Travis $cott “XXL Freshman” Freestyle

Travis Scott maintains his anonymity for his XXL freshman freestyle video. Kinda defeats the purpose, no? Two down, eight more to go.

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  • Loves All Music

    “10 down”?

    Him grabbing his scarf was the worst.

    • B.Dot

      U caught that fast. Son was just rambling.

  • J UK

    Touching that shit every 5 seconds is distracting and annoying. Sorry

  • DJ Game


  • DJ Game

    listened to it again, and i still don’t know what he is talking about.

  • Jaymalls

    dude kept grabbing his damn scarf… smh

  • LikeJordan45

    They bout late as hell with these joints ain’t it? Niggas cared two weeks ago, don’t they typically release the “freestyles” first in order to hype the cover?

  • Get Real

    I believe the phrase “Wack as fuck” or “Weak as fuck” is applicable here … smh. XXL stay losing w/ some of their picks. Where do they find these ppl?

  • it’s the roc

    yeah it defeats the purpose of having th scarf on if you have to adjust it every 5 seconds. these freestyles aren’t making me check for these artists. they’re just so bland, and the black and white video doesn’t help. i don’t see how this would entice someone to look further into the artist. also someone tell the rest of them that these goofy flows that semi-work for them over trap beats and whatnot don’t work as well acapella.

  • boss don

    wow very weak .. he aint bout this life ..

  • JL

    You think that bandana make you look gangster but all I see is a hankerchief – Bank$

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    so does anyone freestyle real raps anymore like slaughterhouse and Em, or is this rambling bucnh of random nonsense that barely rhymes still considered freestyling? id rather have this than a guy reading off his cellphone, but u know what i mean

  • DeezNuts

    travis scott is very talented artist. check ‘quintana’ and ‘animal’ eith t.i..

  • PHREASHest

    Manifestation of everything wrong with the game today…Focusing all your energy on gimmicks instead of the art form…smh…do better kid.

  • realness718

    its not even about no gimmicks with this, its about delievery, even though a freestyle doesnt have to be about a certain topic the sentences must still make sense for people to connect to the punclines, metaphors, flow, delivers etc. he lacked that thats y people response on here is mentioning rambling, cause thats how it sounds. and if what he saying makes sense in all his bars he should slow down for people to hear, theres no beat behind it, so why flow so hard with words conflicting in it.

  • HOV

    Take that garment off ur face homo

  • SoloK

    1) learn to tie your damn scarf!
    2) SchoolBoyQ>>>>>>>> the whole XXL freshman list and I don’t need to watch the others.

  • c,mon

    C’mon son.. that shit was tragic

  • so wack and he keeps pullin up he face scarf why u got it on u clown if it keeps fallin off u look like a fuckin idiot he sucks bigger cock then his own mom terrible 2 so far joey bad and dizzy need to show these wack freshmen how its done

  • wowzers692DAY

    weak, imma G.O.O.D MUSIC fan but Kanye put this nigga on im completely done , his shit is wack and i gave him 2 chances already

  • chino

    umm wat?

  • Doug Ioviine

    Hes on Grand Hustle i believe so why are people sayin hes on GOOD music? U hip hop fans are iliterate and fucking dumb.

  • watch my move$



  • watch my move$

    smh he do hav a deal w/ye

    damn, niggaz play how they practice

  • dave

    i think hes down with good music and grand hustle. i know hes down with grand hustle cuz tip acknowledged it a couple never did tho .
    this kid is pretty good tho hes just goes way weird for no reason.he got two good songs tho “up” and “olde english”.he just need to learn take it serious or he wont gain new fans

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  • f*ck your opinion

    yo my dude that outfit aint it lol move on and if u got sum sugar in u jus let it b known. and if u wanna be a flamboyant superhero.. well i dont know wut to tell u lol

  • cory

    this dude just kept grabbing his scarf the whole time………..might i suggest tape

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