New LP: Kae Hock .5

Where have we been the last two months? Here’s the free album .5 from Delaware MC, Kae Hock. Drugs on music, indeed. Download and tracklist below.

Download here

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  • john macabee

    Being as I’m from Delaware this will get a download anyway but how does this end up on the RapRadar? This is the same we don’t make stars site right? Dah well, as long as I don’t see Papoose posts I’m cool.

  • AnuKiNSKywalker

    never heard of him but gonna check it out.

  • AnuKiNSKywalker

    yo he’s a hot spitter word.

  • S Geezy

    this kid is fire! glad i ran across this link…

  • D

    This is great piece of music. Kae Hock, keep up the good work! You just got another fan.

  • frankwhyte

    one of the illest young spittas out!!!

  • D

    Yo B.Dot, big up for puttin this shit up!

  • K

    “I want the world” is so dope! Is this on the radio yet?!

  • Kae hock can put delware on his bak. This is the new skool of rap get wit!

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