Lloyd Banks Performs At Oxygen In D.C.

I think I know who you’re talking about. Ha! Last night, Banko was in the DMV and hit the stage for a quick set at the new nightspot Oxygen. If you don’t have Hunger For More 2, I feel sorry for you and your mother.

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  • Black Shady

    what ass??? is he talkin about Lola Luv??? I know she from D.C.

    Shout out to Banks!!! The SHADY Team could use a lyrical beast like Banks!

  • Donn

    Yawn. Gimme a hit Banks,need something 4 the iPod. Get a hot beat and Katy Perry on the hook and then I will fuck with you

  • flop unit

    This dude had a tiny buzz going for him….than his album dropped….lol now he back to being a rapper who makes a living off mixtapes lmao

  • niooce niooce

    banks you cant talk about ass and dont show it…its just wrong lol

  • Starkylove1

    Banks is the future!
    Cant wait for that new mixtape. Hov get out the throne!

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  • if it wasn’t for 50 messing with Banks he’d be broke…50 paying rent, car insurance and tour expenses…smh

    Charlie Sheen Million Dollar Crack Party http://on.fb.me/eDAgs3 “Be There or Be Sober”

  • Pimp V

    ha fat joe walking in at the end….fail!

  • Donn

    And then this guy put out a HORRIBLE album. Just lyrics lyrics lyrics, guns, hip hop, and the “streets”. Wheres the other subject matter? I need something I can play around my little sister. 😀

  • GTboy

    much love Banks !!! .. keep the heat commin ! …

    hate on fake, not real .. stupid !

  • Black Shady

    @ Donn ; fuck your sister nigga..how bout that? Do us a favor and buy her (and yourself) some Justin Bieber if you want some poppy shit

    Niggaz hating on the PLK. fuck outta here

  • John