50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather On 106 & Park

The champs are here. And earlier today, the Money Team invaded 106 & Park. Floyd spoke on his recent fight, Pacquiao and training. 50 then took the stage to plug Street King, Playground and praised Meek Mill and J.Cole.


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  • YT

    50 kills me. Constantly giving props to the underlings of his rivals as a means of causing dissension. It worked with DipSet (he complimented Jim), it worked with the Roc (Beanie). Solid psychological strategy. Makes that younger cat feel like the boss. Next up? Meek and MMG.

  • Brutally Honest

    Why in the world in Floyd looking like a gay fox hunter, looking like after his interview he’s going to hop on one of their trolly horses in Central Park & go hunt for some foxes ? LLLLOOOOLLLLLL

  • huey p newton is the best

    50 cent is a king lets say he runs the tunnel of NYC underground black world

    jay-z z runs the racist art world and money investment like nba nets

    the games are fixed in sports so loterry mafia bets make more money with looses then games be-in won.
    They win the ones you don’t expect so you loose like lucky luciano did with the world series

    if the commision would do it again they re did it legal that was lucky luciano plan

    I say 50 and jiggaman now have the mafia and freemasonarry from head to toe

    they abused us but now we gonna abuse them cause are fathers told us never again my nigga

    ringolevio 1-2-3

  • awesome

    Wow, Rosci sounds like Mike Wallace – I’m very impressed!

  • reallly

    get the money money team allll day n i like ross no homo

  • OVOandthatXO

    Best post of the day by far! Why haven’t you guys uploaded that new Drake and Weeknd? You guys are behind http://hulkshare.com/q6udminatt0s

  • Me

    It’s not even that serious on the 50 and wale thing.
    Chic ask him who does he like, then mentioned/suggest Wale, while 50 focused on the original question.
    Blowing it out of proportion.

  • ESCO

    Read up on what Jadakiss’ manager said about Meek Mill and 50 on twitter.

    The weekend where Ray J and Loso had their fight, which was just outside the Styles P and Kiss gig, Meek Mill met 50 and walked up to him and shook his hand and Floyds.

    When all is said and done, 50 knows real people. The fact that Meek did that lets 50 know he can act for himself.

  • coolj300

    dead at that great Pause moment by terrence at 3:05

  • Joeycrack

    Yelawolf is the dopest out rightnow…cmon fif big up your label mates bitch..

  • me

    50 is killing them staying relevant without music just imagine he has a hot music out there?? Huh

  • MegaMan

    Curtis is one of my favorite albums of all time, but 50 Cent sucks. GRODT was overrated…

  • Mojo

    50 and Floyd return in a new Lifetime sequel of their hit “Best Friends Forever” in this new gripping tale about hanging out, being interviewed, and smiling for the cameras. Don’t miss this all new gripping tale of Forever Friends in “50 & Floyd: Real Friends Never Die”

    Tonight at 8 ET, 7CT.

    Only…On Lifetime.

  • Instrumental

    Whats name of the song that plays in the beginning? When floyd speaks????

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  • me

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha hatred for 50 cent is reducing daily funny huh.

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  • bigdick105

    the boss

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    FIF & Floyd make dudes insecure for example look at theses chicks (JoeyCrack, MegaMan, YT, Mojo).

  • Converse

    No comeback for this nigga? hahahahaha?!!



    #SK FACT#

  • Word

    The world needs Paqiouao vs MayweatherMayweather

  • GTboy

    The world need a solid 50 Cent Album

  • L4U

    Mayweather vs Pacman Easy work Mayweather 44-0 after rematch

  • lol @ L4U .. 44-0 after rematch .. daaaaaamn !

  • “It’s the Money Team, we all over here! 7 Rolls Royces…..”

  • E Money

    Real talk 50 is the undisputed man of Urban Culture. Despite not having no hit records out he manages to stay relevant to the culture

  • young lucci poppin cucci

    *7 bentleys outside* money team shit… biiiiitch

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  • Teurai

    Anyone know what that jacket was Fiddy was wearing on the show?