Cormega On The Combat Jack Show

Cormega was on Combat Jack’s show a few weeks back, but now, we have the visual component of the episode. Below is a summary of what was discussed.

In the online video premiere of The Combat Jack Show, check Cormega stops by as a guest, plus the team discusses the death of Chris Lighty and the pressure to thrive in the music industry.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    Here comes the English professors to correct B.Dot….in 3…2..1

    @ B.Dot what’s up with posting that 1) NY Times article on Wyclef AND 2) Shyne’s interview with HOT 97?

  • If only you knew


  • Devante

    Comega really never got the respect he deserve… Replacing him with Nature really killed The Firms balance.

  • Obama

    The annoying motherfuckers in life that obsessively say “pause” are clearly closet homos.. Literally…

  • zeee

    this is my most favorite shit

  • King Yahavon

    By time they started videos

  • mike

    Internets!! But seriously put on the blogroll. Dude is a genius.

  • mike

    @27:20- Cormega is from Brooklyn
    @28:10- How mega hit his first lick
    @29:28- Cormega’s Mom murdered
    @33:04- How Cormega started to Rap

  • Justin Time

    Combat Jack have some dope guests on his show but the hosts are annoying as hell! It makes it damn near unbearable to listen to their show in it’s entirety