Wale: The Making Of Ambition (Part 3)

Third time’s the charm and we’re back in the studio with Wale as he continues to share the creation of his upcoming MMG debut. Preach on brother Folarin. Ambition drops 11.1.11.

Previously: Pt. 1 l Pt. 2

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  • brenda

    i dont know what it is but i just dont like this guy i have tried to hop on his dick like the rest of you but it just aint for me

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  • Choppam

    wale..been growing on me lately…
    Dell giving free laptops because of a defect on 10,000 computers.. http://goo.gl/Mw6W5 next 24 hours only..shit i got 2..lol

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  • supppppppp

    What he’s saying is on-point. But most people will put words in his mouth and twist ’em around.. Ignorance doesn’t deserve to be acknowledged though. All these new cats should strive to do better than the ones who influenced ’em.

  • Black Shady

    I enjoyed his verses on Self Made…..he did a good job

    but to listen to 50mins of Wale nonstop? Im not sure I can do that :/

    oh and how u gon have my nigga Cole outshine u on both ur albums? HA!

    COLE WORLD 9/27

  • MOE


  • Wale Stan

    this nigga is delusional…

  • BounceB

    @Black Shady I admit Cole got Wale on Attention deficit..but every other track dey been on either been pretty equal or i give Wale the upper hand lyrically…but on “Bad Grirls Club” Cole stunk it up idk how u say he stole the shine dere his best line was “kush baby mama less yeah no seeds” dats a ok above average line but Wale def stole the show on dat joint esp. wen he said “dey cant fuck wit ya boy like a BYU Cougar”…so obviosly u jus a Cole stan on dick…and ima big Cole fan by da way jus dont like hate…..

  • Sam I Am

    “dey cant fuck wit ya boy like a BYU Cougar/”

    Thats a hot line to you? SMH

  • BounceB

    i mean if u knew da basis OF THE LINE WHICH IM GUESSING U DONT…Brandon Davies a basketball player with BYU was kicked off the team for having sex last year basically athletes from BYU cant fuck…so yess the basis of the line is actually very witty and somthing i doubt any other artists would think of coming up with…if u dont like it afta my explanation youre jus hating smh….

    im guessing u think “kush babymama less yeah no seeds” is jus 2dope a line huh

  • Sam I Am


    They’re both whack lines! And yes I know the basis of the line, Wale always tries to go for sports metaphors in his rhymes. and just because I don’t like it “afta ya explanation”, im hating, right?

    SMH! sheesh….

  • BounceB

    ok so maybe ure not hating but r u a fan of either Wale or Cole

  • Sam I Am


    Cole: I respect Cole. Sometimes he’s hot, but a lot of times he’s not as well. Pending one or two albums, I’ll have my mind made up on if Cole is the new generation’s Memphis Bleek or not. Let’s see what happens after his album drop and we’ll talk about this again.

    Best of luck to both, but I’m not head over heels with either.

  • Sam I Am


    Wale: I like Wale (at times). He really is a dude on the come-up but whenever he has that momentum, he’ll either drop a wack song/feature or come up with interviews (like this one) where he’s talking too much and shooting himself in the foot. Whether an album is classic or not is up to the audience, not the artist. There are way too many unknown variables in that type of shit for him to make claims like that. He hyped the hell out of Attention Deficit, then started talking trash about it saying it wasn’t his vision and all that jazz. I dont know about you guys, but an artist’s music is supposed to be based on his/her perception. Wale’s perception and his music conflict very often, and im not sure he even knows what he wants to be yet. I have an eye on him to see what happens, but the rest is up to him.

  • Sam I Am

    for some reason, RR isnt letting me post all of my comment, so in short: they both need work.

  • LilWayneWeezyFbaby

    I thought both lines were dope. how was that a whack line? and compared to what?

    Lil wayne says shit like Girl im down like the economy and niggaz ride his meat for that(That was the most unoriginal shit ive ever heard in my Life)

    WaleXJ.COLE r future G.O.A.T i put that on my manz 100 grand


    real nigga salute

  • cool shit

    This nigga wale is dellusional…

  • LilWayneWeezyFbaby

    How is he dellusional? pac said it himself he has people who are great to him, but hes gonna learn from them and outdo them so they cant be great to him no more, Wale has at least shown he has potential so, this sleeping ona nigga shit yall doing is getting tired. no bull shit

  • cool shit

    Delusional thinking the material he’s creating is classiC. I don’t giv a fuck wHat pac quote he’s talkin about. How u makin a classic n u doin all that chit chattin n the studio? RAP NIGGA

  • ay

    wale is my guy. might have the worst twitter handles but i want him to win.

    if he could release an album anywhere near his “nothing” mixtapes, he might have a classic.

  • Earmatic

    IF you haven’t heard Wale’s more about nothing mixtape then your probably not on the up and up about what this man’s about. Honestly people who talk about you shouldn’t rap on this beat or that beat are people destined to be stuck in the past lyrically. Yes Pac was nice and so was Big but their gone and the games evolving. To be honest the Dudes deep and although I didn’t like him signing with Maybach he seems to have more freedom there then he did at interscope. If all you look for are catchy lil wayne lines about being a goblin or a martian then yeah the dudes not for you. By most of your standards a rapper has to be dead or on their way to it to be classic ( or made in the 80’s-90’s). But I consider the “more about nothing” mixtape a classic. And his music is good because it’s good not because he’s talking about the people he’s killed or the amount of weight he’s moving, dude just raps about life something we all can relate to. Their’s honesty in what he’s saying not just a bunch of lines about pussy pussy pussy bottles bottles bottles gang gang gang. Yes their is a struggle in the streets but not everyone one can relate (especially the fake rappers the game creates the struggle for).