T.I. Thanks His Fans Again

T.I.’s new album No Mercy hit stores last week and debuted at number 4 on Billboard with 160,000 copies sold. While behind bars in Arkansas, he thanked his fans again for their continued support.

What up world? First off I’d like to thank everybody again for going out and supporting the “Hustle” yet again with “No Mercy” last week. I can’t say enough on how much I appreciate the support and all the positive feedback. I read so many tweets, letters, reviews and comments that spoke volumes to how much love was still out there and how much respect still exists for my art and my passion. I put so much of myself into what I do. I even read over the negative comments cuz’ that’s the kind of energy I feed off of to adjust, evolve and improve my craft until it manifests into the closest thing to perfection on the next go-round. I love hearing your opinions on what songs you like most for the next singles. We are taking all of them into consideration as we decide right now on which direction to head in. I know this seems like an unfortunate set of circumstances to endure for a career with so much potential but remember adversity builds character and character takes you places money can’t. I know what’s in store for me in the future so I ain’t trippin’ and neither should you. For now all my love and best wishes to you and yours for the holidays. Y’all hold it down out there and I’ll do the same in here. And continue to spread the word about “No Mercy” & Team T.I..

Take it light and Be Eazy,

Love – King.


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  • mac DIESEL

    @ T.I.



  • Black Shady

    keep your head up Tip

  • AlexRmF

    What can I say… the man dropped a great album and all haters shouldn’t bother typing shit about him… respect T.I.

  • jacob

    King of what exactly? i bet he doesnt even have his own jail cell.

  • Mikey

    Stay up T.I.

  • 5%er

    No Mercy was a dope album minus the mumbling Rocko-type niggas.The scarface song was crazy classic!!I cant get enough of it………….STAY STRONG T.I………Life is the great mighty teacher.

  • etetew

    T.I getttin assraped

  • NYYallday

    T.I great album
    allshe wrote is the best song bump tha shit everyday

  • illusiveteachie

    that,a right t.i. please keep yo…head up…..it,ll just make u ponder and wonder about life in general so that u can sort through all of the negative stuff that u did in the past so that u may better urselve for the future that lies ahead so that u wont go back to same ol…problems ….ok…i know u can do it and ur kids are counting on u and ur fans also…

  • Yousef(LilWayneSucks)

    I must say T.I’s new No Mercy album was awesome. I loved most of the tracks on there, never been a T.I fan but after what I heard on that album, I was impressed!! he really gives a shit about his fans which awesome as well. Stay strong brother, peace & love.

  • Yousef(LilWayneSucks)

    Everybody else, HUMBLE YOURSELF!! PLEASE!!

  • TOP 2% (millionaires n billionares) get their tax cut, 98% americans get the change.

    Would he be thanking again next week, next month, when, pray tell?!

  • Congratulations…cant keep a real nigga down! Outsold Lloyd Banks too, you’d think New York would at least cop 100,000 for Lloyd…

  • ifuckinhatehaters

    hold your head up tip

  • sway-z

    The next single should be no question that joint with Scarface, “How life changed” that’s the dopest shit on the album

  • Castler wall is the best in my opinion. Beause it has a great beat and the lyrics are great. Keep ya head up king!

  • BBoggz

    the next single is going to be a tough choice. so many great songs its hard to pick. how life changed would be a good choice but i cant see it. it will prolly be castle walls just to try and reach a new audience and sell some more copies. personally i would like to see big picture.

  • King Jugganott

    I bought the cd, it’s nice. Just a bad situation for the Lil Homie…it is what it is.

  • Belize

    Disappointed with the sales, but glad T.I. keepin his head up.
    #FREE TI


    He says adversity buids character, so what does stupidity builds?

  • jim