• I Be Sayin…

    man this is boring beef, i think its boring because everyone knows both camps are pussies. Kanye and Cons are both rich sissies who won’t ever shoot each other.

    if there is no threat of being shot, then rap beef is boring.

  • Sam I Am
  • winning

    This beef is stupid.. cons cud spit thou

  • Your Mother’s “friend”


  • Kanye

    so i’m guessing the comments were from people who didn’t click play in the Interview?

  • dinopope

    nobody cares about consequence.

  • phillybred

    This nigga dillusional!!!!!

  • I Be Sayin…

    He’s the one nigga that makes me like Ace Hood.

  • Brooklyn

    This beef is as soft as @AJ bitch ass

  • Jordan Cohen

    Beyonce is checking for him because of background vocals? This is a shame because I used to dig Cons’ flow but this activity is making him radioactive.

  • consequence has a speech impediment.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • Sam I Am

    i clicked play and heard the whole thing.If Cons was the most talked about commodity in Hip-Hop, he would generate elite traffic, but he doesn’t. FACT. Despite the countless attacks, the Jay/Ye camp still let this man eat when they could have easily blackballed him out COMPLETELY. No features, no production, no credits, but they still gave that to him. FACT. Radio stations have only spoken about Cons when it was time for that diss record which doesnt even get play on the airwaves like that. Cons has been out for years and yet I’ve only heard one track with him on the radio “Spaceship” and that was because they wanted to go for deeper album cuts from Kanye that night. FACT.

    Im not a huge Kanye fan as 808’s was awful, MBDTF is slightly overrated (its not a masterpiece but its a great album) and he has some very childish antics at times, but Cons is losing heavily and media is using his delusion for kicks.

    If Cons is the premier songwriter and shit, how come he cant write to save his own life? I cant stand Neyo and Keri Hilson is aite, but they both wrote hits for other people and still they have their own careers doing well? Cons aint shit but a disgruntled former employee who blew all the fucking chances he had. I wish underground cats got this niggas opportunites because this man clearly wasted them. All of them.

    Even though Yayo and Bleek arent as talented as the people they work under, I will always support them because those are some loyal ass men. They play their position and get paid. Cons should have done that, but nah this nigga think he’s a Warrior and shit. GTFOH with that mythical overbite having ass.

  • fuk waka

    who is this guy again?

  • Hopefully we see this man in the “Blackout” section next week.

  • Tone

    This cat is dellusional

  • Truth

    I gotta check my calendar…THIS GOTTA BE THE YEAR OF THE BITCH…HOLY FUCK! Con….I’m usually positive on this site, but cot damn. I’ve never…ever…ever…Heard a man cry so much over a situation if resolved won’t change shit. Let your music talk. I love old school hip hop shit but my God…You can base your career around proving a point about some men? Cmon. You will wine your self into obscurity soon…Play it smart asshole.


  • Mr. 3-Times

    This negroid said” Tune in because I will be ANNOUNCING MY RELEASE date” like it’s an event to announce a release date. Release date??????? Nigga this is 20-11, the Internets don’t get hype over dates no more. Put your shit out or shut the fuck up. Let me find out this nigga is throwing album release date announcement parties.

  • YouKnowMe

    I never heard anyone say ‘Yo you hear that new Cons joint, shits fire’. Not Never.

  • Berklee

    The most of y’all are a bunch of listeners who have no idea what goes down in the studio during a writing session or while an artist is tracking vocals. U also have no idea how deep some of these relationships go in the hip hop community. U will never know who actually puts the pen to paper when it comes to a lot of these songs we hear everyday. The thing I love to see most in the comments, is how much shit you people talk when u really have not the slightest clue. Anyway, thanks for listening, and support good music. and for fucks sake, stop hating on real talent n show some luv for the under dog cuz the lot of you would kill to be able to spit one hot line and have a single second at the top. u custies

  • Yomster

    ^awww, u guys hurt his feelings!

  • I Be Sayin…

    Shut up bitch



  • DJ

    Kanye’s not a boss? Yet he owns GOOD Music and turned it into not only a management group but also now a record label under Def Jam! Cons still didn’t say what the beef is over either.

    Cons = Fail

  • Truth

    Its a known fact that the “brothers” of Kanye that Consequence referred to have been writing his stuff over the years, or co-writing if you must. Kanye’s whole rap style is a combination of Consequence and Rhymefest no doubt. Ye is still one of the best artist of all time though and a great producer but u can’t deny that he doesn’t write all of his stuff.

  • auj

    i dont get how cons can say that beyonce is checking for him when kanye co-produced party and 7 other people have writing credits on that song. when he does something big with kanye no where in sight, then he can talk.

  • KinGFML

    well regardless, that track was wack. consequence i guess is the soft version of sigel, biting the hand that gave him life in this game. thats a damn shame when u gotta look up to dudes like yayo and bleek who are still getting dough, and dont mind being in the shadow of superior talent, cuz everybody cant be jordan or pippen. but you coulda been a kerr, bitch! now u gettin no rings.

  • Mr. 3-Times

    Sad to see a nigga who stuck in his past relationships in the industry. Let it go bruh bruh. As one door closes so shall more open up, and this nigga is spending energy trying to pick the locks of the closed doors instead of embracing the ones that are open.

  • Pete from Harlem

    I agree with @Sam I Am. Cons makes himself out to be more important than what we think he is. To play Devil’s Advocate, I can see how he would. That being said,I do not know the dynamic of the relationship between him and Kanye,so I can’t assume anything. What does he hope to gain or how can he vindicate himself from all of this? That’s the REAL question.

  • Pete from Harlem

    @Mr.3-Times. You are so right.

  • smh

    cons should grow up.. cause you got left behind is no reason for all this mess. if you’re a man, you dont need no one to make it.. stop bitching cause kanye aint putting you on.. if you was hot, he’d have continued to fux with you.. and i actually like cons you know.. his verse on spaceship was aight.. i listened to a few joints off movies on demand, but this beef shit gets you nowhere.. just focus on making your music dude.. kanye does not do beef, you’re wasting your damn time.. hope pusha does not respond to this cause he’s a good artist.. he does not need to get involved in this beef shit.. look at all these beefing artists, the only ones to really come through are jay and nas and ross(that i can think of right now)… fifty is bull. game is tripping.. rip big and pac, sigel is dead and gone, so is ja rule.. you focus on disrespecting someone else you just lose the plot nd music goes out the window.. just saying..

  • Sc_r

    Cons shoulda just used GOOD music backing to get some other shit poppin like Taz from Sa-Ra (TISA).. “do some bitch shit.. gotta give ya mans a divorce.”

  • BrooklynRaw2FU

    if he comes out with a solid album that would vindicate him i saw him talking to sway kinda understand what he feeling but leave the beef and bring the heat then poeple can see that he nice
    but whats fuck up his on cuz Q Tip throws shade at him to

  • JHP

    Wow talk about this nigga is reaching. Background vocals/writing for Beyonce and not only does he say that proves his relevancy, but than he uses it to say Pusha is questioning Bey’s taste in artist. Reaching is an understatement. And as for the “most talked about commodity in hip-hop”. Ehhh Naw, there’s an album called WTT coming out that’s garnering most of the buzz right now lmao.

  • JHP

    And @truth, the only song Rhymefest co-wrote with Kanye was Jesus Walks. Check the album credits, it bills Leonard D. Harris as a co-writer, but that’s the only song. Same thing with Consequence, GLC, Q-Tip, etc. the only other time you see their names on writing credits is if they are actually featured on the song as a guest artist. Kanye still writes his sh*t, don’t act like he’s Bow Wow or Puffy in this b*tch using ghostwriters

  • Black Shady

    BRAND NEW SHIT; Consequence Ft Beanie Sigel & Game – You Breaking My Heart


  • County of Kings

    he said its gone past kanye and he wont stop his reign of terror until jayz intervenes and has a conversation with cons?????

    this is the definition of delusion. why would jayz speak to u, on your beef wit kanye? jayz wont intervene in his own fickle fraudulent hiphop beef so why would he stop u? dont hold ya breath kid u have a better chance waiting for christs return than u do waiting for jayz to have a convo wit u about another man.

    smh another nigga beefing waiting for attention from jayz, is this nigga really hova 4real?

  • pow pow

    he wants a meeting with Jay…..
    …. good fuggin luck!!

  • smh

    lol at black shady.. breaking my heart.. lol..

  • FTW

    Fuck it. Take it to the wax.

    Might not really want it with The Brothers Thornton tho.

    Cons had some hot shit here and there, can’t say he didn’t.

    I don’t know…. Cons is taking some personal shots.

    Can’t ignore it, that’s the fastest way to get extorted (c)

  • Truth


    Just because you don’t have other names in the credits doesn’t mean that you didn’t have a ghostwriter. It just means no formal contract was used to give you credit for writing. Those are his close friends, he can just throw them some stacks and they could care less about getting actual credit for it. Trust me, Kanye has not written all of his shit. He can write, but he does a lot of co-writing on his records. I know people who were in the studio with GLC and Really Doe and they said this…they just aren’t spiteful about it like Cons. They’re loyal.

  • Dujay

    underrated dude, and i think he’s just continuing this beef to get himself noticed more and hes sayin this stuff to get himself noticed, so he gets more heat. and he deserves more attention but this is a weak way to get it

  • daman

    @Truth Kanye is not Dr. Dre. Only People That Say He has ghostwriters are most likely haters. Do you think somebody ghost wrote family business, hey mama, last call, everything i am, runaway, power, all of his emotional songs? Hella People are in the studio when he does recording, and like he said, “i may bounce ideas but only I can come up with some shit like this” Ppl get credit for co-writing, he has no ghostwriters

  • luckyP

    he did this shit to cudi when cudi joined good music…no one cared
    now he’s trying it again with pusha…i think the fact that people are even giving it the time of day is the reason its still going…out of everyone in the game, he chooses pusha. a man in his former team…cons you lose by default due to the extreme amount of sucker shit your displaying

  • Truth

    @Berklee Thanks for ASSUMING that no one that comments on this site is actually in the industry. I happen to produce. Can I assume your a janitor? No…I don’t know that. Yes that may be accurate for a majority. But don’t assume shit.

  • Sam I Am

    I feel like Berklee is Consequence in disguise lol

  • smh

    yep.. its probably cons.. haha.

  • Converse

    Ahh these niggas are WACK!

    Lil kim and Nicki beef is more gangster then this two soft niggas haha

  • smh

    gangstas get shot nigga..

  • Jaymalls

    @Truth… thats true… but if knaye west always gave you co-writing credits from the jump… even when he didn’t have to… why would he start taking you off now or even before. Kanye a real nigga… most niggas who help with the last sentence of a verse usually get to borrow your car for a day and some beer money. #FACT Cons act like this nigga owes hime something… the only songwriting credits this man has received were on Kanye West tracks… #FACTTTTT and that says alot. That says only Kanye, the man your dissing is checking for you!
    If your defending this emotional tree chomping twat ass nigga with a overbite…. your lossing #FACT

  • Aj

    @Brooklyn, u a bitch nigga. And I just heard part of the interview on WGCI and Consequence said this campaign will continue until Jay z intervenes.

  • “This isn’t going to end until Jay-Z intervenes”

    Yeah. Jay will see Consequence right after his meeting with Lil Mama.

  • I’ma smack this nigga

  • smh.

  • Berklee

    @truth im pretty sure i said most at the top of my comment. And I assume most of u prolly aren’t in the industry based the way the majority tends to comment. I didn’t say i was in the industry either so don’t assume. I merely commented. That’s dope u prod. btw

    @samiam and smh: maybe…. or it could be im just another opinionated person at a computer like u.

    @smh: that’s ignorance, kid

  • Sam I Am

    @berklee lol aite aite. Yes I’m familiar with the industry and have been inside on multiple occasions. This thing with ye and cons are deeply personal, but this isn’t the way to go about it at all. Cons wants spins, respect, and more money but he needs to understand that he will never be at the top. He’s not a jay or a ye or even a pusha T. I respected this man from songs like spaceship and good,bad, and the ugly but he’s squandering what’s left of his small legacy away.

  • KoldCase

    Most talked about

    Never heard of this dude

  • Subaru

    Kanye’s has a team of writers that includes Consequence, Rhymefest, GLC, and Big Sean. You hear a little bit of all 4 in Ye’s music. I’m just curious as to why qence is the only one that seems to be jumping out of pocket…everyne else seems to be content with their roles.

  • mamasgumbo

    lol Consequence commenting on rap radar yall bwahahahaha

  • haq

    LMFAO stfu u dumb-ass niggas smfh.

  • Youngin

    Just because cons, rhymefest and glc wrote for him doesn’t mean that they will get credit. That’s why it’s called a GHOSTwriter, otherwise it would just be a writer. If you believe Ye didn’t use them, then Cudi, then Big Sean and now Pusha and Cyhi for watch the the throne, you’re delirious. Trust me, I know. That’s how he works. Write an album worth of tracks for him, whether or not he uses them, and he’ll put you on.

  • Kunta Kente

    HaHaHa that bitch AJ finally exposed himself and tried to cover it up with Brooklyn. @Brooklyn that bitch AJ mom pussy good aint it everybody on Rap Radar already ran threw that. AJ thinks of men. AJ finished he exposed himself. Don’t ever make anothe comment ever again you fag.

  • Kill

    What nobody seems to be mentioning is the obvious influence that Kanye has had on each of these “ghostwriters'” styles in return. To me, it looks like a bunch of bloggers making up conspiracy theories, when really it’s much more likely that they just bounce ideas off each other. I mean, its a group of musicians that hang out together, what do you expect them to do?

  • get bucks

    Consequence if u was a Blood, ya OG would say Stop It 5!!!

  • get bucks

    Pusha T is waaaaaaayyyyyy better than this dude and I don’t even consider Pusha T a top ten rapper. This nigga Consequence needs to go somewhere w/this bullshit. At least Beans was physically intimidating. Kids today.smh


    who is this guy? ive never heard of him

  • Shade

    Wow you guys are the dumbest fucks ever. Y’all know nothing about music and Consequence is even dumber than y’all. Most talked about in Hip Hop right now? Royce and & Eminem are two of the most talked about right now. Drake & Lil Wayne are two of the most talked about right now. Jay-Z and Kanye are some of the most talked about right now. Wiz, Currensy, Big Sean, J. Cole, Jay Electronica etc. Heck even Soulja Boy are ALL more talked about than Consequence. Nobody knows who you fucking are!

  • kyeezle

    Personally i feel where Cons is coming from ,but if i was him i’ll write a book exposing yeezy and do a media run sort of like how Prodigy did when he came out of jail! Also consequence need to do a press release letting people know that he wrote kanye west songs and specifically mention that thats against hiphop! A rap artist should not have no one write his own shit !!!Kanye is just a new age Diddy! All that jesus walks was rhymefest !but i guess he taking perdium so he cant come out and protest against the so called best rapper? i never heard no one write for Eminem so that’ll always be my favrite rapper next to Big and pac!.Anyways we all know kanye sold his soul to the devil for a happy meal.whats new?
    like obama said “He’s a Jackass!”

  • aka

    tight bars

  • SpeakerOfTruth

    Oh man, this dude shoulda just played off the whole ‘whose checking for Consequence’ thing, he sounds like he’s desperately tryna justify his relevance by name dropping Beyonce -.-

  • omag5

    never clearly answered a question danced around a lot and never came to a full thought. overall idiot. and that diss track, super wack.

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  • chill out…

    I didnt listen to any interviews or diss records, but after listening to movies on demand 1, its clear that consequence has written alot of kanye’s lyrics. Who knows what happened between these two, maybe kanye tried to play him for a hoe and disrespect him. nonetheless say what u may about cons, but movies on demand 1 was good.

  • blind

    pusha t vs pushin teeth(out his mouf)

  • WTF

    This beaver in the face ass nigga is clinically delusional.

    Consequence, listen WACK nigga… You been around since the “Whats The Scenario” video. Do you know what year it is? You were NEVER relevant to rap music in any way shape or form. EVER.

    If you’re a song writer and Kanye ain’t cutting the checks properly get a lawyer in sue for your pub. If you’re looking for attention, you’ll never get that you Crank Yanker helmet head ass nigga. You’re horrible. You smoke crack.

    BEAT IT!

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    Somebody needs to Go Hard on this dude, If i was Ye I would destroy this rapper.

  • Jugular Kill

    The dumbest shit ever. He made a beat using a “sample” (probably already 10 beats already made with the same sample” and Kanye used it to make a beyonce song. Now he thinks he’s a legend….REALLY! Con? get real

  • ^^^ uh no that’s a Pete Rock beat from him and CL Smooth

  • OFWG

    This nigga might aswell get a bald head. he trying his best too keep a brush cut

  • Listen to what I did over the original instrumental of Everybody Told Me


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  • jhuntinf

    Cons it some carrots and stop crying….

  • VEC

    Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! So wack. Dude wake up, and why the offhand reference to QTip. I hate that you were even allowed to crash into ATCQ. Go somewhere.