New Video: Boot Camp Clik “Hate All You Want”

After almost five years since its release, the BCC finally release a video for track four off their 2006 LP, The Last Stand. Directed by Cynical Smith. Leave your hating elsewhere.

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  • Rhyme

    Buckshot shorty.

  • BCC!!! We need more of this from them!

  • hudes


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  • puerto-black

    Sean P for Prez

  • @EtiennedeParis

    daam man that was good///
    more of this.
    Buckshot still mean wit’it

  • Listen, it’s a great song, but the video is worse than the camcorder efforts of Wu-Tangs 1992 demo videos. If you MC, I don’t wanna see your wack ice shine but no lighting on your face. How is this video going to help with brand recognition, these guys hustle backwards. They could get better cameras, some endorsement revenue (shit even $1000). Kendrik makes better videos than this. Here we have stellar MC’s just looking like old men remaking an old mobb deep video. The video actually pushed the songs equity down. All that glitters don’t get sold…