• bars do not matter for shit anymore envy was completely correct with that one, and then you have charlamagne saying its not as bad as 5 years ago, just to contribute to the conversation LOL..

  • people dont give a fuck bout wut u eating wearing or drinking, its the artist that do those things, their corny fans find it entertaining, and they don’t have much to offer so they might as well advertise a couple of products in blog videos, merchandise, homes, etc thats the reason they release these videos, its cuz they really dont have much to offer musically, music is at the fork in the road right now…

  • ok i thought i was seeing things, yeah i am looking at a lugz advertisement on this shit, wtf lolllllllll

  • The_Man

    To lazy to watch the video but agree with @deez

  • WEBB

    Always one of my favorite rappers since day one

  • Facts

    In some other interview I heart Styles say
    “The fans want more, but they expect less”

    I think that pretty much sums up what’s wrong today

    Oh and by the way…one of the very best to ever do it

  • brollya

    breakfast club videos always fuckin up……. dis some bullshit

  • More music less gossip.

    [VIDEO] Kendrick Lamar : The album, Dr Dre, Generation Y, Los Angeles riots and more http://leblacketlaplume.com/2012/09/04/video-kendrick-lamar-interview

  • Ricky Retardo

    2nd LOX LP? We Are The Streets? SMH Envy always fuckin up facts! it really should just be Charlamagne’s Show with Angela Yee, stay in the cut like Enuff

  • styles p was about to give it to Charlemagne like dude chill i am positive now

  • @ brollya

    Naw i think your computer just shitty, get a MacBook muhfucka!! haha

  • Black Shady

    I never had problems watching a BFC interview….ever. nigga step your computer game up lol

    shouts to Ghost…..real nigga

  • Nickey Negrito

    Great interview. Funny and slightly informative on Styles part. I need to hear artist speak more, because i have a tendency to judge them on their music alone.

    Didn’t know P was another rapper who doesn’t write. He keeps it all in memory.

    Now we got Jay
    or we had Big
    supposedly Wayne
    and now Styles P

  • L

    why they only beep NIgga, but nothing else?

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    Charlamagne Tha God voice gets high like he hasn’t hit puberty. He’s all of 5’5 tall so maybe he’s due for puberty yet.

    Angela Yee’s voice and stupid pandering questions make me nauseous. She’s a bore, terrible voice, stupid comments and her face looks like bees attacked her.

    Envy is the simp that had his wife handle HIS business vs Star & Buckwild. Just play some records Snitch

    Styles P is the god (fuck Charlamagne) & I’ve spent cash for his CDS! Respect!