Drake Breaks Rap Number Ones Record

Back in October, Drake tied Diddy with the most #1 singles on the Billboard Rap Songs chart. Now with “Make Me Proud” landing at #1 last week, Mr. Graham has surpassed Puff with 11 #1s.

Drake – Best I Ever Had
Forever (Eminem, Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Drake)
Say Something (Timbaland Feat. Drake)
Drake – Over
Drake – Fancy (Feat. T.I. & Swizz Beatz)
Right Above It (Lil Wayne Feat. Drake)
Aston Martin Music (Rick Ross Feat. Chrisette Michele & Drake)
Moment 4 Life (Nicki Minaj Feat. Drake)
I’m On One (DJ Khaled Feat. Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne)
Drake – Headlines
Drake – Make Me Proud (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

hhs1987 x Team Drizzy

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    okkk so what???

  • up

    The Motto is next

    and Take Care next to The Motto

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Drake I love your music bro, youve changed the game and its a beautiful thing. Please dont stop doing your thing. Its a blessing to see.


    and he’s still a soft dude who could get knocked out with 1 punch

    soft bitch ass pop star, makin hip hop look bad

  • gus

    congrats aubrey. should be 12 and 13 soon with the motto and take care with rihanna

  • teamdrizzy

    @stinkmeaner you would trade your life to have his hater drizzy don’t ever change keep doing you


    nope, i am not desperate for money or fame. those are shallow things that people like drake will whore themselves out for. i’m way above that petty shit, i already got what i want out of life. but thanks for trying.

  • Loaded

    Damn where Common at? Beef is over an now nobody talking about your ass. Still playing a slave on Hell On Wheels? bwawawawawa. now thats sweet!v Drake is here to stay young ones. Legendary


  • NoSoup4Yu

    wow… And he only been around for like 3-4 years

  • Black Shady

    congrats to homie

  • Reg

    I am surprised this record is so low… only 11 songs…


    congrats, hes only 2 albums in

  • FIC

    the fact diddy held the record prior to drake just proves how irrelevant this is. you NEVER heard ppl using diddy holding this record as some proof he’s a great rapper. popularity == quality.

  • M.T

    Congrats to Drake.

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  • Man

    You guys are just some haters…if jay z would be the one breaking this record you guys would be all over his sack

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  • Geez

    Wow. 2 Albums in about 2-3 years in the game to Diddy’s 10+. Dope shit. Fuck them haters.

  • Jungle

    Take Care the single will take him to 2 milli

  • http://www.twitter.com/eastpointvet dagooch

    get some bill russell rings with albums and we got something to talk about. the reason its easier for a newer artist to get it now is because they changed the criteria for getting songs charted. back in the day it was mostly radio play. now itunes singles factored into the charting and people buy singles more than albums now so if you got a hot single and people buy it it doesnt necessarily have to be a radio hit these days. not saying its nothing at all but it was harder for diddy to get most of them number 1 singles due to the way they used to chart singles

  • http://www.artstrueform.com ArtsTrueForm

  • zezzoi

    dagooch, the fuck u talmbout?

    All of them singles are or have been ALL over radio. Don’t act like it’s just itunes sales.

  • Collar Cali

    Co-sign @Gus & @up !!!!

  • Donn

    If it was Jay, Eminem or anybody else, there would be no hate but because it’s Drake niggas wanna hate smh.

    Just give the nigga his props damn

  • ROC585

    All those 1′s and dude still has yet to drop a classic album, drake is a hook slut nothing more.

  • Jordan

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    STINKMEANER u bummy mudasucka…keep fronting like u wudnt trade ur crappy life for some of drizzys shine lol. frontn ass nucca. keep hating

  • TheTruthIs…

    That’s pretty sweet ain’t it Common? What Common should have done was have some control over his woman and his mouth…Made a track with Drake and maybe one day he could have a couple #1s before his career is over…Nope…Common’s motto should have been shut the fuck up…

  • LoL

    @STINKMEANOR and who the fuck are you?? Another nobody. Haha.

  • ColeTHEroc

    I’m so proud of drizzly lol shidd

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  • Maria

    Drake is my idol, best rap artist ever!. Changed the game , changed my life changed the world! Nah im not crazy, i dont think to highly of drake maybe u just dont think highly enough but guess wat drake dont care hes makin million just from being his own amazing talented self, how cool is that?! Thats wat i call livin the life! YOLO<33

  • What y’all sayin

    Drake is on a winning streak right now

  • CecilRhodez

    All these dudes saying fuck Drake, yall are far more stupid than ignorant at this point, annoying seeing gumpy ass niggas misspelling words out of anger/foolishness on every site around. I’m no dick rider and I support beef between rappers but yall gotta give it up to him for bring where hes at. So congrats ole thick brow ass, he’s working and I’m not a fan of Lux Rap, I think its senseless but to see the dude from Room From Improvement blow up, man thats something.

  • Jaymalls

    Congrats Drake…. BUT it’s way easier 2 get a #1 single now-a-days!!! It’s a single-driven industry word 2 FloRida an Pitbull! And we have artist artist like Soulja Boy who he helped change how record labels sign artist and put out music!!!

    It was way harder 2 get a #1 back in the day compared to now… Still congrats my young sweet & low, Canadian, body catching nigga!!!!

  • sumit

    i remember when 50 had this record…salute to drake for taking it

  • Jim

    LOL @ ppl trying to clown Common because Drake sold a bunch of crappy pop songs. I’ll take substance over crappy pop songs like “Make Me Proud” any damn day.

    PDiddy was the last person to hold that record so that should really tell you something. Both SUCK and have done nothing for hip hop.

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  • Mr.Alfred

    im not a fan of drake but i gotta give it to him. He stays true doesnt talk about dealing drugs or whatnot. The dude makes songs for the radio and does it well give him props. I mean the shit he puts out is way better then the shit we heard on the radio a couple years back when hiphop was in its slumps .. talkin o5 n o6

  • Converse

    drake is a hook slut?



    O yeah fuck soft ass Canada? what a big joke they are

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  • Anon DCPL

    “the fact diddy held the record prior to drake just proves how irrelevant this is. you NEVER heard ppl using diddy holding this record as some proof he’s a great rapper. popularity == quality.”


    Let me get out of this post before Drake male groupies start attacking.

  • Guess What

    His prize from Baby & Wayne. Anal pounding. Haha Aubrey is still a gay soft pop rapper.

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  • Money33

    @Anon DCPL is that you ZoomZoomDad hating? i mean working your 9 to 5 job…. lol

  • Gary

    Not trying to hate, but this probably has more to do with the internetz increasing access to music. Back in the day you basically couldn’t hear non-singles unless you bought the album. Nowadays the public instantly figures out what is the jam. Everytime I check out an album, I go to itunes to see what non-single is blowing up.

    Shit, back in the 90′s and 80′s you’d have a song stay #1 on the charts for MONTHS. Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” was basically the number one song on the charts for the entire Clinton administration.

    Eleven #1′s is still an amazing accomplishment though.

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  • Cmon Son

    8 of 11 are big time features, best i ever had was #1 basically cause the remix, but the spin count goes to the original, wayne takes the credit on 3 ,ross 2, nicki 2,

    5 0f them are his album track but the better ones are the ones with features, headlines was wack til t.i. & jeezy killed it.

  • Jason

    Why Rap? He makes Rap?

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  • Flash

    eleven #1′s in US… good for him… but here in Europe nobody give a fuck…

  • Mru

    Uhhhh so are we going to act like all those songs are his? Only 6 songs are his. Open your eyes. That’s just like wayne for being on so many charted songs…. FEATURES

  • kayandgee

    another record wow, not really a fan but respect

  • http://dssence.net D. Scott

    Yea, and probably more to come.

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  • Mru

    So all those songs are Drake’s? Nope only 6

  • j/y h/h

    I don’t begrudge Drake his success, and I’m not complaining about the type of music he makes. But these days in terms of the music industry and peoples attention spans, it’s no surprise that he can have so many number 1′s.
    I do have a problem with him when now all of sudden he’s trying to come off like he’s some kind of straight up G. Dude ain’t built like that. It’s easy to talk tough when you can hire goons. He always talking about how his crew will do something, or his crew will “catch a body.” He needs to stay in his lane and stop pretending.
    Also, I find it interesting that people try to clown Common for playing a slave on TV. It’s not like he’s playing a gay dude or something. He’s playing something that is a part of all black people’s heritage. And, it’s not like he’s on there going “yes massah, I be good slave, please don’t whip me massah.” Dude is militant, busting guns and fighting the system. Kind of in line with his rhymes.

  • j/y h/h

    On another note, in that picture Diddy looks like he’s trying to sweet talk Drake into letting him get the draws. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • dmc

    haha only 2 of those songs don’t have features

  • Awesome

    5 of them aren’t his songs and some of the aren’t even rap. Pop/ R&B at best

  • colin


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  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Ha niggas mad at Drake. Drizzy sitting on The Throne.

  • The Mak

    Funny this, because he isn’t a rapper.

  • screppin864

    Damn diddy held that record wtf and not drake got it shocking but big ups drizzy just shows how much of a popularity contest it is and good music not saying drake makes bad music but he shouldn’t hold that record

  • yogottinotboi

    Congrats to him but half these songs he’s featured on and if that’s the case he’s not #1 just saying

  • MHarstad

    Its a popularity contest and right now the bitches love this guy..he’s still sweet..Common >>>>Hoe Ass Nigga

  • Cmon Son

    its simple only teenage girls call and request music on radio and this is what they like, soft bubble gum shit. nobody who listens to rap listens to drake except canadians, and well look at their last big artist from Canada, I got to think all the way back to Snow Informer – or Jim Carrey parody on in living color ended his career, i dont think we will be having to deal with this guy much longer. He will get tired of being number to Lil wayne try to separate himself from them then re-invent his image and fail miserably . 2 more years or less and we can forget this dude just like T-pain and any other guy who is collab hook singing slut.

    I will take Quality over Quantity in every scenario including this one, 8 of 11 tracks have features from big time artists, Em,Wayne, Jay,Ross,Timbo, if you cant make hits with these guys you need to quit

  • Supreme12oz

    And Your Point Is.?

  • baltimoreNconcords

    respect rescpt…. HATERS NEED TO LEARN NO FUCKING IDEA TO HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST WINNING ALL THE TIME……….. DAMN I WISH I WAS IN DRAKE SHOES RIGHT NOW would laugh att yall broke asses

  • jesus

    haha drake is wack .. common is a legandary rapper .. drake sings lmao fuck ymcmb wackness

  • am


  • Tyler

    @JADA JADA…..More that u can say bitch….quit hating bruh…even if u dont like his music thats a great accomplishment…congrats drizzy!

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  • C.Jones

    Should the songs that he was FEATURED on even count?

  • Alleyez

    Haters gonna hate, keep doing it big. Yolo

  • Rakym Guzman

    @FIC I think it proves how hard this is for a rapper.

  • DJ Scream (MMG)

    Rick Ross’s new artist repping haiti is replacing Pill on MMG http://bit.ly/ytKkDW

  • Genesis

    Well deserved! Keep them coming Drizzy !!!!

  • NayneKidd


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    Drakes sound and the cash money Rick Ross mmg groups connect to the younger generation which says a lot when most of the younger generation ditch school are drug attics and chase ass and money for peer popularity.


    Music of substance and mind elevation is done. Dumb down music is fine to maintain a balance but we’re swamped with it….let’s pray J Cole and Kendrick and Lupe can keep the authenticity of the hip hop culture alive to save the few who understand.