This Is How We DEW: Anthem

For Mountain Dew’s new ad campaign, the soft drink maker commissioned Lil Wayne and Mac Miller. The spot also features Jason Aldean, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Paul Rodriguez Jr., Theotis Beasley and Danny Davis. Game would’ve been a natural fit.


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  • kriz

    rumor is Lil Wayne is trying to sign Mac

  • Thoughts…

    It’s still soda tho…or maybe at 24 i’m too old mentally to be ok with this haha

  • Coop

    Sean White too.

  • YunG based god

    Mac is already signed to rostrum u idiot

  • waloo

    Wooooow. Hes calling someone an idiot and doesnt evwn know how the game works. The irony. ^ ^ ^

  • ls

    yea hes a fuckin idiot

  • kriz

    many artist leave indie labels for majors usually the indie label would receive a percentage of the artist major label release this happens all the time idiot

  • ATG

    Funny how people online are so fucking quick to name call lol with that said, YunG is a fucking dumbass!! Haha

  • Punkbusten

    Mac isn’t even worth it. Rich kid trying to be hard.

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  • Musikal

    Has anyone notice the wrong date on the post?

  • Brutally Honest

    @Musikal I did

  • Evil

    old news

  • B

    @YunG Based god

    ppl leave labels to join other labels all the time. wiz was signed to rostrum, then left and to pursue other opportunities. YMCMB is wayyyy more popular than rostrum, and there are wayyy more opportunities for him with Wayne. Its all about the money money money. apparently you wouldnt know, probably cuz you aint got none. Fuckin idiot. Epic fail trolling. ahahahahaha

  • B


    Dude you a fucking clown. Dude wasnt rich, started rapping and gaining rep in Pittsburgh because he spits flames. Went to the same high school Wiz did, graduated 4 years after him. I went to a show to see dude opening for Currenc$y in Pittsburgh and had no idea who he was. No one there knew who Curren$y was, they were there for Mac. When I left I knew too. Dude put on. That was over 3 years ago, since dude has had a #1 album. Stop hating. Also there was this bad bitch that came right up to me n my friends n was like “you dont know who mac miller is? what? I fucked mac miller!” Shit was random but funny as hell. I could tell at that moment that people in that area really fucked with dude, and thats what up. Congrats bra