• grim genius

    a hot boys reunion would be crazy, but all 4 members are in different lanes so i doubt it if it would happen

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This was a good interview with Juve. This dude was the face of CASH MONEY at time. Lmao@Charlamagne Tha God asking Juve about Wayne & Birdman’s kissing.


    charlamagne always has wayne’s name in his mouth

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Juve getting grey, respect him for not trying to hide it unlike Birdman.

  • Just Me

    Ye that was a good interview i’ve always liked Juvenile

  • http://www.tagged.com/pienman pienman10

    damn, indeed… wow! its was a str8 interview

  • merry

    thats why wayne/drake/jay-z/kanye are never gonna show up at that radio show.
    Charlamange is hurting his own show

  • 7z5Say&what!

    Lil Wayne is too big of an artist at this point, i know Juve be like “damn maybe i should have just stayed on the grind with CMR”.

  • brollya

    damn good interview but back in da day, we thought these niggaz was god gift to earth and was out chea everyday wit each other gettin it in….. niggaz did dey own thing after the music…… especially wen u seen baller blockin, u a think they was around each other lik they was brothers….

  • the great zeee

    dont artist know that they arent suppose to chew gum during an interview. smh

  • The Truth

    wayne aint even weezy anymore, he’s tunechi, and he fucking sucks, would be a shame if they collab’d

  • http://www.bit.ly/sundayhh Sunday Hip Hop Times

    Great Interview by my guys, always entertaining and thought provoking as well