• ovoniko


  • JB

    i can do better than this on a freestyle much better : http://soundcloud.com/jonathan-bailey-5/fuckin-problem-freestyle OMG!!!!!


    LOL AT Funk Flex having him freestyle over that beat. what a fool! DRAMA

  • JoeC

    Nothing special here. But then again he is a singer.

  • http://1987spelledbackward.wordpress.com 1987realitymilly
  • JustMyOpinion

    Why the media blitz? Album dropping?

  • Hammertime

    this nigga mad corny. Jeezy lame for having him rap on the remix

  • koO

    surprisingly good.

  • Kaly

    they’re really goin overboard w tryna make this guy the new pac…

  • Novakaine

    The E40 bar was raw

  • myers2


  • bawseOGPurp


  • caliking

    who the hell knew chris brown can rap? no joke he killed it

  • PsychoBoy

    Stick to singing

  • Foreign luccini

    *capatain save em*

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  • http://www.konshens.com DC4Real

    corny is a under statement

  • phuckyoopinion

    Dudes hating definitely wasnt corny but it wasn’t mind blowing either . Trey Songz got him beat in the singer/rapper department