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  • duhnigga

    dmx interviews are always great

  • Gambino

    Cruel Summer leaked

  • dmx king!

  • Nickey Negrito

    I swear this dude has the realest interviews known to man. Pac is definitely first and X is second, as far as interviews are concern. I like a lot of his music. The only album i have from X is his debut. He said some things about raping 14yrold daughters and i stopped supporting dude after that album. But i have always remained a “closet fan.”

    I really think X should have his own talk show on radio and join the stars like THE BREAKFAST CLUB, RICKEY SMILEY, STEVE HARVEY, JAMIE FOXX, HOWARD STERN and who ever else. I bet the money will come with that endeavor.

    Also, somebody snatch up Drag-on so we can hear if he stepped up since then.

    These are the best interviews is when X is on.

    Ditto on the Sade answer
    Ditto on the Drake answer
    Ditto on the Aaliyah album answer
    Ditto on the Baby Momma/ Wife answer
    Ditto on the Nicki Minaj “i know she don’t wake up like that” Black men have to tell these lost sisters about themselves.

    (fuck my long as comment)

  • Ray

    DMX is a funny dude. ha ha…

  • The One

    Drake > DMX 2012

  • Jay Jones

    He is genuine, true and imulsive…but he could be a great speaker/comedian/actor…he’s built for that.
    His interviews are the best, live, entertaining and his moves are so crack inspired LOL

  • jess

    Why does it seem like he’s rolling off a pill ?

  • rahrahrah

    Drag-on on Half Way tree album by Damian Marley…..listen and learn.

  • CaliSteppin

    @Nicky Negrito
    That line is in the song “X is coming” if I remember correctly. It has the Freddy krueger chorus. Anyways this was a great interview. Him and Cole need to do a song together!

  • rahrahrah

    “Why the fuck you forget how to count…”

  • iDSGB

    I love X’s interviews, he does the most honest interviews in hip hop but he definitely not built for a talk show host. Honestly I dont think he built for entertainment because to real and a lot of people cant handle his honesty, plus he plays by his own rules but I do think he’s definitely needed in hip hop. “B*tch you took took the wrong route.” So many quotable lines. #classicinterview

  • Tef

    @Nickey Negrito, the lines were meant to be scary and brutal. The line you’re referring to is “…and if you got a daughter older than 15, Imma rape her.” Still one of his darkest and most extreme songs, it should be noted that X has never raped anyone.

  • Kobe

    Nickey negrito Biggie also talked about having his niggas rape lil boys and throwing em off the bridge but a lot consider him the “greatest” ever

  • Nickey Negrito

    Well at that point in time, basically 1998, my daughter was 5, and I felt it.was unnecessary to put that type of energy out there. I knew he wasn’t serious but then again he definitely was a crack addict with skills.

    @Kobe, yes Big was always suspect with that “gay rap.”

    “u look so good ill suck ya daddy dick.”

    “up the ass raw dick with a rash.”

    “kidnap kids fuck’em in…….”

    I never bought Life After but I heard the album a 100 times.

    Nah I dont support everything a rapper say.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Great interview with DMX.

  • bbe4eva

    great interview!

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  • vurbz

    wow…i dont understand what y’all are talking about up top..this dude is a crackhead..dont get me wrong..he’s one of the best who ever did it..but now currently, he is a crackhead…pray for him

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    Honesty, something that’s hard to find in today’s hip hop world.

  • DMX is always real man. hope his album is Hot. Hit Me For BEATS on TWITTER @ONEMANBEAT

  • 85


    yooooooooooooooo. hold up snortboy … MMCheese is off limits to real niggas … somebody should slap you for them retarded nonsense comments you make.

    DMX is a bit too hyper for me, but I guess that’s just how he is. Still speaking his mind tho and I like that.

  • J-Boogie

    what’s there not to like about this interview? dude always keeps it real.

  • Black Shady

    Did he really say he wish it was 2002 so he could beat up drake? LMAOOOOO X is crazy hahaha

    Realest nigga since Pac. Point blank period!!! Shouts to X…..real ass interview!

  • Damn

    That Nigga was high all shaking and shit. Get of the pipe Nucka.

  • Commentator of Common Sense

    Gotta love DMX… for the record I don’t think he on crack anymore. That’s just how then niggaz who grew up in the group home act, I know 2 dudes who act just like this and they group home niggaz. 7:30 forreal lol

  • Royalty of this shyt!


  • TPG

    its always good to see a hip hop artist that tells it like it is. Get at me DOG.

  • chills thrills

    dog for life,,,,,everybody on this bitch get high off of something,,however dog aint high in this interview,like a nigga on here said,,,,,, thats that og group home institutionalized 7:30 shit,,,,let he who dont get high,,,,,cast the first stone,,,,,,real nigga talk,,,,fake cant relate,,,,they talk about,,, a nigga gettin high,,,,,,, instead of getting the message,,,,the whole world is full of functional addicts,,,,shit im one,,,,

  • SGB

    when a rapper doesn’t like another rapper that yall don’t like, then he’s “keeping it real” but if a rapper co-signs another rapper that yall don’t like, then he’s considered a dickrider…..hip-hop fans are fucking stupid tbvh