2 Chainz On Hip Hop Inauguration Ball Honor

Before accepting his “Street Soldier” honor during last night’s Hip Hop Inauguration Ball at the Harman Center for the Arts in D.C., Tity Boi speaks on his contribution with the “Respect My Vote” campaign.

“I’ve been a felon since I was 15 years old, and I found out you could reinstate your votership. So … I wanted to use my platform [to] go notify [other] felons about what they can do to get their voices heard, and go out and talk about voter suppression.”


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  • Why would I want an ignorant Felon voting? This piece of shit doesnt know anything. I bet if it were a white president up for election, he wouldnt be pushing this issue so hard. FUNNY HOW ALL THESE MOTHER FUCKERS didnt give a shit about voting until a black president runs…..You people have it twisted he is not the next Martin Luther King or anyone CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST. He is a politician, people get that shit confused WAY TOO MUCH. Typical fucking rappers and their Biased political agenda bullshit…..Shut the fuck up, and go back to making retarded songs for your retarded fans.

  • Homie

    ^^Mitt Romney is that you?^^

  • PolarBearsToenails


    Wanna know how I know you’re Republican?

  • @ Homie

    No this is God.

  • yueknow

    damn, someone (TimLee) speaks the truth on you and he’s a hatin’ Republican? If ya’ll can point to a mainstream rapper giving positive attention to politics before Jeezy and Nas’ song, I’ll stfu. Until then, ya’ll need to.

  • fh

    2 chainz voted for lupe

  • Harry

    Obama is a puppet and people pleaser at least George Bush stuck to his guns and bombs with shit lol and offended everybody lmao i respect him for not giving a fuck but katrina ruined him and he was stupid but the mothafucka didnt care who’s feelings were hurt whether u were gay, black, hispanic, a woman, rich or middle class but obama is going with the flow and this country is fucked up beyond repair….Malcom X would smack this guy 2x…lmao 2x for the history books

  • Lol @ yall politickin on a hiphop site’s comment thread

  • enfamil