Kanye West Coming To The Bowery

Teyana Taylor spilled the beans yesterday on Twitter about Kanye’s secret show at the Bowery Ballroom. Brooklyn Vegan did a lil’ diggin’ and found out that Yeezy will indeed be at 6 Delancey Street later tonight. In fact, tickets go sale in one hour.

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  • kofi

    God Damnit B.Dot!!! I just saw this on Twitter and was hopping it would stay under the radar so I could get tickets easily.

  • Rabbit

    word son, take this shit down, ruining it for the true fans tryna go, this only creates hype -_-

  • http://m00ntalk.wordpress.com/ Its_Just_Ricky

    i cosign kofi, damn.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ridalen ridalen

    you really should take this down

  • Cudder

    Thats what they trying to do, these guys know damn well there isn’t anymore tickets but they trying to have a long line outside, dude on the Kanye forums barely got on the list and said he couldn’t even get his brother on the list because they were already gonna be at max capacity and these blog sites were going to hype it up so a bunch of people show up outside.

  • ZoomZoom


  • Ac@pella!

    Welp, since I’m in Detroit and not in New York, I don’t care if y’all niggaz get tix or not. Lol. I can’t get ‘em, so fuck it…anyways, Teyana Taylor is one sexy bitch. I’d bone her deep voiced ass cause baby girl’s got a bad ass body.

  • KtoTHE

    cosign that theyre at capacity fucking bullshit b list celebs and spoiled jewish brats taking all the availability w/e tho a major tour is coming soon enjoy this show

  • bigjay2501

    yall niggas better get on ur job and figure out how to use multiple browsers to get them tickets. If i was in nyc, id def be going to this shit.

  • http://www.twitter.com/eastpointvet dagooch

    man this some bullshit i was on at exactly 12 as the tickets became available and still couldnt get none

  • ATCK

    Got my tix. See you there.

  • bigjay2501

    @ ATCK LOL

  • Kidd R@pp


    u fuckin liar, the reason why no on can get ticks, is because u have to buy them at the fuck door. Dumb ass lying ass nigga. Bowery always does this…

  • mikk swagger

    tickets were $100, that’s some bullshit

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  • http://www.twitter.com/eastpointvet dagooch

    from the ticketmaster description you only have to pick them up at the door not buy them at the door and whats the point of even putting them on ticket master

  • Kidd R@pp


    Dont be a nigger aka Ignorant…

    No way tickets sold out in 15 secs… Bowery bought all the tickets before hand, so they can have nigga lining up for hours to build up hype… They never had any tickets left on ticketmaster… Its all about the buildup


    a $100 jst 2 c d@ nigga, sh888888888888888888 I ratha hitchhike a hooker or 2….

  • http://www.twitter.com/eastpointvet dagooch

    @boy w@ck
    its not inconceivable to think a place with a capacity off 500 to sell out in a matter of seconds if its thousands of people trying to get tickets. its not likely but its inherently possible that it can happen before u call somebody ignorant. and u dont need to build up hype for a show that will sell out anyway

  • g.o.o.d

    chek out the next good music artiste


  • http://Www.rapradar.com CTE

    Why would i pay 100 d to see this nigga. dam im a fan but not stupid

  • dopeman

    his music is very dope on alot of occasions but man whats good with the female shirts? i mean do you but seriously what is going on up there in that head that your like “hmmm that blouse is popping like a muthafucka, ima wear that shit cuz the color goes good with my skin tone” <<<<he said something very similar in an interview recently….homo thugs these day, SMMFH

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