The Breakfast Club Interviews Trina

[vodpod id=Video.15703091&w=540&h=350&fv=p%3D5296%26c%3D449330%26s%3D1543309%26tbid%3D127428%26allowFullScreen%3Dtrue%26]

Trina broke bread with The Breakfast Club on NY’s Power 105.1. She gave an entertaining interview and spoke on her new artist, love, life, sex, and lots of stuff in between. Charlamagne’s off the hook.

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  • Ambition Didn’t Flop !!

    11 INCHES?
    bwahahahah lmaoooo she could only date NBA PFs and CENTERS like KENYON MARTIN

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  • Black Shady

    Charlemagne = GOAT of interviews LMAO LMAO LMAO he’s the reason why I bother watching interviews of the likes of Trina, Machine Gun Kelly and all these wack artists

    4 minutes in and he’s talking about RAPE? WTF HAHAHAHAHAHA *DYING*

  • Reality Check

    She just hurt all of my feelings :(

  • blv


  • Black Shady

    why did yall delete my first comment? SMH

    and LMAO @ 11inches….mad niggas watching/listening are like wtf with a sad face hahaha

  • Yung Co

    Charlamagne’s a faggot. fuck that bitch

  • Jerzey

    I’m not the biggest fan of her music but she’s mad consistent, she can speak in complete sentences (none of that ‘at da end of da day every 2 min’).
    She’s not downing other females.
    Good interview
    Props Trina.

  • Joe Isuzu

    Magne is crazy but that nigga kept it G and told her “I would lick ya butthole” lmaooooo. Great Interview.

  • yesssir

    who drinks a hot coffee with a straw?

  • Aggie Pride

    So u telling me 9 inches won’t do. Dat shi cra

  • TopBananas

    you gotta figure though, with her a$$ you’re gonna need 2-3 inches just to navigate past the cheeks

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