• high


  • arrrf

    lol this nigga can’t rap

  • Alphsas

    Used to be a fan but he is trash lol

  • Beard

    Holy tits Batman

  • trimaS

    lol what the fuck is this shit ?

  • freddu

    what a bad rapper…

  • Hybird


  • Lover of music


  • potofOr

    AHAHAAHA what the fuck was that ?

  • Tripa DuiuuuS

    as always with tyler, very bad

  • tyler will never blow up lol

  • jmil843

    i still dont like domo23 (the last song) . but you can’t deny that the first new song was smooth as fuck.

  • Rattle1qf

    please stop rapping


    wow, i got friends who listen to tyler. i gotta warn them.

  • Stan


  • julian

    haaaa so funny if u search twitter and anyone kids are its ALLL LOVE for performance and u come here and its all hate.. hilarious and he keeps winning.. and u guys keep hating.. and u all thought it would last 15 min… hahahahahahahahah keep hating…

  • truth

    ^ ha agreed.. they only like it when rappers wear leather pants and walk back and forth on stage with a mic saying “hell yeah”

  • Gary Paulson

    Keep mellowhype , frank , fuck the rest of Odd Future

  • naaah

    while every comment here is hating the lines that stuck out is “ate one roach and made a lotta money” and “Gotta climb a set a stairs just to see where my fucking roof be”

    yeah… I think dude is doing alright. While some of yall blogging rappers still struggling on your 7th mixtape with no radio play.


    Never popin missed his time

  • all this hate

    all this hate for what? his album to drop and then every single person will be like yeah that shit is kinda dope…he’s different and his music is not for everyone…but if you already don’t like him or if this is the first time you’ve heard him 1. why are you listening if you don’t like him and 2. why are you basing him off 1 single song…smh, he’s no pac, he’s no big, he’s no jay, no 50, nas the list can go on, but he’s different, and that’s why even if you don’t like him, you should appreciate him for not doing the same act i mean “rap” that we constantly hear and see

  • E.pill

    No 50^ anyone can be 50 nigga trash

  • Tiiz

    I hate this fuckin guy so fuckin much!!!! I can’t wait till they post him again so I can reiterate!!!!

  • Ymcmb


  • Myles cook

    See the devil tricked that boy

  • che

    if you’re not up on Quadron, you’re slippin.. CoCo go!

  • hahahahahahah

    did you just say 50 is trash? lol done

  • DrizzyMakeItRainOnCha


  • Hol’up

    Super trash @hahahaha

  • LuxuryRap

    That actually was pretty good

  • Datdude

    Wolfs gonna be dope

    Everyone knows you don’t watch an odd future show for the music. You watch it for the energy

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  • The Guy


  • Anti-Lolipop Kid

    Ah man this aint real hip hop money! (Angry Hip Hop Heads) This shits hilarious. Respect!

  • bitchmade

    you can see the bitch titties through the shirt come on.

  • Toy-T

    This was so dope

  • B.A.G.

    You need Hodgy is the hype man

  • Scrilla

    Only white people like him anyway

  • Cokeboy flip

    It’s funny how y’all hate on him he does this shit on purpose lol

  • jobie

    im sory. idk if its because he just doesn’t care and makes what he wants, but I think tyler is so dope. He produces all his own shit. First joint was so freakin’ smooth, and that is all production from him. you see all the influences from the 200s hip hop, kanye, neptunes, the clipse, dipset. so dope to me. maybe being young and growing up listening to the same guys he did is what makes him dope to me.

  • Wolf88

    Well Fuck All These Cunt Ass Comments Tyler Is Dope As Fuck Yall Niggas Mad Because Yall Still At Home On The Couch Wolf Gang Golf Wang