New Video: Beyoncé “Move Your Body”

[vodpod id=Video.7178698&w=540&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

As part of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move! Flash Workout” campaign, we break a sweat with Bey for her latest video. Her Swizzy-produced, “Get Me Bodied” was recently revisited in partnership with the NABEF to help fight childhood obesity. Now that’s big.

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  • yeezyfan

    Yo Bey is a bad bitch, fa real.

  • Belize

    Beyonce’s a rapper?
    I had no idea!

  • Not mad at this. At all. I dig the message. Those high green socks tho…… nah.

  • youngjannetti

    Nas Lost…

  • Chex


  • Black Shady

    Jay wins!!! Bey is just WOW

  • Belize

    Eww I hate girls!


    yo this bitch aint hip hop but i still wanna fuck tho she get busy in heels

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  • BK

    Fuck Jay… Ha!

  • this beat still bangin… Bey’s vocal crazy… the video insane!

  • bigjay2501


  • asdlkjfslkj

    Nice video. No signs of devil worship this time.




  • loooooooooooove beyonce, but um…wtf is on her feet??!

  • Ya Boy G

    could care what bey looked like. put her in some sweats n j’s she still fine…but this is a good message for everyone not just the kids, aka get ya fat asses up for 30 minutes a day n sweat some of those fatty foods/console game playing/social networking/aint got the time poubds off.

  • my artist @zulekadiamonds is one of the young girls dancin in this video.

  • CAC

    Funny comments lol!! And stop hating on Jay just cuz his Winning 🙂

  • she’s soo skinty, looks good tho & she def f*ed up @3:23 mark lol

  • Debut Mixtape From New Artist “DowTimo”:

  • I had a blast watching that it good to see people not get out of touch and help the people that buy their cds

  • Senk

    Great message but maybe could have taken a step further and set an example of how our kids should dress…perhaps not push the idea that young girls need to be in skimpy clothes.

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