• mac DIESEL fanbase

    Damn that’s….. what is it actually? Not interesting!

  • jerzy

    ^^^ lmao!!

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Arrested the terrorist. Lol

    Well, this what happen when u go Muslim and start talking greasy about the U.S.

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  • Oj Da Cornball

    Nah, but dude wilding. all that holy mecca crap. smh

    Islam is the worst religion anyway, they’re worst hypocrites than Christian.
    Christians are the best way to go, minus Catholics.

    Jesus saves, ask Lupe. Even he sees that as a muslim now. 🙂


    bwahaaaaaaaaaaaaa lmaooooooooooooooo
    shyne, loon, mase, g dep all them niggas went crazy

  • PAP

    LMFAOO! Diddy is the devil in disguise! look at all the people that worked for him: BIG dead, Mase turned pastor, Loon turn muslim, Shyne turned jew…..$5 say in 4 years, Red Cafe converts to Buddhism lol

  • LMAO

    Haha I live in Belgium and i’ll say you they ain’t likin no peeps sportin beards HA



    ill put 20 on it that Red Cafe is a nun by February 2014

  • Ben


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  • Oj Da Cornball

    “ill put 20 on it that Red Cafe is a nun by February 2014 ”


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  • BlackAnastasia

    If its one thing Whites fear,its Muslims,because they know that you are on to they’re game,and you won’t bow down.Dude turns Muslim and they Trump up some charges from 3years ago to Derail him.Coincidence.

  • Collar Cali


    How the hell he up on drug charges? Last I heard this dude was marching in Mecca. He thought he was a praying man b-4… it’s gonna take GOD himself to get him outta a foreign trafficking charge.

  • sangano

    @ black Anastyia … for arguments sake let’s say he did his dirt BEFORE his conversion … all well and good … ok … but why wouldn’t a righteous man face his punishment? He was indicted this year and is trying to enter belgium and get asylum in algeria?? … smh

    “trumped up” or not he was at the very least involved in some heroin biz … are you gonna go to the lengths to say that they just made up those charges all together ???? … doubtful … what a clown

  • Hatin 101

    Dirty ass Muslim. smh

  • Benjamin

    Same story different day… just wait till they’ll frame Napoleon from tha outlawz too… fucken America… worst country ever !!! an its not the country itself that sux, its the dumb BRAINWASHED ppl that live in it… pick up a BOOK for a change!! pce!

  • Blood Gang

    @ oj da cornball ur rite bout catholics they’re horrible people

  • jel

    Why does Islam require you change your name?

    Why can’t you be a muslim but still called Barry Smith?

  • Lmfao @ the comments bout religion…[email protected] that would be a good question for freeway to answer

  • Damn.I hope he doesn’t get a long jail sentence.
    New Loch LiL Wayne and Drake She Will freestyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvjwtcT4RHk

  • QaidaZK

    @Oj Da Cornball
    Shut the Fuck up lil gay nigggggggga

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  • Fuck that shyt

    Been a muslim doesn’t mean been an angel suckazz

  • Fuck obama.

    @jel, you don’t have to change your name but they do it anyways. I know Muslims who are named micheal, john, etc. PLUS people here should respect all religions just because you’re a Muslim doesn’t mean you don’t make mistakes, fucking morons!

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  • BlackAnastasia

    @Sangano:I’m not disputing the fact that he was involved,because common sense would tell me he was.I’m disputing the Timing of it.Do you think him becoming a Muslim have absolutely nothing to do with these charges?You’re the real fucking clown if you believe that.It so happen that’s he’s all of a sudden a Heroin dealer now that he’s a Muslim.How Convenient.If he was headed to Algeria looking for Asylum,he’s a smart man.Algeria just gave Asylum to a Muslim a couple weeks ago whom was wanted by the US for Murder,Robbery,& Plane Hijacking from the 1940’s.And they refused to Extradite him because the Statues had run out.Also,they don’t have a Treaty with the United Snakes Of I’m Scared Of Ya.I’m mean,America.Ha.Ha.So if you do dirt in America move to Algeria,our brothers there will protect you.

  • BlackAnastasia

    Now they’re claiming Loon had a Kilo of Heroin.Do you actually believe Loon had that type of power on the Streets.SMH.

  • Young Nigga

    Niggas better chill dissin Cathlolics

  • sangano

    @BlackAnastyia … good to know that we’re on the same page and that we agree … he’s an ex-drug dealing and present law-evading scum-bag fake Muslim. Good talk.

  • BigBoss

    He reverted to Islam.He was not dealing drugs as a Muslim.It took 3 years to indict him?Wow.He was bringing a lot of people to Islam.Allah akbar for life!!!!!

  • K

    @Oj Da Cornball

    how is Islam hypocritical? The extremists you see on Fox are hypocritical. They don’t represent the billions of people that follow the faith..

    also, Lupe put “Jesus” because he was a friend of the people.
    Jesus is a prophet in Islam, there’s a whole chapter on him in the Quran.

    Ignorant people trying to talk smart. smh.

  • monsignor G.H.O.S.T.

    “I Need a Lawyer Pt. 1”

  • majest

    you idiots dnt know how to read?…reason he left was because of the charges….he fled to a place the us law couldnt get em…he slipped up and they got his ass.

  • RealTalk

    Heroin is what terrorists sell to fund their movement (Afghanistan). Burn him w/ fire if he’s found guilty.

  • PDiddy

  • bdfb4life

    all hall fake ass internet gangstas is weido ass dudes…free my dude loon

  • My Du’as for you akhi,may Allah permits your release as soon as possible and continue inspiring this Ummah with your lectures and breath taking journey to this beautiful deen…..barakallah feek! and as of this cock suckers on ya back…well they know what goes down for all those that diss Brothers….Game 2 is just about to be launched!

  • Black

    LOad of shit, You know the illuminati dont want any succer to escape, so they make up shit and get a young black brother arrested even when he out of the game, they did the same thing with T,i He started dressing like a Business man and then they chuck some gun charges on him, people need to wake up man. U dont believe everything the media or the police say. Youa ll living in a fuckin fairy tale

  • lola

    It is very sad that Loon was caught,however,if he really committed the crime,he must be brought to book.The truth is that if he is really a commited muslim,the prison experience will further increase his faith God willingly.I pray that God grants Loon success in this life and the hereafter..For all my brothers and sisters that have been saying negative things about Islam,It is not really your fault.Your hatred of Islam stems from the bombardments you get daily from the media.
    My advice for you is to learn about Islam from the original sources(QURAN and HADEETH(original sayings of the Prophet(peace be upon him))
    That is where you will get the truth and not from the media.

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  • ray_b