• Barry Horowitz

    Action Bronson has been a breath of fresh air in this industry of “monkey see, monkey do….follow the next man” artists……all his mixtapes stay in rotation in whip,
    Glad someone from the east coast isnt making the same music as the south….like everyone else is…..the south already makes it, thats their sound, let them have it….come with some originality n something NEW like Bronson is doing! (Im not saying its new in the sense of never been done before but in the sense of its something thats NOT being done as of NOW)
    Action has his own style and its FRESH….pick up his mixtape n listen for yaself…the kid got FLOW AND LYRICS….and above all he’d MAD DOPE!

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  • Scrilla


  • koO

    can’t feel my face

  • been on son since i heard his mixtape…. blue chips

  • ^

    congrats… you’re a year late

  • Bronson nice but Ghostface fathered his style. All he raps about is food and old school WWF wrestlers.