

  • JohnJohn

    And he’s right. All the greats been booed before

    ” I was playing in the beginning, the mood all changed
    I been chewed up, and spit out, and booed off stage”

    Eminem – Lose Yourself

  • pissed

    I can’t believe they booed this dude…KRIT is dope as fuck…whats really going on hiphop.

  • My Nig Hussle

    I can’t believe they booed him during “Country Shit” that song is tuff

  • pissed

    Oh wait. they booes Outkast at the Source Awards back in 95′ too…fukk it he’ll be straight.

  • Martin


    That’s from a movie…

  • Interscope Employee

    Keep your head up…shit happens

  • Yeah man, you can’t please everyone.

  • MR. 101

    I’m born n bred nyc; and imma say it: if you from ny and boo’ed this cat – you lost. dude is hella nice. STOP BEING RAPPER RACIST; REGION HATERS…

  • flow j

    im guessing those NY people know hwat talent is……watch if krit become big all them fans that boo’d him are going to be D riding

  • dirtysouthboy

    “Went to NY, got boo’d out there/a year later, my group sold out Madison Square” – Willie D(Geto Boys)

  • TYBO2020


  • I commend him for not takin’ that shit too serious. We all know how New York crowds are. Them niggaz’ll make u wanna quit rappin’ if u get booed at the Apollo or anywhere else in NY. Lol. I fux wit Big K.R.I.T tho. He’s dope. Keep it up cuz. No bbm…

  • DallasTx_Groveside

    that’s messed up is there video of this ???

  • dashing

    I was at the show and he wasn’t the only artist to get booed. Some dude from Atlanta (SCS, I think) started to get booed but then he went acapella and really started spitting and the crowd showed him love. Cyhi Da Prince also got booed pretty hard and had to cut his set short because of it. Once that happened Big KRIT didn’t really stand a chance. Even before he got on stage.

    The problem is that he was opening up for Joell Ortiz and Jay Electronica and the crowd was a bunch of NY purists. The kind of crowd that would boo anything that’s not “authentic” NY/Eastcoast hip hop. The next time he does a show like that all he needs is to come with some LYRICS. “Country Shit” was the exact wrong song to perform for that crowd. I saw him on his way out and gave him dap for his efforts though.

    It’ll only make him stronger.

  • Dee

    He’ll be alright.
    Outkast was booed and many of the greats were booed at the Apollo.
    Stick to your formula and those folks will catch the vapors.

    @ 101
    If you’re born and bred NYC, you don’t say “hella”.

  • Nahmyself

    “What is ya’ll dranking?!?”

    As a fan of all the artists that performed that night, I’ma give props to Big K.R.I.T. for sticking through the song and not cutting it off because of a few “yaowas”. Yaowa (lol). Check out that “Krit Wuz Here” because the emcee/producer is nice, and embodies the best of what the south has to offer. They don’t know about that country sh!t bruh! Just consider this a rites of passage.

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  • So Icy Boi!

    NY the number 1 hating city keep hatin ….i still dnt see yall on BET or MTV no more or hear yall on da radio ….Keep hatin….

  • wen the hell did the geto boys sell out madison square garden? willie d aint ever been in no msg unless he was watchn the knicks flop

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  • That crowd at Highline the other nite was some backpack rapper-loving crowd. They were gonna hate on anyone that didn’t sound like they were once signed to Rawkus or some dumbshit like that.

  • james bond

    sheesh!…lol..I thought homie was bout to tear up a lil…NY just did that shit to OJ, I guess it’s to test your authenticity? how well do you perform under pressure?…niggas gotta problem tho that’s fa you gon’ boo the niggas WHOOOOLLLEE 2nd verse..lmao..suprised no one threw shit

  • Bishop

    It’s to be expected…typical crab ass bitter beer face “Yo God, that ain’t that raw uncut pissy project hallway scuffed up dirty timb hip hop son” NYC crowd…hating ass lames like them is the reason why NYC fell off and why so few new rappers from there blow

  • goldy

    i’m from new york and i listen to and have been playing both big krit and cy-hi da prince. both of them are dope. niggas in ny ain’t haters. haters are haters everywhere. niggas is riding for more rappers from different regions than you think in ny. if you get a chance, check out the real on radio show!!!! real rap radio playing joints from all areas!

  • Jackass

    These niggas will boo KRIT and Cheer French Montana and Fred The Godson… new York stay losing.

  • Pay Jay

    “Yo God, that ain’t that raw uncut pissy project hallway scuffed up dirty timb hip hop son” NYC crowd

    @Bishop Game. Set. Match

    Dope music is dope music. It’s the return of foreva!

  • JohnJohn

    @Martin based loosely on his life. He said in interviews he’s been booed at the hip hop shop he used to battle at

  • ???? still best rite now!!

    New York = land of haters…..

    and i dont understand it, cuz they been losing for years now

  • Uptown Hip Hop Head

    mysonne said it best NY is the home of the hate, even NY cats hate on their own if i was rapping and had an album come out a NY cat or DJ will be like oh u can rap but u aint betta than my man or my artist, knowing that their man is trash and cant get a Deal. Then there is the Borough Bias.. the stupidest thing some NY er’s do and one reason why NY is not on top yeah we relevant but we less relevant than the south down there i heard the stations go hard 4 their local artists unlike some stations here

    im a Ny born and bred and i wouldnthave booed Big K.R.I.T. even if i didn’t know who he was
    and i will continue to support some nyc rappers especially the underground ones no matter why most ny rappers sign else where….

  • mac DIESEL

    @ K.R.I.T.



  • Clos1881

    I will say it again NY niggas in general are haters lol they believe if it’s not from there it’s wack.

  • Purpose

    Highline was just wrong crowd, bad timing.

    Guy before KRIT tried to spit acappella and the bars were wack. Dont come acappella at a Jay Elec/ Joell show unless you have it like that, and he didn’t. That guy got booed off the stage, and then they bring out KRIT. Now even though KRIT is better, he is not that different in tone from the other guy. So it was taken by the crowd as more of the same, and he got booed before he even did a song (two songs in and he left the stage).

    Getting booed is part of the territory, something every great act has experienced.

    Has nothing to do with hate.

    I suppose some of you would rather live in a city where the crowds just let a bunch of bullshit waste your time. Up here, we have things to do. No time for the bullshit.

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