• sst

    this is probably the 5th or 6th seperate article ive read about this in the past 2 years. maybe he is actually stealing. i know people hate obviously, but this clearly wont go away. there has to be something going on in his charity, u can never really know with greed and debt.

  • nujerz

    Considering NYPost is owned by Fox News I question the source of such article…

  • ???

    Yeah of course attack Clef and yet not a dime from all that Red Cross donation money has been seen in Haiti trust I know for a fact and yet no one says isht about that? GTFOH so u’r telling me that since the 90’s Clef has been reppin Haiti and set up an NGO in preparation for this disaster 16 years later to steal money smh whatever as usual trust the “media”

  • Ben

    Give that money back wyclef. Exactly why I don’t donate shit.

  • TheChosenOne

    The only reason they’re condemning Wyclef is because they don’t want people to send money to his organization so they can have complete control of the funds to fill their own wallets with. Stop being sheep and think for yourself. The media is a tool that is used to blind and mislead the masses from what is really going on. Wake up people.

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    clef is officially set for life after that earthquake

  • king g

    all charities are scams… oldest hustle in the book

  • JustMyOpinion

    We don’t believe you, you need more people.

    @ ???
    Good point, but remember ‘Clef was suppose to have been helping Haiti out BEFORE the earthquake hit. It’s when it hit, the spotlight came like “hold up, if you been helping why are people so worse off.”

  • Clos1881

    @Ben you don’t donate because your a cheap motherfucker. I donated to yele and like me brother told me once you give after that it’s between them and god.

  • @Clos1881

    It’s good to donate however you can. But it’s much better to NOT be lazy, and actually donating to a specific cause in Haiti that you want to support, instead of willingly gambling the money by sending a check to one of these corporate charities.

  • NoNotToday

    The fact that he states that he gave what he legally was obligated to is a red flag. AUDIT AUDIT AUDIT!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Donate money but do your homework on who or what your giving to. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

  • BlackAnastasia

    It doesnt take a whole Novel to Proclaim your Innocence.It’s either you did it or you didnt.This Topic of him stealing just won’t go away,so I would say this Ashy Bum us Guilty.

  • The sad thing about this is you guys are believing a news paper that is ran by the Right Wing of the Republican party. And they wanted to do was put doubt in your heads. “Mission Accomplished”

    Its sad that you guys rather believe outsiders before you believe your own people. Like these same people didnt rape, lie, cheat, steal, and murder for thousands of years.

    If they actually had proof of this, they would of put all their cards on the table by now. They are slandering his name and all you guys are doing is making it worst.

    Its sad that our people have bust their asses to put us in a solid position in this country, even died for us, and in less than 40 years we have become worst than they were in the 60’s.

    Sad Fuckin Days Man… Sad Fuckin Days…

  • ColoradoKnight

    I agree w/ “NoNotToday”

  • sealey

    why hasn’t the NY Post investigated the other non profits…SMH. Just asking for fairness in reporting

  • The Prophet

    lmao at this being a conspiracy. As it was mentioned in another post, Yele Haiti has been investigated multiple times since the earthquake due to money missing, money being improperly spent and couldn’t be accurately verified on tax records.

    This was the initial Smoking Gun post that contributed to Wyclef resigning as head from Yele in August 10. Why resign if you aren’t guilty?


  • easternparkway

    zero respect for Wyclef.

    Are the plenty of other charities out there that are running similar cons? Unfortunately, yes. Many of them run by celebrities too.

    But Clef is the one that got caught, partially because he brought so much attention to himself. When you’re bringing in a few hundred thousand a year and sliding it back to your people, that’s one thing. You can get away with that.

    When you’re bringing in 16 mill, it’s a whole different ballgame. Forget about the moral implications, what he did was plain stupid. lazy. he knew that people were going to be checking up on him after the initial controversy, and yet he’s still funneling money to companies fronted by his brother in law. common’ clef….

    The Post definitely isn’t above slander/lies, but sorry to say this one rings true to me…..

  • mac DIESEL fanbase
  • WAIT wait wait.. where di dhe address the rumours that he kept a lot of the money raised for yele haiti exactly?? he didnt once adress if the money had been all giiven to haiti or not

  • Kemosabi

    Easternpkwy aint ever lied

  • youngspoiler

    really?! so Wyclef doesn’t have enough money already with all the solo albums, fugees’ royalty and everything else? so y’all really think he stole those milllions? so if it were true, why wouldn’t the governement get involved because last I remember, the gov’t doesn’t like competition when it comes to stealing money and he would’ve been locked up a long time ago…second of all, why did he resign: c’mon now, clef is obviously the image behind the fundation he raised (years before the earthquake!) and is obviously NOT full-time at it, so he delegates; problem with delegation is that you’ll never know who has a taste for the finer things in life or owes money to the wrong people so that money can be redirected to god knows what while clef is doing a back-flip somewhere in the world; I mean, are we all that na