• Carlos The Hip Hop Historian

    I guess him not giving a fuck makes him cool ? He sounds like an idiot. What a shame that Rap Radar supports this negativity. The truth is that if gibbs really did the things that he raps about hewould be in jail feeling sad and alone. He should be encouraging people to be positive and do something productive. Instead he brags about smoking marijuana and Rap Radar promotes this. You don’t see white celebrities bragging about doing drugs even though many of them do. I feel sorry for little black kids and wiggers that look up to this fool.

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  • @carlos the hip hop historian Part of hip hop has always been the streets.He wasn’t doing anything over the top crazy in this interview.Gibbs is a dope street MC.IDK what made him take weed on a plane.LOL that could be a movie.Weed on a plane.
    Redman and Loch on that loud pack.Collab coming soon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zQpkq3fH_s

  • DJ A-OH



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