Odd Future Press Conference In Paris

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Tyler and his band held a press conference yesterday in Paris for his new album Goblin. After answering a few rudimentary questions, Ace signs off with a tip for all you wack interviewers.


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  • Jeffro

    Ok so someone remind me why this group is getting so much attention? Its like horrorcore rap from the early 90’s mixed with the random ramblings of a young Eminem….but really, are they that talented? Or is this like watching a car accident?

  • Queefbat

    Why is there a post about these dudes every day? You know how many rappers get interviewed a day? Fucking rapradar taking $$$ to promote these niggas

  • sike

    rapradar used to have a moratorium on these dudes, as well as 2dopeboyz. then they kept gettin bigger and bigger without blog exposure and now they’re undeniably here to stay. they’re not just all over rapradar, they on magazine covers, articles and any other hip-hop blog

  • Chris

    the first two people who posted are obvious idiots.

  • All Bad

    I really hate the way they conduct themselves in interviews.

    Very vulgar and immature. I’m sure they could get their point across without cussing every five seconds.


  • B.Dot

    the first post we did on them was their sold out show in NY.


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  • Able Danger

    Gravediggaz already did all this and did it well, with out lookin like Revenge of the Nerds – Hood Edition.
    B.o.B. ethers this motley cr

  • I’m glad RR is on the OF boat…
    faggots quit complaining… should be happy that more people are hearing the music


  • fuck these guys jesus

  • Pimple Cam

    why its saying the video does not exist??.i want to see it..Walmart Giving Back After Laying Off Over 50,000 People.. $1,000 Giftcards – I Grab 2 of Them..LOL http://goo.gl/g4zvo

  • Being built up to be torn down. I’ve seen this all before. I love the music and movement but….

  • What’s more annoying, them or they’re fans..

  • lol

    lol ya niggas take them wayyy to serious. u think they act like lil kids? good, Tyler says hes a 12 yr old at heart all the fuckin time. them niggas is in fuckin Europe havin the time of their lifes while ur complainin about an interview. get the fuck over urselves..

  • haq


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  • OFS

    if you don’t like odd future then stop watching the fuckin videos, and go suck a dick… bitch

  • Nathaniel

    it’s refreshing to hear the blatant vulgarity. it really is. when dude asked about how they treat their female fans, hodgy was like “we treat’em nice, nigga!” hahaha.

    raw unfiltered honesty. un-scripted and unpredictable. gotta love it. can’t wait to see what these guys will look and do as they mature. should be interesting.

  • @Talley both!

  • You people who hate on odd future are FAGGOTS. Your not faggots because you dont like them its because even though you dislike them you’ll put in the time to write a mini review and watch the videos b.dot puts up, which is fucking stupid, no one cares what you think, they are still getting more attention by you posting your faggy shit up shit up. Shit I’d rather listen to odd future then faggot dj khaled or birdman, at least these dudes are fucking diffrent and are trying to change the game up.

    (Shoutout to b.dot too, hook it up with an internship dude!)


  • CutZ

    i try to understand these niggas but i cant, the beat is sick

  • ereqrjeqlrq

    tyler sounded like he wanted more NARDWUAR interviews lol

  • All Bad

    @Flacofey Bitch shut the fuck up…obivously you do care what we think since yu took the fucking time to respond stupid ass.

    ALL OPINIONS are welcome good or bad.

  • letmetellyo

    THES NIGGA TURDS HAVE THE CLANCY’s as manager (he works for Eminem too) and apparently u know how Rap radar is linked too Shady.
    Cos od this u get here posts about these wack niggas all the time…it’s fuckin PITEOUS.