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  • brollya

    dat shit was so ass….. another one outta ny who sellin his soul to the south


    NYC stand up….all my GRIMEY niggaz….

  • JustMyOpinion

    Get ’em @ mac DIESEL. Ha ha

  • No blackberry? Ok.

    “If you’re looking for me I’m in the ATL”


    niccas hate on SLIME?

  • gobo

    you cant hate slime bro. vado is nice.

  • rahrahrah

    No doubt Vado is nice, but he’s nice when he’s unique. When he did “bad man”, when he did “black people/I see you”, when he did that promo for nike…dude needs to get his grown man on, and start spitting music that doesn’t just make people smirk and say “he’s nice”,..he needs to start dropping some gems, “preach the truth to the young black youth”. If he can’t prouduce substance he’s going to be out of here. Nuff “nice” niggas on the mic.

  • Crooks

    Shit cray I read few comments sounding like natural born haters it’s cool I hav to say I like what I see but I’m not quite satisfied wit vado bad enough ace hood always murk vado on any track & Saigon has the best 106 & park back room freestyle thus far so for vado to finish like that ain’t cool but I’m still rockin wit the hommie cause I know vado is nice & I know he could of did better I know vado best & that wasn’t it but its cool though

  • Kush

    @rahrahrah True but the industry higher ups want him to be ignorant probably, they not with that talkin about the Feds n dropping street knowledge shit

  • King Game

    That back seat shit is weak and old

  • rahrahrah


    Dude has the braggadaccio and the clever lines down. When he shows some love and empathy to the people, the times he does that, then he transcends. Take a look at what Mistah FAB is doing lately, Vado should borrow a page from that spirit. People connect with Kendrick Lamar because of his spirit and vulnerability, in addition to him being dope. You’ve got to give people a reason to connect with you, to believe in what you believe in.

  • brokeisadisease

    Now that’s how you spit to all you new rappers coming up who suck ass. Check Slime Flu 3, “Right Now” and “You Ain’t Good” stay in heavy rotation in my ride.

  • brollya

    listen to that vado wen he ripped off that nas memory lane…. he dont go in lik dat no more to me and he jus signed to khlad and dem lik 3 months ago… we watchin the devil changin em as we speak