• COOL..

    Trina song not bad, she can still get her booty ate lol
    REAL HIPHOP THO>>> http://youtu.be/N7blWPL-WYo

  • koO

    Trina doing the ratched style in a good way. Hot as hell + raps way better than nicki minaj -> show some love. Yeah she not MF DOOM or Kendrick Lamar, but I can groove to this shit.

  • booby boi

    fuck played out annoying ass kendrick lamar. gawd im sick of that motherfucker

  • smokehouse

    wrong article, booby boi?

  • BooBy Boi

    ^naw g @ response 2 koO. sick of hearing/reading about the “hottest mc in the game” so overrated

  • BigL76

    Sounds like something ghost-written by Rick Ross