Lil Mama Cries On The Breakfast Club

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Lil Mama appeared this morning on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. Charlamagne’s aggressive interview style got the best of Lil Mama and at the 19:24 mark, she let out a few tears. She also addressed her gripes with Nicki Minaj. Riveting stuff.

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  • bob


  • I Be Sayin…

    Hahaha is that Bow Wow with a wig on? No, seriously. YMCMB.

  • I Be Sayin…

    Looks like a feminine Stephen Curry.

  • I Be Sayin…

    Ol’ Shannon Brown lookin bitch.

  • I Be Sayin…

    That hoe look like Chris Brown dipped his head in some kool-aid.

  • I Be Sayin…

    Did this bitch really use a #2 pencil on them eyebrows.

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  • I Be Sayin…

    Bitch nose looks like a Cadillac exhaust pipe.

  • I Be Sayin…

    Bitch face looks like Jay Sean, and she got them Snoop in Baby Boy arms.
    “Fuck yo fort lil mama”.

  • I Be Sayin…

    Bitch look like she got them lady gaga body implants. Nope. Thats just them bones.

  • I Be Sayin…

    Her chin’s favorite artist is Wyclef.

  • I Be Sayin…

    She makes Lil’B look like Chuck D.

  • I Be Sayin…

    I bet Lil’ Mama is just Lil’B dressed as a womany man.

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  • RC

    Damn yall some cold ass niggas.

    I aint never felt good about women crying. Or making them cry. I stil feel bad even if they deserve it.

    Lil Mama aint did shit but walk on the stage with Jay and Keys.

  • Bat Man

    who the fuck is this chick and what does she do

  • haq

    charlamagne is a fuckin’ douche stfu u pussy ass bitch ass nigga. Fuck u and fuck lil mama 2.

  • Ass

    Lil Mama was right when she was talking though

  • I Be Sayin…

    RC the type of nigga tell his bitch to shut the fuck up, then she start crying and he be like baby I didn’t mean it. HAHAHAHA take her to see Harry Potter and shit.

  • MR. 101

    damn, y’all aint shit. She talking about losing her moms and this clowns talking bout her looks. Half y;all women look terrible; you know you aint dating no damn models. and half the chicks y’all smashed looked worse and then y’all say “p8ssy aint got not face” you better get off that back room computer and go open them doors for the rich folk you fucking bellhops.

  • Ms yaya

    LIL MAMMA SUCKS I don’t know why they would even have her on the show NO TALENT CORNY A$$

  • http://Rapradar Aj

    @I Be Sayin, damn why u goin in on her. That is bogus though. And its a shame Nicki minaj start wearing her hairstyle but people still wanted to say she didnt.

  • loch121

    That nigga is dumb.He did make her cry.

  • Subaru

    Charlemagne is an ASS HOLE. He broke her down little by little until she started to cry.

  • ty

    charlemagne is an asshole.why he got bully the little girl

  • mac DIESEL




  • not amused

    Charlamagne and Envy did not have to go after her like that. They need to remember that what goes around comes around. They weren’t always on top. What did lil mama really do that was so bad? She walked up on stage with Jay, she said something about N. Minaj. So what? Let’s just ignore all the other stuff that’s wrong with hip hop and clown an easy target. They get no respect from me.

  • I Be Sayin…

    @Aj shut yo ass up before I fuck yo mom pussy boi. Lil’ Mama ugly as fuck

  • Jacob

    why is rapradar reporting on lil mama her one hit wonder ass hasnt been hot since ’07 and even then she wasnt big, shit if I was jay z I would have socked her ass for hoppin on stage at the vmas

  • How Comical…

    Charlemagne did the rite thing. Instead of being a yesman, he gave her the reality check that she needed. She hasnt done anything but the song Lipgloss and her one album. He was right when he states that you have to accomplish more before you start talking big. Thats why alot of people dont like Charlemagne, because he tells the truth. Call him a dickhead if u want, but he’s truthful and thats wht hiphop lacks. Everyone in hiphop lies and tells people what they wanna hear just so an artists isnt pissed off and you dont lose any ratings or money.

  • How Comical…

    go charlamagne..

  • Converse

    Hahaha funny shit!

    thats one UGLY ass hoe goddamn!

  • http://Rapradar Aj

    @I Be Sayin, who the fuck you talkin to. I aint said nothing bad about you. I just said damn why u goin in on her in a playing way. Like when u laugh at something thats fucked up but be like damn that aint funny. What who you comin at, I’ll fuck u up nigga. Dont ever disrespect my momma bitch, get yo damn head knocked off nigga. Now tell that to yo ugly ass momma fuck boy

  • Rotza

    I gained respect for Lil Mama with this interview. A lot of ignant posts in this thread.

  • puerto-black

    Fuck lil mama, the part of the show was “INTERVENTION”. Its called show business, not show love

  • I Be Sayin…

    Aj that was an impostor, I’m gunna let ya comments slide cuz that wasnt me. Niggas typing under my name. Hahaha this blog shit is funny.

  • I Be Sayin…

    I’m witty, why would I be like shut up or i’ll fuck your mom, that’s a retarded thing to even say.

    @I Be Sayin is the new Mac Diesel or So Icy I guess

  • @EtiennedeParis

    someone should shut charlemagne down.
    he picks easy target
    bitch ass nigga

  • Chi Town

    Why Charlamagne didn’t pull that shit wit Diddy? He was apologizing and doing PSA(s) and shit.

  • Codeen

    @I Be Sayin

    Nigga STFU!!! I don’t care what nobody say, Charlamagne gay as hell for doin dat shit. Dat shit aint cool, makin no female cry. SMH, nigga got no class.

  • aj

    So this is funny because people consider her unpleasing to the eyes? No wonder looks gets you further then brains these days. And I found this to be true. As hard as I’ve worked to enrich my mind- I still get further with a tube of lip gloss and tank top with my hair down.

  • puerto-black

    She said in “you have to have tuff skin” then “Ya’ll bringing me down”

  • puerto-black

    Couldnt give ONE thing that Nikki took “Im let the people say what she took” No YOU said she took something. She set herself up

  • mike

    the hip hop community is an embarrassment sometimes. what other music genre would do that to a young person “doing” something positive? why do we thrive on this type of negative energy. its kind of messed up.

  • http://Rapradar Aj

    @I Be Sayin, my bad then. Niggas be doing the same thing to me.

  • moreffa

    this is a old ashly bitch

    if this ho was 5 when video music box was the shit back in the the mid to late 80’s this bitch is anywhere from 27 to 31 years old

    liying ass bitch you more washed up then foxy brown and lil kim put together

    this nigga Charlamagne broke? this ho down

  • Arleen

    This embarrassment this is why females feel the way they do.

  • Sam I Am

    this was some clown shit for real. If you want to be like that, bring Ross on the show, bring Wayne, bring Nicki and give them their so-called “Reality check” as well. Clown ass DJ’s I swear. I damn sure am not a Lil Mama fan but when you look outside the box, you brought a grown woman onto YOUR radio show to attack her and make her feel dejected?

    Same nigga that got on that Last Train to Paris, huh? fuck outta here

  • Z3K3.

    LMFAO I was laughing all the way through this shyt

  • Jaymalls

    @How Comica
    Co-Sign bro… these other dudes is yes men. She got a harlem swag… but she think she cant talk how ever to whoever she feels. She aint accomplish anything yet… and she talking like she on the same level as Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.
    When asked about her song, LIl Mama responded in her cocky baritone voice, “its everywhere!” Fuck-Out-Of-Here-Wit-That-Bullshit, that song aint nowhere… and i heard it… and u guessed it…. IT SUCKED!! She also sucks as a judge, and everyone knows it. Stop co-sign bullshit just to be politically correct. Alot of you dudes dont have a voice for yourselves… yall just faggots afraid to challenge the status quo!!!

  • Converse

    Stop crying sensitive bitch!

    And when I say sensitive bitch im not talking about the tran? but these commenter

    Captin Save a ugly Hoe I bet you the same niggas who praise baby oil Drake and feminem lmao SMH

  • How Comical

    Exactly. Most of these dudes dont have a voice and are scared to speak up. Charlemagne goes at everyone like this. Its the reason why he got fired from that station in Philly. He gave Beanie an open mic to air out jay Z. Now if he aired out Nelly or some one who wasnt a “HIPHOP Elite” he woulda been able to keep his job. But again people dont want to ruffle feathers and lose spins and money.



  • How Comical

    Thats what Charlemagne does… and thats what he is known for. and he does clown big artists because i listen to the show in the morning. He got fired from working in Philly cuz he gave Beanie an open mic to air out jay z. Now he got fired because a “HIPHOP ELITE” was offended. The record station didnt want to lose jay z’s support, so they fired him. I like Charlemagne because he bucks the trend of being a robot in hiphop.


    that was crazy i think she cried because she needed that now she know what she gots to do…LIPGLOSS WILL ALWAYS BE A GREAT SONG.

  • HEY, wait a minute…

    She didn’t tear up until she started talking about making her first record after her mom had passed, she was barking at Charlemagne the whole interview. Sad way to boost hits, RR.

  • http://[email protected] jayoconn

    why did this post get like 55 comments? do any of yall own a Lil Mama album? do yall attend shows of hers? I doubt it. Tell her to go have a coke and a smile and stop the bloodclot crying

  • I Be Sayin…

    Lipgloss on my dick.

  • SPILL IT!!!

    Charlamagne is an as s booger that needs to chill out. Ol’ minature Mr. Potato Jeezy Head lookin’ negro. Stop all the negativity. Lil’ Mama is out here working! She is turning nothing into something, while Charlamagne just wants to tear everything down. Hateful, uk-kle azz, nagra!

  • Misty Jean

    This is why you shouldn’t date or marry black men. He admitted to going to jail, but tried to make Mama look like the devil because she’s on TV. Boy bye!

  • http://Rapradar Aj

    @Misty Jean, shut the fuck up u stupid bitch. You racist ho. Fuck u mean u shouldnt date or marry black men. Thats was so ignorant to say. Go date your bird shit men then. AND HOW ABOUT EVERYBODY THAT COMMENT AFTER THIS TALK ABOUT THIS DUMB BITCH @MISTY JEAN.

  • YallGhei

    What did Lil Mama do to you niggas besides walk on stage? You niggas are homosexual, or angry at women because you’re sexually frustrated.

    I’m not a fan of Lil Mama, but outside of the shit being hilarious and all the memes w/ her picture… why so much hate for this chick? You niggas talk about how ugly she is, but you little backed up pussy niggas be fucking fat ugly bitches telling yourself she got a “phat” ass, and gives good head.

    Enough already…

    That bitch DO look like Lil Bow Wow in drag though.

  • I Be Sayin…

    Lil Mama look like Romeo Miller. Am I wrong?

  • luckyP

    niggas is fucking retarded
    he clearly didnt make her cry but why give him the shine his irrelevant ass wants for claiming he did?

    charlamange is and has always been a bum ass nigga with no talent who is around just because

  • http://johhny Miss B

    I think you are an ass whole to talk to little momma like that and she is not ugly, nor does she look old and she does not look like a man, your show should have been interrupted by an old fashioned ass whipping beat down given to you by who ever feels like i do.

  • http://Rapradar Aj

    And lil mama not even ugly. She pretty. At least she aint fake like nicki minaj. That nigga a bitch for talkin all that shit.

  • Just the Trusth

    People gonna hate no matter what, At least she is making her money , more than half the people talking shit about probably still flipping hamburgers or getting unemployment, she made some mistakes but who doesn’t ???? She got hers and will continue to do so , so instead of hating on people and trying to bring people down, if you don’t like her music or tv show, silence can be golden! then don’t tune in… I give her mad props for doing her thing no matter what people are saying trying to bring her down. and yes I am a huge Nicki Minaj fan!!

  • Calliou

    Lil Mama look like Wiz Khalifa with a beard

  • pap3rchazer

    sfmh thats terrible how they came straight at lil mama’s neck n broke broke her down?!?! that wasnt uncalled for, everyone makes mistakes but to hold a magnifying glass to it is pitiful. whether music gets played or not, her material is POSITIVE! thats unfair what they did to her because they damn sure aint persistent with the negative highlights with their other guests!

  • B

    Lil Mama got flow. Just because she not acting like a ho and not on the radio ever 5 minutes you don’t a capacity to rate her lyrical ability. Just a bunch of trained sheep following the pack. By the way Lil Mama is not ugly, and she don’t look old.

  • Brandon

    ^Sheesh get off the meth man! bitch ugly!

  • Michael

    Charlamagne stay hatin. First Drake and now Lil Mama.
    There is a difference between “keeping it real” and being rude.

  • SINcere Of Mid Mobb

    It was some soft shit to be honest… real talk ya’ll seen any REAL NIGGAS on that show they was giving an intervention too. Would they do that to DMX HELL nah



  • Rico

    Ive known Charlemagne since SC days. Congrats homey, you mad a young chick cry. She cried just like you did when the homie open hand smacked you in the face for those radio stunts you pulled. You didnt do shit then but tear up. 200 pushups later, I guess this is your get back? LMAO. It aint always hiphop baby.

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • Dani Monique

    Charlamagne didn’t make lil’ mama cry.. she held her own through the interview…She cried when she began explaining what she was going through during that time of her first album, and therefore took a hiatus from music. I’ve never been a fan of her music, but she’s a positive young lady…

  • Aj Moms Shaniqua

    my son is a fat ugly black nigga with do do braids, 3x tee some sean john jeans and air force 1s.

  • Truth

    Real Talk….I pray to God none of you dudes ever ever ever fail and fall while in the limelight…I hope no mercy is shown to you. She’s made and will make mistakes. But…you really gotta know when to stop man. Even when the masses won’t. Damn.

    PS. Everything Char said was tru. At one point he simply was breaking the truth to her raw. I respect that cause she is a bit blurred on her position in the industry right now. I can’t hate him for being straight forward at one point. If you hurt someone while telling them the truth while holding the intention of helping them become better or se more clearly.Go ahead I say.

  • IMO

    I had been meaning to watch this expecting to laugh at Charlamagne clowning her to tears. The poor girl was trying to explain why she stepped away from music and got emotional reliving her last label experience when her mother died. Really? This is what was so funny to everybody? We gotta do better. Not saying that Charlamagne was completely wrong. Buf for everybody to be like “Ahhh he made her cry!” is some immature shit when you really look at it.

  • Aaron

    There are so many ignorant ass comments on here. These souless Niggas have no compassion. The girl was talking about the death of her mother and her struggle, that’s what prompted her to cry not that asshole host. She defended herself well and Held her own. This just demonstrated that The world is always going to be aginst you and most people love only to see you fail, continue to persevere ma.

  • leinaala80

    Everyone wants to put Lil Mama down, but i tell you one thing..back in the days she had everyone lipgloss popping..and everyone is worried about her music, but they don’t look at what she is still doing for the community..on mtv making the next dance crew..helping the kids set a name for them selves…THAT IS WHAT I CALL HIP-HOP..NUFF SAID..

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