Bad Meets Evil On FuseTV At Bonnaroo

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Allison Hagendorf of FuseTV caught up with Em and Royce during Bonnaroo this past weekend. In this clip, Evil comments on his line at Lady Gaga on “A Kiss”. You can hear the track in less than 24 hours when Hell: The Sequel EP drops.

Sidebar: Bad Meets Evil Cover Complex

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  • ireland

    dat bitch wants em bad

  • clint eastwood

    You can hear the track in less than 24 hours when Hell: The Sequel EP drops.



  • Jepaa

    LOL @ eminem coughing after saying gaga is dope.

  • Jake

    Do shady has cancer or aids?

  • Chex

    They’re both lyin their a$$es off

  • Do jake has grammar or aids?

  • Kimmy

    Nice legs Eminem 🙂

  • 1234…

    Yo Em’ c’mon man! GaGa is dope? GTFOH!!!

    It looks like he’s just saying it cause’ he doesn’t want to cause any controversy but the old Em’ wouldn’t give a fuck!

    I’m starting to lose respect for dude.

  • Donn

    @1234.. Seeing as her album sold 1.1million in the first week and was number one in over 14 countries ppl must obviously think She’s dope. Dont be a hater..

  • 1234…

    @Donn – I ain’t a hater, she sold her album for 99cents online, her digital album sales made up 60% of her first weeks sales now if you compare that to Em’ he sold 741k in his first week at full price around $10 or more with only 24% from digital sales making up his first week. People just wanted a bargain, you can listen to her “GAY” music if you want buddy.

    Only gays listen to Lady GaGa and that’s why she sold so many units (even though technically she cheated).

  • Meg

    notice how eminem is saying she is a great artist but not denying that he believes what he said in the song (about her looking like a man). haha

  • Donn

    @1234.. If you knew anything you would know that Amazon had to take a sales loss because they paid Gaga full retail price to sell her album for 99cents. So she took no losses, she recieved full compensation from Amazon. Do your research then talk. Men Lie, Women lie, Numbers dont. And gay? Lol says the fan of a rapper who talks about gettin raped in the ass lol. FOH

  • MadMan

    That line is funny and im glad EM decided to share the joke with rest of the world =)

  • 1234…

    @Donn – You’re one funny dude, I didn’t say anything about how much money she got or if she lost any through the 99cents deal I don’t give a shit, I was saying she sold more units cause of the price point of her CD! …and the line “men lie, women lie, numbers don’t” doesn’t mean shit when Em’ stands at over 86 million units sold worldwide and being the highest selling artist of the decade even though he was absent for 4 years of it. you want to know something about numbers – Em’ went from selling 741k in the first week to 313k the second week and sold over 200k in its third, after that week by week he kept selling over 100k keeping him on top of the charts, while Lady GaGa did 1.1 million in the first week to under 200k in the second and yet it keeps decreasing at a fast pace soon enough her sales will fizzle out at around 2.5 million domestically while Recovery stands close to 4 million.

    Plus Em’ raps about gay shit for shock value most of the time taking the piss out of the fags while GaGa embraces them and bases her life around trying to make everyone like yourself believe that it is normal!

  • Donn

    Lol you just justified Eminem’s homo lyrics. Really? And then compared Eminem’s career to Lady Gaga whose first album went Diamond within 2yrs. And She’s only been out for 4 lol. Ppl like you bring up Eminem like the dude hasnt been around for over a decade lol. Please

  • @DONN Dude just get off lady gaga nut sack already, fuck her and the gay’s lol ……………….. eminem is above that man looking bitch

  • 1234…

    @Donn – I swear you have got to be retarded, Lady GaGas album went diamond “WORLDWIDE” Em’ has 2 albums diamond “DOMESTICALLY” (in America), if you want to talk worldwide numbers – Slim Shady LP has sold over 9 million units, Mashall Mathers LP has sold over 22 million units, The Eminem Show has sold over 21 million units, 8 mile OST sold over 9 million units, Encore has sold over 12 million units, Curtain Calls 7.5 million units, Relapse 4.5 million units, Recovery 6 million units. Don’t ever try to compare GaGas career to Ems!

    ..and at least Ems “homo” lyrics can be justified in some way (that it’s tongue and cheek – him just trying to get people all pissy and mad) while GaGas loves being gay and you approve of it because you’re filth and part of the problem with society today!

  • 1234…

    @sociny – Co-sign!

  • Donn

    Homophobia. How original on a HIPHOP site

  • 1234…

    @Donn – So what people act like hating gays is wrong or some shit, I’ve had enough of this new age bullshit, gays need to die and rot in hell!!!

  • Ulam Burger

    Donn gtfo u fag.

  • whitetrashlikesrap


  • Devil

    DONN you’re the biggest homo on this site, don’t like it? get the fuck out then!

  • great job. keep going.