3D Na’Tee “Morning Exercise 7 (Phucking Problems)”

3D Na’Tee stretches on you rap lames with the first installment of her Morning Exercise series. Quotables for days. A few days ago, she left

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  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    thicka than cold grits

  • it’s the roc

    thick + sick = mc squared

  • Genesis

    Yo that’s a whole lotta woman right there….. And she got bars….. Fuck!

  • B.Dot


  • The Wave

    Real Wavy #NewOrleans

  • Been checking for NaTee. I see you turning up. Been down since Kush Vol 2

  • Marko-V



  • onenutned

    shawty need to let me show her how I got the moniker …and her spit game nasty.

  • Black Shady

    The thickness is REAL!

  • chillthrills

    umm! this bitch is nice,,,she got bars,,,,,,I would splash fo sho,,,,,,,,,,thicker than a snicker,,,,,,,fuck up her rap career and seed that up ,,,lolol,,hhahaaa!!,,

    keep rockin ,,,,,,MA!!!1

  • money boy t

    damn i would do some nasty things to her while she rap to me

  • thick sexy and spitting

  • matrix

    That bitch would get breeded spitting all that player shit…lmao…fugg all that let me breed ya thicc sexy ass self…she went in tho..chuuuch…

  • Ran

    Damn she a dime & she got bars, this shit is incredible

  • Jrockdontstop

    She aiiight, I aint blinded by her curves, that’s how she get a weak n gga. She could get stiff d!ck from me, that’s it! I’d rather listen to Rapsody or Jean Grae.

  • Buller

    ummmm..besides the thirst…shawty nice…like..lawd…to bad dc aint checkin for her…hahaha

  • god of war

    nah u gotta listen to her mixtape

  • Jrockdontstop

    She rappin’ ’bout da same sh!t? About how she get dem weak bammas? If so I’ll pass. It prolly remind me of Trina back in “99”.

  • Oj da Cornball

    thick=soon to be real fat.

    as a black man, i woke up and realize chics this is just a few thousand calories from being fatso.
    On the BMI scale they’re already overweight. lol

  • Gain Green

    this chick is raw. I heard her on XM with sway and been looking her up since then. she gets deeps and her bars are unmatched. I like the fact that she doesn’t overdue her sex appeal event htough she could if she wanted to. you have to look her up to understand just how dope her catalog is.

  • iCandy


    GirlsRule! 🙂
    #especiallyblackgirls 🙂 thighs like… bars are even better. Kinda sad we need both but womp.