• Hardest track of 2012.

  • baous


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  • Mook

    it’s too early to call G-Cass but yeah it’s gonna down as top 5 hardest most def

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  • So Icy B?i!

    Rozay is like da 3rd best rappa alive. he ethered 50 Cunt. Rozay! please ether Feminem & Nas too. I hate dose old niggas cuz they r wack. swag

  • ^^^^^^ This nigga fell and bumped his fucking head he really just said eminem and nas are wack hahaha

  • that subject line is mad blasphemous though

  • I love dis song….they say im getting money…must be illuminatti…..

  • its crack me up to see how whack this nigga is and how whack that makes this post. Quite possibly the gayest shit ive ever heard. i came here specifically to hate on the fat nigga cause i think hes trash

  • Jamel

    will the real rick ross please stand up

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    His mamma call him William and imma call him William. He telling more tall tales i see. The J.K.Rowling of rap.

  • mac10

    ROFLLLL the crowd is dead

  • jay

    dammm Mel Man diss rick ross and southern rap https://twitter.com/#!/Mel_Man_Melvin
    HeTweets “Southern rap have the king’s place” “they make money Enjoy my brothers get ready we get #Detox #Aftermath”

  • RealHipHopBack

    Such a disrespectful song lmfao

  • RNS

    Funny how Nas killed Ross on his own song

  • RNS

    But real talk I don’t see how you guys think Rich Forever is better than TM103. I’m a Ross fan but you guys dick ride a little too much.

  • ron

    all his songs sound the same… same beat…same flow….style or whatever…. and its garbage

  • ron

    lmao desperate ass nigga is performing a song off a mixtape… nigga dyin to get a hit off a mixtape. just release your planned single from your new album….. oh wait they flopped so hard bahahaha

  • ron

    this fat nigga done got so bold…. see how god humbles his add with them seizures… keep on fat boy

  • ron

    everybody using the “illuminati” promotion ahahahah fuckin fraud

  • In Your Fucking Face

    This Song Is Already One Of The Years Best… HE Knocking At The Door Don’t Let The Devil Innnn!

  • the void

    still not better than yo gotti version.

  • wow

    Best Rapper RIght Now Hands Down CO or Not… RICH FOREVER> RAP RADARS Top Albums of 2011 list in is entirety


    hahahah this is so funny… beacuse YOUNG JEEZY’S producer… LIL Lody made the beat holly ghost….
    and on the tracklist every feature / PRODUCER name was on there… but not LIL LODY lol….. and ppl say that is the street that makes the beef official and bigger lol…..