Lupe Fiasco Performs On Jimmy Fallon

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Lupe isn’t having the best week ever, but with the release of his album in three days, the show must go on. Last night, he joined The Roots on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and recited his lead single. Lasers in stores March 8th.


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  • ben

    Holy shit, lasers is actually dropping?

  • Chu Chu

    #LOSER !

  • Loved it! Good energy.

  • Obama

    It ain’t rocket science Lupe… If you wanna succeed you just gotta make a couple records that don’t suck ass… Just cause this track sounds like a combination of several hit pop records doesn’t make it hot…. This song is forced, boring, and unoriginal… I call shit how I see it, and I just gotta point out that this goofy ass nigga’s entire buzz and career were built on a fabricated image and a conceptually hollow song… “Kick Push”?!?!? Lupe admits he’s no skater but ‘his people’ cashed in on that shit big time… Now you just wanna front like you’re some kinda rock star… Nigga PLEASE!!!!

  • Jepaa

    LUPE keep your head up! LASERS!!

  • Pro Music

    ^^Obama stop drinkin so much fuckin illuminati juice .. Lu Killed this performance , he looking unstoppable right now

  • IL

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  • Vergil

    @Obama why u so mad nigga? go get a pussy and fuck ya stress away… lupe muthafuckin killed this shit!!!

  • winning

    Obama Lupe does have a rock band quit hating, song is dope.

  • onanigga


  • Foekist

    If I don’t (sniff-sniff) have the Roots playing (sniff-sniff) with me on Jimmys… I think I’ll (sniff-sniff) KILL MYSELF!

  • PrincePolo

    his album drops on march 8 ? his album promoting campaign sucks

  • JHP

    Lupe failed with this album, it’s not entirely his fault, he had Atlantic breathing down his back. Superstar is the only time he’s ever made the right single choice. Words I Never Said could’ve been a hit maybe if it had been promoted it better, and didn’t alienate half of the country with the lyrics.

  • Fatnigger

    How many Republicans actually even listen to music let alone HipHop.


    @ [email protected]@er

    How many Republicans actually even listen to music let alone HipHop.


  • Belize

    Very dope.

  • Word

    Shouldnt he be busy killing himself?


    LOL…and u wil happy if he kill himself than him quiting atlanta and join kanye and common at G.O.O.D?.SouthAfrican

  • Vergil

    @Word u should kill yourself for making such ignorant comments…please do us this favor…just jump from a bridge and make sure its high enough…

  • Josh

    YES! i like the live version with live instruments MUCH more than the studio version! sounds realer and less poppy

  • Jepaa
  • You guys are fucking idiots if you think Lupe and Lasers isn’t dope. I will be supporting him in 2 days.

  • omg

    oh wow, lupe the man with talent, killing his part with a bunch of no talent terribly planned production crew settting him up with 5 or 6 choir boys and a weak guitar riff with delay. does atlantic want to ruin his image as well with these half-ass shows? lupe is no doubt the real deal, but come on man…

  • Nathaniel

    that nigga is a hell of a performer… (i don’t know how many of you actually WATCHED the performance, but…) he killed that second verse.

  • Great performance from Lupe! Can’t wait Lasers. I spy Lupe rockin’ his new leather vest.


  • Courtney

    I support you Lupe. Keep being you. Stay true. I’ll be buying the album.

  • Drock

    Lupe you can do much better than this song, u need to understand that people, (especially your fans from your first album) have higher expectations for you than any rapper out there right now. This album isn’t the same level of quality we’ve become accustomed too. You ARE better than this single and you are better than this album.