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  • Grandma With An AK

    I don’t usually like Lex Luger, and I’ve never listened to Killa Kyleon before; I only checked this out for Bun B. But this is fuckin badass!

  • http://audiodaze.org Grandpa Without A Gun

    I agree with Grandma’s comment completely. Lex Luger beats tend to suck. But it works here.

  • cheddar bob

    i can bang this outt the whip

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  • http://chazzfmh.tumblr.com/ Chazz

    http://www.mediafire.com/?1eyc6jc7hqcqit9 < Watch the throne has met its match

  • http://www.freshmusicfm.com Chazz
  • pablo escobar jr

    im bored of lex beats. they all sound the same. no hate. just saying

  • Aaron J
  • tron

    did this nigga just take the hook from Drowning Pool. haha one of the whackest bands ever. what an idiot. only smart move on this is lex and Bun.