Mac Miller Covers Billboard

No major label? No problem. Mac Miller makes his cover debut on this week’s edition of Billboard. Rumble young man, rumble! Blue Slide Park drops November 8th. Cover feature available to read here.

No album out, yet emerging “Donald Trump” rapper Mac Miller’s already racked up quite the teenage cult. Will sold-out live crowds and a million+ Twitter followers (and an overall social push) translate into sales for his indie-label debut LP? Our writer went full-on “Almost Famous” on the road with Mac and his Most Dope crew to find out.

Sidebar: MTV’s First Date With Mac Miller

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  • devante

    I dont blame him why sign to a major when he’s make a fortune being Indie.

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  • Ravens

    most dope

  • truth

    this guy’s such a fuckin nerd, i dnt get it at all….who listens to this shit

  • Ryan

    Nobody buying this shit

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  • Converse

    Hahaha a shitty cover for a shitty c(rapper)?!

  • hes on the cover of billboard without any deal… why are you hating on him?

  • major deal*

  • Mash


  • KoldCase

    Mac dope

  • Joeycrack

    If dude goes gold …it will be crazy..I don’t remember an indie rap artist doing more then 300 000

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  • Sam I Am

    Before album drops: “In your face, Haters! #swag #woowoowoo #bubblegum, doing it indie! Donald Trump, muthafucka!!!!”

    After album drops: “See what had happened was, the numbers are like that because im independent, you know what I mean? I can only do so much……derp”

  • Shfhhgh

    This Dudes Face Is Just So Fucking Annoying

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  • ARE U FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!? Yeah, I believe in the Illuminati now…SOMEBODY has their hand in this shit…

  • datruth

    “The New Music Business” = White faces doing Black and Puerto- Rican music, and getting accepted.
    Don’t fall for the polytricks. Every form of media uses visuals along with words to match their agenda. Rap Radar included. just sayin pay attention folks.


    he makes the same face at every photo.

  • Just got finished listening to the album, and it’s pretty dope. He can be corny at times, but he definitely makes good music overall. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • young lucci poppin cucci


  • Anon DCPL

    ya’ll gullible if you think this dude isn’t being backed by some major.

  • MegaMan

    Ma respect. Mac Miller is better than Eminem. Am I a pop fan? Well, yes, actually, huge. I support intelligent music, I support Mac. He isn’t homophobic and aggressive. He raps about intelligent topics. Stop the hate please!

  • MegaMan

    Ma respect. Mac Miller is better than Eminem. Am I a pop fan? Well, yes, actually, huge. I support intelligent music, I support Mac. He isn’t homophobic and aggressive. He raps about intelligent topics.
    Stop the hate please!

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  • Yup

    @MegaMan you make the most outrageous statements. better than em? yeah if present day mac miller battled a 5yr old marshall mathers, he’d still lose!

  • Cali

    Drake>Mac Miller

    Take Care 11/15/11

  • write

    I remember before wiz and Atlantic deal was announced, wiz was everywhere also but being marketed as an Indie artist, now everybody wanna use the drake and young money gimmick to give the impression their artist whose backed by a major is making moves unsigned, everybody is gonna wanna check for the artist cause he’s Indy moving like major when he’s really major acting like Indy

  • recordpusher

    He has FANS. thats what counts. A lot of ‘major’ label artist out right now have ONE song that is marketed to radio. And normally a corny song at that. People buy the single but not the artist or their album.

    His music is almost non existent on the radio, yet he sells out shows.
    I do mixshow on a giant radio station. Not one label or promoter has ever sent me his music or asked for it to be played.

    The kid as real fans…

  • i just can’t get with this dude. At all. I tried.


  • @tleast

    no disrespect, but he’s a jewish white kid (spit a 8 minute freestyle and did his thing) with support from his peers (music industry full of em) , sound business plan, work ethic, true to the artform, how can he lose? consistency is the mark of success.

    i got nothing against him. his team (same as wiz) is using a similar formula except with a different protege.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Whats the big deal here. Odd Future has the cover of Billboard with like 2 weeks of buzz, no major label yet. Tyler did like 100k with no commercial succes just 1 viral video which got him a VMA. Mac Miller got XXL freshaman cover, his songs on mainstream radio, got 3 or video on TV. Fuck Mac he look like he used to get his ass beat in high school.

  • thebullfrog24

    LOL has anyone even listened to the music??

    Or does everyone just see a corny white kid that didn’t have a whole bunch of struggle so he can’t be a good rapper?

    Go listen to the music, ignore his 16 year old white fan base and make your own choice

  • Funlee

    he’ll do numbers i believe..

    NBA still in lockout so they giving away free jersey’s in hope the fan support jumpstarts the season 24hr only

  • Word

    Mac Miller gonna do numbers though. He has a dedicated fanbase like Cole, Wale, Drake, Wiz, all them niggas. Its just a fanbase thing. If your fanbase big enough and loyal enough, you always gonna do big numbers. I can see Mac at least topping 100k easily.

    @Megaman. Uhh, Mac isnt pop. And your trolling. Hard. And its obvious, I dont know why nobody else can see that. For anyone to think Mac is better than Em, youd HAVE to be a troll. And from your other comments too. Troll hard bro. Troll hard.

  • SmokeYou

    That looks like a horrible photoshop lol

  • CJ

    He’s corny as hell but he tries to keep it hip-hop I give him credit for that. He has a great ear for beats. He’s projected to push 100k of Blue Slide Park first week which is crazy.

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  • Doooood

    ya’ll crazy if you think NO ONE is backing him. He is not so spectacular that he just got here himself… someone boosted him and promoted him… Illuminati???