• JustMyOpinion

    I don’t care, once a song has auto-tune in it, it is wack to the core. I am sorry I don’t know how people listen to auto-tune its annoying.

    Think: Nail scratching a chalkboard. YES that annoying.

    @ YN I need that TRUTH: “Will rapper’s ever stop using auto-tune?”


    fuck boy above me
    serve him two shots

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ Failure of our education system. I apologize no one took the time out to read with you as child. *Nas voice* “Were you abuse as a child?”

    I dare you compile to a sentence without a curse included with proper grammar. Don’t do it. You will embarrass your 2nd grade special ed teacher.

  • Real.

    I agree with with that dude. Auto-tune is annoying as hell. Terrible people still use it!

  • Fiyah

    Future’s music sucks all kinds of dick.

  • Black Chalk

    im actually feeling this..snoop kinda kills it..hook nd beat r hot

    need beats?

    no mainstream bullshit^

  • Cruel Thing

    Fuck y’all talking bout? Snoop kills this shit

  • onenutned

    this is actually hot…wasn’t gonna press play but fuck that

  • Kid

    Who the fuck is snoop DOG?


  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    bro wtf why do ppl still think future is cool i dont get it?

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    Snoop’s a Joke now

  • Future is soooo wack

  • mrfukkyofeelings

    snoopies to chil hehe

  • This most definitely that 600 Degreez shit!!! Tru