• Del

    This nigga here… smdh

  • Ricflair

    Y’all late bruh it’s old news now

  • Wigz

    That awkward moment when his 12y old son/daughter finds mom’s Sextape on internet..

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    bro i hope this is a joke, kanye having a kid is one thing, but having one with kim k is like….r u joking me? LOL, almost feel bad for the kid, having the two most egocentric parents of this generation. I thought kanye could do better

    shouts out to amber n wiz tho

  • I sure hope it is kanyes kid… poor guy shame I really hope its Kanyes kid.

  • bold


  • !aye

    And when he get on he leave ya ass for a white girl 18 years g
    Niggas stop knocking up hoes
    Outside of the fact this bitch been married bout 3 times and is just desperate for a family, congrats.
    But is kanye gon stop crying bout the white people?

  • mac DIESEL

    18 YEARS,18 YEARS

    ………HA!!!! DAMN YE!!!!


  • stop

    this child will probably turn out to be the anti christ

  • Anonymous

    Now I’m not saying she’s a golddigga…

  • Kenny’s Dominos

    ^ HA!


  • Watever

    I find it funny that people are calling Kim a golddigger like she and her entire family don’t have their own money already.

    She’s an attention whore who’s gonna milk this pregnancy in the media for the next year, but she doesn’t need Kanye’s money.

  • Black Shady



    how do u meet mommy daddy? err..well it all started with this tape but havent got time to talk now look im late for a show bye! *door slams*

  • money maker

    daddy wow is that mum on YouTube? wow she is good….daddy is ray j my real father?

  • .

    This was bad enough with JayZ and Beyonce now we gotta go through this again *facepalm* i need to go to the castaway island tom hanks was on

  • How Wonderful…

    Unfortunately, a bullshit ass realty show on E will be the result of this. whats with all these rappers simpin out lately?

  • kj

    Damn Kris Humphries is the stepdad tho

  • Da Business

    I ain’t even mad @ Ye, she’s a bad bitch. I’d go raw dawg as well. Stop fronting like y’all wouldn’t…

  • Black Shady

    ^^ya thirst is real

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  • Devante

    I can’t even come up with a funny comment for this one…

  • Dashing

    “Insert Kim kardashian joke here. Insert kimye baby joke here”

    Repeat 40 times….

  • shoot’em up bang bang

    and for some reason i thought the song would’ve been gold digger!!!

  • Tev Milli

    Congrats Kanye

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ ALL comments *dead*

  • tucq

    I picture Kim actually being more money saavy between the two. I think her star will burn brighter longer than his… and I don’t mean it like Kanye ain’t smart or caked up…. I just mean I think he would go broke 1st before she would.

  • Donn


    Fucking haters….

  • yall thought blue ivy was a unique name huh?? lol watch what kanye end up naming his baby then..

  • chillthrills

    better him than me,,,,this nigga seeded up,,,,a chick that is famous for fucking another nigga on tape,,,,


    Yo baby I just conceived, Ima let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the greatest babies of all time

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    A moment of silence for Kanye’s career. Kayne is the donkey of the year off this right here.

  • Dog The Bounty Hunter

    Even Lil Bow Wow fucked this bitch lol

  • ?#NewMusic “The Resum

  • Kenny’s Dominos

    “yall thought blue ivy was a unique name huh?? lol watch what kanye end up naming his baby then..”

    ^ HA!
    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Leroy Greatest of All Time West

  • floridaboy

    3 6 mafia- pussy got you hooked

  • DMVinyourchick

    Rofl at Leroy’s comment

  • Everyone

    R.I.P. Rap Radar this site slowly turned to shit

  • Kemosabi

    Congrats Yeezy,he seems happy for the first time in a long time.


    dumb nigga.

  • D Twice

    Yall talkin shit about a sextape knowing dam well Kim Kardashian is 10 times sexier than your baby momma and it ain’t like money gonna be an issue. Yall gossipin ass niggas should be ashamed.


    yup, this kind of gossipy TMZ blog shit isn’t music. please keep it 100% music. I aint’ interested in some celebrities couple or some celebrity fetus.

    keep it music

  • What does this have to do with HIp hop?
    A rapper who pretends he doesn’t care about the Grammys but then call his crew the “grammy family” announces he knocked up a chick who’s claim to fame is a sex tape and terrible reality show and this is hip hop news?

    Kanye cares about what you “see on TV” by the way
    Apparently , “keeping up with the Kardashians” is good for us

    Fuck you Kanye
    You’re the Lauryn Hill of the 2010’s.
    Living in your Neverland , shaking in the corner at the thought that someone couldn’t like you for any reason other than hate. Surrounded by yes men (& women & men dressed as women) listening to tracks on Pitchfork’s website so you can pretend you discovered a new band/sound that the underground has already heard of for two years before you.

    Go marry a Marley next , cock sucker

    The Lester Bangs of Hip hop
    interested in the art and the craft of hip hop, not gossip like we’re all in arts & crafts classes again.

  • WestCoast

    certified as son of bitch

  • Scrilla[Young Jeezy #1 hottest MC in the game]

    I remember he tweeted “I fucked Kim of hard”

  • AfricaZK

    who the fuck marry a whore ??

  • Scrilla[Young Jeezy #1 hottest MC in the game]

    Ray J fucked and recorded it
    Kris Humphries

  • Kanye is gonna name is baby “pillow” or some shit to out do michael jackson..lol fucke. Attention whore

  • smfh

    check this kanye lol this is your baby momma right here swallowing a nigga cum http://takenoteskids.tumblr.com/post/8826171222 congrats bro

  • M.T

    ha! congrats to Kanye.

  • M.T

    tell em why u mad.

  • Bangers N Mash

    Feel bad for that child.

  • @M.T.

    Sorry that I you couldn’t decipher my well written piece.

    Hip hop has nothing to do with knocking up whores. Rock stars knock up chicks all the time and don’t announce it onstage

    You get what im sayin now son?

  • Cut This Sh!t Out

    Y’all act like two circus acts having a kid is a movement. smh.


    Wow,two muthafuckas with ZERO talents are havin a kid. Join the rest of the fuckin country.You got Kim K who looks good-but is a dead fuck in that sextape wit that other weak ass nigga and you got kanye-the dude who cant play one single note on a real musical instrument.Bro this nigga gotta stay stealin ole crusty ass samples off records and using other cats in the studio to make up for his lack of musical skill.Yall just kill me with how you buy into his shit when its corny soundin trash.I been wishin this fool would take the tool n kill hisself asap since like ’05.

  • M.T

    lol @ well written piece. Kanye West is a major figure in Hip hop. Regardless of ur personal feelings toward this situation, he announced a major announcement that impacts his life and so RR is doing it’s job by reporting it just like other blogs and sites have done. its just funny to me to see how u use this moment to go on a meaningless rant, so tell us why you’re really mad. did kanye not autograph ur MBDTF or Cruel Summer CD or something?

  • Professor Oak

    THe biggest attentrion whore in music is having a baby with the biggest attention whore in reality tv.That child will be the biggest attention whore MANKIND HAS EVER SEEN in the history of history.

    God help us….

  • STFU

    Who cares?

  • Sigh @M.T.

    You are ok being up to your neck in a quicksand pit of useless information and I am able to accept your fate as calmly as you are.

    However, I don’t have to sit back and watch Hip Hop represented in the same section of the news that Lindsay Lohan & Jersey Shore cast members reside.

    Now I understand that passion & commitment to artistry is alien to you and that you only know how to speak in cliches. So continue with your “why you mad” responses and enjoy your life of speaking in abbreviated lingo.

    It’s your right to submerge your life in mediocrity and I salute you. It’s your life.

    Or to speak on your lower level, Y.O.L.O

  • BlAzEENsane

    Black Chyna, Kim Kardashian Hoes is winning in 2013 I remember it was a time where rappers use to talk shit about fucking other rapper’s girl shit now the tables have turned regular niggas fucked Black Chyna I think Dro with a pornstar Draya is the ultimate Catch these days

    Jenna Shea you got next

  • BlAzEENsane

    its sad becuz now kanye going to be a regular on that stupid ass show and look at the track record of the other niggas that wifed a kardashian Bruce basically has a vagina Scott… I fux with Scott Lamar Odom got traded from the lakers sent to the D-League now plays like 12th man for LA Second team Reggie Bush had his 1st 1000 yard season after breaking up with Kim Kris is serving for the Nets i hope Mr.West dont turn into a Mr.Kardashian shit Jay might drop his ass from the team , (We See You Dame!)

  • mitch

    *DEAD* @deez comment ^^

  • DoinTooMuch

    Somehow I’m less than surprised. Go figure

  • trae

    congrats to kanye and kim, if they in love just leave them be. look at wiz and amber…they happy as shit. and at the end of the day all yall niggas actin like ur future girlfriends/wives aint gunna have some mileage on em. dont be a hater

  • JS

    Can people not forget this woman is STILL MARRIED like CMON this shit is crazy i respect her hustle but First respect your self and i put money she going put kardashian in the name just for the Fame,,

    but BLUE IVY Still going be that baby for years to come

    kim def anit got Bey money and Kanye signed under Jay so you already know

  • Evil

    Uuughh bad news.
    Soon we will have Kanyes little evil demon spawn running around free in our society,cant be good

  • keep it Real

    Somebody please tweet charlamagne tha god and notify him to give this nigga kanye donkey of the day

  • Beezy

    Every nigga reading this would fuck Kim K raw if she let you so stop frontin. Plus some of y’all cats probably got baby mamas that don’t look half as good and were probably jump offs for a bunch of other niggas. She’s an attention/actual whore, no doubt, but cats need to cut the bullshit and be honest with yourselves

  • @PowerIyHead

    Kanye i’m so happy for ya,but where is that GD “Cruel Summer” movie?

  • Real Talk

    Kim is still MARRIED to Chris…but PREGNANT by Kanye this is PATHETIC.

  • Catalyst

    Well Kanye can level it put by naming his child ray j west, congrats to him, If it’s a girl, he’ll prolly name her amber west lol

  • King Mathers


    -Beyonce had the best pregnancy of all time

  • keep it Real

    Somebody Tweet Charlamagne Tha God and notify him to give this nigga Kanye, Donkey of the Day..

  • M.T


  • Real Talk

    Kim has been married twice already, her claim to fame is a sex tape, she is a non-talented reality tv personality, her second wedding was a televised publicity stunt that lasted 72 days & she is currently legally married but pregnant by her current boyfriend.

    Kanye is truly the genius you people portray him to be…LMAO!

  • K

    oh boy

  • prai$e

    what would kanyes mom think about this?

  • Cruel Thing

    Congrats to Ye and Kim!

  • yeayah

    what a fucked up kis that gonna be, i truely feel sorry for it, what a fuckn ego itll have haha

  • Dr. Green Thumb


    I was searching for new music, I got tired of the same old hip hop.

    Stumbled across this kid from Pennsylvania, he’s fuckin’ dope!

    Listen to this tape & download it. I swear you won’t regret it.


  • duh

    I’m sure this has nothing to do with Wiz & Amber having a baby…

    (less sarcasm in 2013)

  • @Beezy

    Please stop it 5… and whenever you make statements like that again… speak for yourself. Some of us had father figures and know better. I fuck and jet.. believe that or not.

  • jan

    that’s great, congrats! hope they have a healthy baby.

  • big steve

    hes a genius shut the fuck up
    @p0is0nedkoola you have no clue what your talking about think before you speak really now, these people try and push everything to the next level and small minded dumbasses like you ant except the artistic vision because you are beneath the comprehension level for this type of shit you cant fathom things kanye has seen and experienced so shut your mouth because you know nothing

  • Dub town

    Kanye west hates white people!!!!!!!!

  • “even lil bow wow fucked this bitch” shit even ben baller was fucking with her bfore she became famously known for fucking on camera, i dont see any difference though between paris hilton and kim except in kims sextape the guys black…so it became lets ignore one skanky socialite’s sextape and lets focus on another…

  • Stan

    AHHHH!! CONGRATS. It’s gonna be the cutest baby(next to Blue Ivy)

  • manchester

    kanye is gay and kim is a whore so ..congrats

  • real talk 2013

    ugh…this kid is gonna be such an asshole.

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