GOBLIN: Thurnis Haley Golf Wang Pt. 2

Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator gets back into his Thurnis Haley¬†character for the second part of his promo for his upcoming album. Have some fucking balls and cop Goblin on 5.10.11.

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  • yo

    hahaha love how they put the bleeps in all the wrong places

  • The most Intresting Man in the world

    This nigga needs help

  • Nathaniel


    lmao exactly.

  • sky

    lmao, this shit is fucking funny

  • smooth
  • Mr. A From Tha T


  • cesar

    is this suppose to be funny -_________-

  • CHechu

    is his album actually gonna be in stores on just for download???

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  • Mike

    @CHechu I’m guessing both because of the fact that it will also be on vinyl but I’m not 100% sure..

  • Long Lungz

    tyler chappelle

  • Ol

    The hero for 15 year old losers. Motherfuckers are probably drooling over this video thinking he’s so funny and cool.

  • Noringtone

    @Long Lungz I know huh! This guy to funny.

  • damn

    This has got to be the quickest come up in music history they gettin a show 2?? Quickest come up in music history like seriously. What’s the point of signing 2 a major label now?

  • Converse

    Dis wouldve been funny if i were 13? smh

  • Tyler perry of rap or lil b of techno?

  • Chu Chu

    This Isn’t Funny At All. I Mean I Like Guys Like Martin,Dave,Eddie,ODB,Lil B, But This Guy Trys To Hard Man Not Cool Man. Still Will Be Buyin His Goblin Album.

  • Escko

    thiz iz fukkin hilarious..not funny to u then u aint got humor

  • nsisu

    funny if you have no humor…it takes than saying fuck and balls a lot to make me laugh…it seems like he was just running out of things to say

  • Selga

    first episode was great. this one is more like a parody

  • Haha

    this shit was funny, the best part was the misplaces beeps haha

  • berbozz

    @ Chu Chu, hold up… you think lil b calling himself a faggot and a pretty bitch is funny? but this some how rubs you the wrong way? you serious bruh.. im personally offended that you threw his name on that list. since Lil B is the single worst artist in hip hop history and all that.. kill yourself

  • RayF


  • Blue

    This wasn’t the least bit funny. You guys laughing are immature as fuck. Probably still laugh during movies when a character curses.

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