Al Lindstrom’s 2011 Most Improved

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We already got their choice for Rookie Of The Year. And today, Combat Jack, Jayson Rodriguez, Jeff Sledge, Joe La Puma, and  Brian give us their choice for this year’s most improved MC. What do you think?

al lindstrom

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  • Keith

    Interesting discussion. I wish they had talked more about lyrical improvements though. Like, 2 Chainz used to be “mehh,” but then he really shined in the BET Cypher even next to Busta and Luda. Also, I know it might sound strange, but, if we’re talking about lyrical improvements, I think Bow Wow should be in the discussion. He doesn’t really have much buzz right now, but the stuff he’s been dropping of late has been on point. I’ve never been a huge fan, but then he came out with that “Drinkin Too Much” joint. Also, how could you not mention Big Sean?

  • Erik

    This is a joke. Wale’s next album will flop and MMG will be dead in 2 years (look at G-Unit).
    These dudes are out of touch. Shout out to B.Dot.

  • I agree and disagree with this. From the points you guys are making yes Wale is most improved but that’s only because from a business stand point and people in power like radio and you guys was he looked down upon in the first place. True hip hop fans with an ear for music heard substance and good music in Attention Deficit and More About Nothing which was all released prior to MMG. It was a lack of promotion, a forced single and no home town love from people who seem to love him now (Thanks Rick Ross) to why he was seen as over with as Al Lindstrom said numerous times. Wale has always made dope music and will continue to. It’s all about the look these days. Since you failed to mention him as a potential Rookie of The Year what about Kendrick Lamar as most improved. No one was showing real interest or love for K. Dot until Section 80 now look at his movement. The top artist in the West are now crowning him King of the West. I would love to have my 2 cents in that room.

  • I have to agree with Eric. This is what kills me about hip hop ‘fans’. Dude does a song with Lady Gaga and he’s a joke? That’s ridiculous. The only thing Wale has now with MMG is more marketing muscle and more palatable singles. Truth be told, I actually like Attention Deficit more. I feel he had a better range of subject matter and beats. Lyrically, he’s about the same.

    I actually like Bow Wow as a choice for most improved. I’m still not a fan, but he stepped up his game lyrically this year.

  • belly

    Be clear wale wasnt dead in the water last year, yall forget “No Hands”. he killt that joint

  • Collin

    I really am going to have to agree with B. Dot on this one. Wale had an amazing come back year but B. Dot is right. It’s not like people just weren’t checking for 2 Chainz… they forgot he existed. Wale still had fans, however small that number may have been. More About Nothing still was relatively well received. He still was popular with a lot of the college kids. 2 Chainz/Tity Boi was essentially born this year.

  • Collin

    Shit Belly is right. Totally forgot about “No Hands”. That song was huge.

  • SjjR

    If they’re talking most improved due to the sales aspect then Wale’s an alright choice, but if we’re talking musically then Wale’s regressed in my opinion ‘cus Attention Deficit was a good solid debut. Whereas his latest album (can’t even remember the name of it) just shouted to me “I’VE SOLD OUT”.
    And I still can’t believe no one’s touched on Kendrick on this video or more importantly the previous video with rookie of the year, ‘cus Section .80 was solid from start to finish!

    Safe to say, none of these guys have an actual hip-hop taste. Just mainstream fiends.


  • Word

    I understand 2Chainz went from a nobody to people actually talking about him now, but a dude going from unknown garbage to more well known garbage isnt most improved to me. I hear this guy and lyrically, he’s terrible. He’s WAAY more popular thanks to the name change but then, what do we define as improving? Wale has always been the same lyrically, but he VASTLY improved his record sales. 2Chainz improved his movement, although hes still a terrible MC.

    Believe it or not, Drake improved a lot. I swear his first album was average at best but this album he put out was amazing, despite the RnB joints. His more rugged tracks like Undergroud Kings and Lord Knows still shits on most ppls tracks.

    Meek, yeah he has buzz now but again, what is improvement? All in all, Wale is most improved. Like one dude said, to jump from 5pts a game to 25pts a game is a HUGE improvement. Dude went from Lady Gaga tracks and 20k first week sales to 160k first week sales and several hits. Local and nationwide. Lyrically, he was always there but I feel like his lyrics resonate with fans more now. Wale most improved hands down.

  • Word


    Sell out in what sense? He had GAGA on his first album. Theres no greater selling out than putting her on your album. And I wouldnt say K.Dot is most improved until he reaches more ppl but Buried Alive on Take Care is a good first step.

  • phraynkhp

    last year wale was killin shit yall fuckin trippin he just now seein success from last year i only bought his album because of “more about nothing” which is his best piece of work so i wouldnt say hes most improved i gotta go wit 2 chainz no none gave a fuck bout him last year

  • phraynkhp

    casey veggies, kendrick lamar, danny brown

  • DubC

    Wale > 2Chainz

    just bc 2Chainz blew up this year doesnt mean hes most improved, lyrically he cant hang with Wale, and i cant say i liked all of Ambition but Wale is finally on DC radio stations on a regular basis, and is actually being embraced as DCs own. 2Chainz may have been a lot of projects but so has French Montana. I think this whole 2Chainz features is another hip hop fad, he will slowly fade away and Wale i think hasnt even hit his speak.

  • DubC

    i think Word ^^^ said it best tho

  • KAT

    I would have to agree with some of the previous comments, if we are speaking on who is most improved lyrically, you would have to say no-doubt Bow Wow. He has always has talent and possibly slept-on because of the female-based fan base and his initial target demographic, however, he was improving before he signed to Cash Money see his mixtapes. Wale had No Hands and to be honest, I felt he had the best verse on that track, he continuously has had a fan-base so this most-improved clearly is not based on body of work but sales period.

  • Your Life Is a Lie

    2 Chainz should be given the ‘Risen From The Grave’ award instead of ‘Most Improved’ award with Busta coming in 2nd place

  • M.T

    One of the reasons why Wale sold way more than his first album is because he got signed to MMG and started releasing more radio friendly songs. Lyrically he digressed. Attention Deficit was better than Ambition lyrically but didnt have enough promotion even with Chillin which was wack. But from a sales standpoint yea he improved. 2 chainz shouldnt be mentioned and not because hes wack but just because going from an unknown wack mc to a known wack mc doesnt mean u improved. He didnt even release an album so i dont see what u have to base his improvement on. Out of pusha T, 2 chainz and wale, Wale is the best choice.

  • Crewz Controll

    Cole World
    Gold Album + Gold Single + Grammy Nominee

  • I have to co-sign. I don’t get the 2 Chainz love either. Getting rid of the name Tity Boi was just putting make up on a pig.

  • KAT

    @Crewz Controll: Cole shouldn’t be most improved but Rookie of the year if he isn’t. IMO Most improved should mean lyrical growth and none of the guys presented fit that! Most improved Sales would go to Wale. MVP Rookie should go to Cole business wise, on big tours, record sales, grammy nominations.

  • Ya’ll niggas sleep on Lil B. Dude went from a Soulja Boy cosign in 2010 to selling out shows in new places in 2011. Wale… meh.

  • !!!!!

    ^True, but Lil B is over already. Plus, no matter how you slice it, 1k is pretty hard to put up against 160k.

  • ^ Well yeah if we’re looking at just sales. Billboard/Soundscan seem to dictate everything, so yeah Lil B’s not in the topic. I still say Lil B is that dude. He better win one of these bullshit awards.

  • … and when I say bullshit I don’t mean any disrespect. I just mean that it’s bullshit that nobody even nominates Lil B for anything. Dudes a force and mofos act like he’s not on the Radar and every other blog that matters.

  • Kieran

    Wow, is this a Real Rap Radar post with Smart People with Smart Comments!?!??!? Wow I’m impressed!

  • SjjR


    Your opinion’s your opinion but you’ve got to be a fool if you’re genuinely goin’ to argue that ONE commercial song is better in comparison to FIFTEEN. And yeah, Chillin’ was baaaaaad (‘n i don’t mean that in the slang sense either) but a new artist is goin’ to need a lead single with a Pop-esque hook with todays industry.

    It sounds like i’m hatin’ on Wale, i’m not, dude’s got good word play but I just didn’t enjoy his latest album.

    Don’t even try to argue that Kendrick doesn’t deserve some form of props, even a nomination for either award would’ve been something. But he’s been shunned when he would easily destroy any of your favourite rappers lyrically and with his flow, excluding Eminem or Nas of course. Dude’s a fuckin’ monster with his lyrics, and the irony with Drake’s latest album was Buried Alive was the best track on the album.