Jumper’s Mother Thanks T.I.

On Wednesday, Tip rescued a suicidal jumper and spoke on the incident. Yesterday, the jumper’s mother got in touch with Atlanta’s V-103 and also denied the encounter was a publicity stunt and thanked T.I. for his assistance.

I wish it was a publicity stunt and my son wasn’t hurting as bad as he is and to get up there and do something like that. It’s an embarrassment really and it’s like my God, thank God for T.I!! So I’m just saying that it’s crazy for people to think that someone would do that as a publicity stunt. It just bothers my mind.

My son was on top of the roof. I was speaking to an officer on the phone. He would not come down while I was on the phone because I was still at work and I need to try and keep my job, okay. That’s part of my son’s problem, he can’t find work in Atlanta and he has other issues/problems. He’s thinking that’s where it ends and that’s when it hit, he didn’t want to live any more.

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  • Mulato Gato

    You needed to keep your job??? What about keeping your son? No wonder he’s suicidal

  • ZoomZoom

    ^ CO-SIGN


  • Haters are annoying–> Android, Mac Weasel, Lucas and others

    you rather keep your job then help your own son ??????????? bad mother

  • Realniggashit

    I was thinking the samething what type of mother would worry about her job if her son is getting ready yo jump?????

  • Good luck in court today TI

  • NewMoney

    baaaaahaaaaaah lmaoooo this is getting even more rediculous

    just stop it ti before it gets worst

  • So Icy Boi!

    T.I. ya career is over bruh people in Atlanta dnt listen to you no more …Its Gucci time!!!

  • ZoomZoom

    @bcassata he was in the car already thats why he heard it on the RADIO………..

    but isn’t today his court date?

  • Fuck Ya Life

    That nigga wasn’t gonna jump cause I don’t know if ya’ll realize this, but for the most part the people that commit suicide are the people that bring no attention to themselves they just do it. And finding a job ain’t a reason to kill yourself cause there’s millions of people with the same problem.

  • Diva4Real

    Thnk’s 4 the mother tht cum forward & my heart goes out 2 you as well! Having 4 children of my own I undertstand the pressures! Thnk God 4 a person like TI. A guardian angel!

  • llll

    Gucci is whack yo…T.I “I’m a neighborhood HERO” FUCK GUCCI.
    King Uncaged FTW!

  • Lioness

    she was better off keeping her mouth closed. embarrassment? wow

  • biggs50

    Sounds Fishy…
    wat u trying to buy ur way out of them court clothes….


  • So Icy Boi!

    @llll T.I. the neighborhood snitch …T.I. a puppet the illuminati cant keep saving him right now they finna finish his career

  • damn

    too bad your still going to jail nigga! hah!

  • X,Y,”and Z”

    So I guess the ENTIRE Atlanta PD (ESU/IAD), and the Mayor (and his staff/office), are “in on this hoax,” is that it?

    Don’t y’all think the Atlanta PD, by now, hadn’t ALREADY questioned this individual, or at the very least, took him into custody for an “evaluation”…? If that story was “made up”, the DA’s Office would’ve ALREADY announced an investigation!

    …. Think; what politician will risk his reputation, career, and possible jail-time, to save a rapper …?!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT…!!!

  • Mr. 3-Times

    What kind of place is she workin at to where her sons life in jeopardy isn’t a worthy enough reason. Committing suicide at a radio station sounds like a FANatic cry for attention.

  • Android

    l0l this has gone too far. T.i stop. Jst happen to be in your car with the radio on , when out of nowhere someone’s calling it quits. U get to the scene nd well good golly(white man voice), CAMERAS! Out of all pro negotiators, U ,Clifford Harris are the only one who can save hm. Even his mom hd given up on him, preferring to clock in than save her depressed seed. Hoax!

  • Bepee

    Sorry to say that, but I think that was all set up.

    All suddenly, T.I. pops up outta nowhere.
    Since he was arrested with his wife, we never heard a word from him.

    And I’m sure this will make decrease his jail time.

    All fake.

  • i was cooking when i got the call my son was on that roof, but i got to finish this food, i got to eat ya know.

  • Mike B

    Why do you people WANT someone to go to jail??

    Good job Tip, have ya laywer present this to the judge in defense of ya charector (which unlike the state, fed sentencing takes heavily into consideration)

  • Belize

    Why she givin so many details if this ain’t a publicity stunt.
    Instead of lookin for fame why don’t u get yr son some help…
    smh @ these people.

  • i don,t think that was set know one would have talked about it like this..