GOBLIN: Thurnis Haley Golf Wang Pt. 2

Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator gets back into his Thurnis Haley character for the second part of his promo for his upcoming album. Have some fucking balls and cop Goblin on 5.10.11.

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  • yo

    hahaha love how they put the bleeps in all the wrong places

  • The most Intresting Man in the world

    This nigga needs help

  • Nathaniel


    lmao exactly.

  • sky

    lmao, this shit is fucking funny

  • smooth
  • Mr. A From Tha T


  • cesar

    is this suppose to be funny -_________-

  • CHechu

    is his album actually gonna be in stores on just for download???

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  • Mike

    @CHechu I’m guessing both because of the fact that it will also be on vinyl but I’m not 100% sure..

  • Long Lungz

    tyler chappelle

  • Ol

    The hero for 15 year old losers. Motherfuckers are probably drooling over this video thinking he’s so funny and cool.

  • Noringtone

    @Long Lungz I know huh! This guy to funny.

  • damn

    This has got to be the quickest come up in music history they gettin a show 2?? Quickest come up in music history like seriously. What’s the point of signing 2 a major label now?

  • Converse

    Dis wouldve been funny if i were 13? smh

  • Tyler perry of rap or lil b of techno?

  • Chu Chu

    This Isn’t Funny At All. I Mean I Like Guys Like Martin,Dave,Eddie,ODB,Lil B, But This Guy Trys To Hard Man Not Cool Man. Still Will Be Buyin His Goblin Album.

  • Escko

    thiz iz fukkin hilarious..not funny to u then u aint got humor

  • nsisu

    funny if you have no humor…it takes than saying fuck and balls a lot to make me laugh…it seems like he was just running out of things to say

  • Selga

    first episode was great. this one is more like a parody

  • Haha

    this shit was funny, the best part was the misplaces beeps haha

  • berbozz

    @ Chu Chu, hold up… you think lil b calling himself a faggot and a pretty bitch is funny? but this some how rubs you the wrong way? you serious bruh.. im personally offended that you threw his name on that list. since Lil B is the single worst artist in hip hop history and all that.. kill yourself

  • RayF


  • Blue

    This wasn’t the least bit funny. You guys laughing are immature as fuck. Probably still laugh during movies when a character curses.

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