• damadalpha

    Dang…dude is smacked. They should not have let him on the radio. Not a good look….at ALL.

  • gammaboi

    Hahaha. This nigga has to be drunk.

  • young hov

    Sig is thowed as hell lmaoo

  • Commenting Carl

    Jay-Z needs to throw B. Sig a bone and help him out…. I hope he gets his mind right after jail… Wait I said that after his last time in jail too… hopefully this is the last time…. He’s at the radio station blew out his mind… I guess that’s easing his pain while he’s awaiting jail.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I knew something was wrong with BEANS when he was giving short answers at the start of the video. Lyrically dude is a beast. Kinda sad how his life went. To me Beans best album is “The Reason”.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Commenting Carl. Jay isn’t going to help Beans. Beanie Sigel made alot of $$$ he made and alot of bad choices as well. Beans was the poster child for going to PRISON way before Gucci Mane.

  • Nickey Negrito

    What the hell is wrong with Beans? Charlamange has a lot of questions and cracks, well ask this nigga Beans ” what the fuck is up with you?!”

    No disrespect, but it sound like Beans is dying. This is not a entertaining video. Something wrong.

  • Commenting Carl


    Sigel did make a lot of bad choices but he also did a lot for roc-a-fella too… He was kinda their muscle and the way he was played by Dame was wrong too.. Beans was young but the older heads could’ve steered him in the right direction but they didn’t because all they were interested in was making money, Beans brought roc-a-fella Freeway, young gunz, Peedi, he helped that company make more money as well…. It seems like if it doesn’t benefit Jay he’s not fucking with you…. ask Kanye.Beans is not without fault but come on.. How is Jay-Z gonna say he’s gonna ride for his family but really don’t mean it, don’t say it if you don’t mean it. Beans going to jail should not have been the deciding factor for Jay not fucking with him…. I am a big Jay-Z fan but lets keep it 100 that nigga is stuck up and thinks everything revolves around him… He thinks he’s above the culture and acts like he’s too cool for school.

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    Damn Beans…Dude is like he’s on some serious purp. Actually worried for dude man…All you could hear is pain in his voice. No happiness. Damn.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Commenting Carl. Jay is a grown man handle his business. Beanie Sigel is the one going to AC(Atlantic City) gambling like crazy and getting into trouble. At some point in time you gotta MAN UP ! I remember a while back Beanie was throwing out numbers for his court fee and lawyer fee that dude was paying crazy $$$.

  • Blaxdon

    Beans was/is stupid. I hate Rick Ross but that nigga didn’t need nobody to push him. Teach him some game. He learned the game the way hov ,suge, jeezy learned the game. Them niggaz shut the fuck up and took notes. Now Meek is signed to Ross instead of you reppin’ philly. Ahh wasted breath

  • sleep tight
    keep ya butt hole tight !

  • Yeah Beans was high as bat shit. The album is very good though, make sure you guys purchase it.

    On another note:

    If you missed the live broadcast of The ILL Out Radio Show on 107.3 WKCR Online Tonight here is the stream & download. http://illoutradioshow.podomatic.com/entry/2012-08-23T21_04_16-07_00

    I went in on Dream Hampton & Kim O the Editor of The Source Magazine for their slander of NAS.

  • Black Shady

    2mins in the interview …IM ALREADY BORED!!! whats with the wrong answers and shit?

  • He’s high……

  • michelle michelle

    wasted opportunity… an opportunity is more than some people will ever get

  • Black Shady

    i meant shorts* ….not “wrong”. anyway….interview was kinda awkward

  • rrahha

    Hold your head BEANS! I’ll get your joint.

  • County Of Kings

    that there is clearly a man defeated by his own ignorance.

    he should be the poster child for new rappers on who not to be.
    this nigga looking like willie lump lump, and nobody wants to go out like willie lump lump.

    god damn shame man, god damn shame indeed

    lyrically probably top 10 ever to touch a mic 4real


    dis nigga Beans is super Geek’d…..hints that cup of water…..nigga on his way to Unc ville

  • DamonFresh

    Bean’s is sounding burnt right now. The game needs you to get your mind right!

  • sean

    wow beans seem high play wow

  • damn

    this nigga fucked up on purp or something, this is why jay dont fuck with him. this kinda changes my view on the whole rocafella thing. beans should be going as hard as he possibly can right now and be fucked up on purp so early is not the way. kinda hard to be mad at jay for not throwing him a bone

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  • CJF

    wow, beans is fuuuucked up, sad times .. state prop is/was real hiphop back then ..

  • Teflon lucci
  • Proper Gander

    Beans is the shit as far as I’m concerned I just wish he didn’t ———> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vM4I-Gqvkw