“The Message” Inducted In Grammy HOF

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five’s “The Message” is one of the 25 recordings that have recently been inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame. This also marks Hip-Hop’s first inductee. President/CEO of The Recording Academy Neil Portnow says:

“The Recording Academy is dedicated to celebrating a wide variety of great music and sound through the decades. We are especially honored to welcome this year’s selection of some of the most influential recordings of the last century. Marked by both cultural and historical significance, these works truly have influenced and inspired audiences for generations, and we are thrilled to induct them into our growing catalog of outstanding recordings.”


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  • First Hip Hop track I ever heard..well deserved.

  • So Icy Boі!

    who is da Message? dem niggas look old as fuck. lmao swag

  • crysis

    So icy you wouldnt understand your still a child. i still have the vinyl LP of this song i got it back in 1981 at the state fair here in detroit when they performed there. i was only ten at that time. this is what rap was about and when it started pretty much along with P-funk and curtis blow. these are the pioneers of hiphop and the true grandfathers. congrats on them getting inducted.

  • So Icy Boі!

    @crysis 1981? really? nigga please! I wuz born in 1992. I dont like dese old ass niggaz like Wu-Tang, The Message, Snoop Dogg, Mobb Deep, DMX etc … dis iz not da 80s lmao. swag

  • Protektah X

    so icy boi is a perfect example of ignorant youngin and his music taste sucks btw.
    this song The Message > whole discography of nowadays wack rappers with no longevity.

  • So Icy Boі!

    @Protektah X Im not ingorant u bitch ass nigguh. swag I fucked yo momma last nite btw. lmao. swag

  • crysis

    @Protektah x agreed… so icy still lives in his mommas basement. born in 92 huh you dont know shit about hip hop nor lived through the golden age and what it was about. you have no clue son.

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  • PrincePolo

    well deserved . probably my favorite track from 80s .

  • What I most love about “The Message” is the beat. No traditional sampling like the other songs of their time. That beat was made by session musicians.

    It was so fresh, that Ice Cube took the INSTRUMENTAL of “The Message”, recorded “Check Yo Self” over it, and put it out as a remix.

    Nice look, Grammy gods.

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